In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 191

Today’s piece began with a barbershop.

I was in need of a haircut so I dropped by my usual place after work and, to my surprise, there was a calendar filled with sexy, nubile and semi-naked women hanging on the farthest wall. I’ve seen many of those in my life but I never really expected to see one there. I’m not going to deny I glanced at it but I kept quiet, unlike some other customers that decided to show their appreciation in more vulgar ways. As I listened to their ramblings, I thought to myself that there was a basis for one of my deviations there and I was right. Here’s another funny variation of skewed perceptions. Have fun and until tomorrow.


“She’s hot!” Cody exclaimed.
“Miss July is hotter,” Sam nodded.
“Bah! September is where it’s at,” Daniel remarked.
“You’ll wake up in three, two, one… *SNAP*” Brianna laughed.
The three men blinked, suddenly becoming aware of her presence again.
“Still find them hot?” She asked.
More than embarrassed, Cody threw the male firefighters’ calendar away.

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