In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 50

Well, as promised, here’s the first entry. It feels kind of weird to start sharing these directly around here on day 50 instead of day 1, but at least it’s better than 49, 48, 47… No, I’m not starting a countdown to put you into trance, it’s just I like round numbers more than the rest, seriously!

As I share these daily, I’ll also be adding some notes concerning how they came to be, inspiration sources and whatnot, as that’s something I enjoy doing. My creative processes are varied, and ideas come from the most unexpected places. The genesis of the entry below is not that exciting, but it’s still curious it developed into this. Frankly, I just envisioned six people in a room, with five being dominant women and one a submissive man. Numbers, fantasies, hypnosis and mind control have lots of history together, so think of this one as a small part of that overall connection. The question is: what exactly is the magic number in this one? I think the answer should be clear. Enjoy.

He Complied

The first Domme commanded: “Lick my boots!”.
He complied.
The second Domme needed an ashtray, pointed at his mouth.
He complied.
The third Domme teased him with rope.
He complied.
The fourth Domme liked mannequins.
He complied.
The fifth Domme said: “Wake up.”
The others in his mind slowly began to fade…
… and he complied.


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