In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 233

The title of today’s piece says pretty much everything you need to know. The temperatures around here have been insane in the past few days and it’s almost impossible to keep cool. A little bit of mind-control could help but, in this case, I think it does precisely the opposite. Enjoy and until tomorrow.

Heat Wave

“God, this heat is unbearable!” Jeffrey noted, hands covered in sweat.
“Yeah,” his best friend Bill agreed. “It can’t possibly get any hotter!”
“Are you sure about that?” Diana asked, stepping into view. She wore only a seductive smile and a spiral pendant around her neck.
Their minds blew up simultaneously. The thermometers followed suit.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 232

An early update for a change. It’s Sunday, it’s scorching around here and I woke up with some rather deviant thoughts that decided to manifest themselves in yet another short piece of mind-control erotica. Given all the implications, this one may be just a little bit cruel. Then again, in fiction and pure fantasy, one is allowed to go down certain paths without any guilt or remorse so… Have a good day and until tomorrow.

A What?

“Anthony, when was the last time you had an orgasm?” Belinda asked.
“A what?”
“An orgasm. When did you cum last?”
“I don’t understand you.”
“What do you mean?”
“What is an orgasm? What is to cum?”
“Wow, Melissa,” Belinda turned to her sister. “Your hypnotic chastity program sure is effective.”
“I know,” she laughed.

This is a Poll…

… or is it a test? Ah, it’s a test of the polling system. Yes, I just discovered I’m capable of running these so why not give it a go, spice up the interactivity around here? Not sure if I’m going to do this a lot but… as a first run and since I didn’t know exactly what to ask, I figured the challenge was a good starting point because most of you that keep up with this place, do so because of it. So yeah, let me know your preferences if you will because I’m a curious guy. I could have allowed for multiple answers but just one is enough to keep things more focused. Being focused is good… deeply attentive… listening only to her velve… hmmm, sorry, I was getting a little carried away there. That’s what happens when you write about female dominance, hypnosis and mind control every single day, I guess. Anyway, I noted the most prominent types that came to mind but you have the option to choose something else if that’s where your preferences lie. The poll will run for a week. Thank you for your participation in advance.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 231

Today’s addition to this year-long challenge is both romantic and kinky. Is it a perfect combination? I don’t know but I like it nonetheless otherwise I wouldn’t have written it. No particular story behind it. I didn’t think much, didn’t rehearse countless variations like sometimes I do. It’s good to just go with the flow of inspiration, see where it leads. Today it led here. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Until then.

Deeper and Deeper

“You know, in a way it was easier before we met…” Damian admitted.
“How so?” Angela queried.
“Before it was all fantasy and now there’s this need, this hole…”
“… only I can fill,” she gently triggered him.
“Yes,” he drifted off.
“I have another hole for you…” she parted her legs.
Time to start digging.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 230

Almost two-thirds of the year down and I keep on going. I can be quite persistent (or stubborn) although that’s not always the case. Today’s entry is precisely about persistence as a way to achieve one’s goals. I could have written something with a noble intent but the real fun lies in the kinky stuff, right? A round of applause for Amy if you please, for not giving up on her goals. Enjoy your weekend.

Her New Boyfriend

Day 1 of brainwashing
“Amy! What do you think you’re doing? Untie me right now, bitch!”

Day 7 of brainwashing
“I swear you’re going to… what was I saying?”

Day 19 of brainwashing
“Obedience is plea… hmmm… sure?”

Day 34 of brainwashing
“Please, Mistress Amy! Please, may I lick your boots?”

Persistence always pays off.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 229

Late update due to yet another busy day but still with plenty of time to spare before the clock strikes midnight around here. Today’s piece came out fairly easily the moment I turned my laptop on and loaded the site. It’s the result of once more going with the first thing that came to mind, a humorous take on something many men really hate doing. If you want to know what I’m talking about, you’re going to have to read the short story to find out. I hope you have fun.

Good Point

“I’m telling you, she spiked my breakfast!”
“Your wife isn’t drugging you, Derrick,” Andrew interjected while Charles sniggered.
“You’re wrong and I can prove it.”
“How?” Charles intervened.
“I spent the whole day cleaning the house afterward. Why would I do that?”
“Good point,” both conceded.
“Lunch’s ready!” Natalie grinned.
But no one was hungry.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 228

Let me start today’s intro by thanking one more time to everyone that drops by to read my ramblings. Even though the primary desire behind all creations of mine is to simply satisfy my visceral need to be creative, it’s always gratifying to have others enjoy my ideas, no matter how silly they turn out to be.

Today’s piece is inspired by WordPress itself and the fact that many of you out there seemed to react quite positively to the graphic overhaul recently unveiled. I’m sure that the novelty factor of the makeover contributed a lot to it, but yesterday was the day more people dropped by this place ever since I opened it to the public. As a result, I got this lovely automated notification saying “my stats were booming” and whatnot and what was the first thing I did upon reading that? If you guessed “you came up with an idea for a shortie” you’re right on the money. You can read the result below. Have fun and enjoy the sweetness of… I’m sure you know what I’m alluding to, right?


“Your stats are booming,” Gina commented. “Look at the way they go up…”
“… and how quickly they go back down,” Craig shrugged.
“So? You and I both know you love going down,” she whispered.
Down, under, body and mind tied by her voice. The graphic gently faded before his eyes as honey filled his lips.