In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 127

Today’s snippet was written with a dear friend of mine in mind.

She’s actually a mermaid in disguise but she only revealed her secret to me and… hmmm, I probably shouldn’t have spilled the beans, right? Oh well, if she sings to me later on and makes me edit this post as an act of contrition, don’t be surprised. Have fun and until tomorrow.


“Dude, that’s a mermaid!” Jeffrey screamed.
“I know,” Damian nodded.
“You have an actual, living mermaid in your swimming pool!”
“I sure do.”
“But how? How were you able to capture one in the first place?”
“I wasn’t,” he shrugged.
“What does that me… oh!”
She began to sing and they both sank into surrender.

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