In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 82

Felt like going for something confusing, again.

The principle of confusion is simple and consists in using the mind’s own desire of rationalization against it. This seems to work particularly well with highly analytical persons, because they hang on to every little thing, trying to dissect each idea, each thought into something perfectly categorized and intelligible and when that fails to happen, the brain short-circuits, the ability to resist external suggestion goes along with it. I began with English’s most famous pangram, tweaked it, and then added some extra nonsense to create a bit of a distraction because it’s quite amazing “how vexingly quick daft zebras jump!”, isn’t it? Sorry, don’t get too confused, just smile and enjoy the humor for what it is, okay?


“… and the quick brown foxy lady jumped over the lazy doggy servant. Short jumps all the way to Mars. ‘Kneel and shine,’ she said, sipping an orange juice made of fresh coconuts as a wooden spoon fell with a clang…”
“That’s… I…” Nathan mumbled, confused beyond belief.
Paige covered his eyelids and began the reprogramming.

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