In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 178

I was enjoying my lunch break in a park near my current workplace today when I saw a striking woman in what appeared to be a custom-made red and black striped pantsuit exiting a bank institution.

Around her neck, she wore an intricate necklace with intersecting spiral patterns that got me in the mood for writing. I started constructing my own mental background of such a character with two questions gaining ascendancy over all others. The first was “What is her job?” And the second “Where is she going right now?”. I could have found many different ways to answer these questions but the one that felt more appropriate was the one presented in today’s shortie. I hope you can guess the full name of the institution she represents, something that shouldn’t prove too hard if you’ve been following my writings for a while now. Until tomorrow.

Breach of Contract

“Mr. Morgan?”
“Melissa Anderson, HFD Bank. Your mortgage payments are six months overdue. As established in the contract signed with our institution, I’ve come to claim your free will as collateral.”
“No ‘buts’, Mr. Morgan. Please look at this spiral to begin mental readjustment”
“Butt slave? Certainly. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

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