In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 104

Back to the humorous vignette format today. Everything started when I stumbled across this image.


Notice her expression? How she’s rolling her eyes and opening her arms almost as if saying “Hey, shit happened but it’s not really my fault, okay?”. I immediately began thinking of multiple scenarios that could justify such an attitude. I also found myself wondering where would such a scene take place and, all of a sudden, the pieces fell into place. I already told you my mind works in mysterious ways and I’ve long given up on trying to grasp them all. Here’s another slice of mind pie, courtesy of my hyperactive imagination. Enjoy!

Police Questioning

“Yes,” Katarina began. “I moonlight as a Hypnodomme under the alias Empress Mesmerica and, occasionally, receive clients in my apartment. Not my fault the walls are thin and the neighbors like to eavesdrop. I’m sure His Honor will eventually realize he’s not a horny baboon because trance states don’t last forever. Can I go now?”

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