In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 60

In my previous post, I mentioned how I’m trying to express my gratitude more often. Gratitude itself can be a source of inspiration. Quotes I stumble upon often do the trick as well. Take the one below, for instance.


Negative thoughts breed negative thoughts and make it hard to pay attention to the good things in life. Often, mind control stories carry within them a bit of “negativity” as well, especially when they involve things like enslavement, dehumanization and whatnot but one can also approach this universe from an angle of gratitude and sheer bliss, a gateway to the deliverance of minds and release of the fears that haunt them. Loving control is also control. I wrote the piece below to convey just that. Enjoy.

Will You Follow?

Dylan exhaled happily as her words filled every recess of his mind. Sometimes it was so hard to keep going but, knowing she was there, lulling his weary ramblings with patience, gratitude and love made all the difference.
“And now the gates are open…” Maya whispered. “Will you follow?”
She didn’t have to ask twice.

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