In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 220

What a day! I had to get up quite early to walk the dogs and quickly dash to work for a very long (and somewhat boring, truth be told) meeting. When it was finally done, I darted home to grab some lunch and pick up some things I had forgotten in the morning, only to leave again in a hurry because I had yet another meeting to attend to. This one was meant to be quick but the hours flew by in an instant and next thing I knew it was almost dinner time. Upon arriving home again, I spent an hour taking care of some work-related unfinished businesses, ate a nice salad and out with the dogs again. In the midst of the walk, I received a phone call from a colleague of mine that dragged on for a while and…

I’m going to stop here. I was kept busy for too long, I’m tired, but I have a goal with this challenge and I intend to see it through. Naturally, all this talk about work conditioned my writing. Enjoy.

After Hours

“Our meeting was at eleven, Jay.”
“It’s only half past nine, Claudia.”
“P.M.,” she emphasized.
“Huh? Where did time go?”
“You tell me. Did you listen to the file I sent you last night?”
“Yes. And I even looped it… I think.”
“In that case…” she dropped her skirt.
Hypnotic worship beats work every time.

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