In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 166

Today’s strange experiment was inspired by the image below.


I’m sure you know what it stands for but let me say it anyway. That is a representation of the informal and generally accepted list of 216 “web safe” colors. For many years, they were the standard for websites and even though they’ve begun falling into practical because most personal computers now have 24-bit (TrueColor), I still resort to the old palette myself.

Looking at the image made me think of perception shifts once again and my crazy imagination did the rest. Enjoy.

Colorful (June 15th)

“How do I know when I’m under?” Hank typed.
“Simple,” Rachel responded. “If you’re seeing red text now, that’s your cue.
“I’m seeing green.”
You’re under as well.
“Now I’m seeing blue.”
That’s because you’re under.
“So I’m always under?”
If you weren’t before, you certainly are now.
Only two hundred and twelve colors left.

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