In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 80

Today’s piece is… different. And some of you who have been following this enterprise ever since I started it or knew me from before from other parts of the digital world are probably wondering “Hmmm, you know, most of what you write is already different…”. If you thought that, or you’re thinking it right now because the mention made your mind focus on it, let me just say that assumption is entirely accurate. I like to experiment, I like unconventional approaches to fantasies and stories for that’s the way my spirit truly delivers itself.

So, what’s different about this one by comparison to some of the already different things I’ve produced already? Well, if you’re not aware of it, today is World Poetry Day, a day to encourage reading, writing, and promotion of it. I love poetry, I dabble in all kinds of it as well, but the majority of things in that regard are either written in my native language, or are outside the scope of the fetish worlds, so it’s unlikely you’ll see much of it around here. Nonetheless, today I came up with something that qualifies so here’s a so-called poem in 55 words that’s meant to evoke the bliss of trance, letting go, and simply accepting submission as a whole. Enjoy and I’ll be back with some more strange bulletins before you know it.

Only Four Words

Softly pervading the haze
Of thoughts once ablaze,
Her voice, a living stream,
Flows and reigns supreme.

Rest now, deep under
Adrift in joyful wonder,
An echo of Time, still,
Without worries or will.

For it is beautiful to be
A mind on bended knee
With only four words to say:
“Yes, Mistress, I obey.”

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