In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 231

Today’s addition to this year-long challenge is both romantic and kinky.

Is it a perfect combination? I don’t know but I like it nonetheless otherwise I wouldn’t have written it. No particular story behind it. I didn’t think much, didn’t rehearse countless variations like sometimes I do. It’s good to just go with the flow of inspiration, see where it leads. Today it led here. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Until then.

Deeper and Deeper

“You know, in a way it was easier before we met…” Damian admitted.
“How so?” Angela queried.
“Before it was all fantasy and now there’s this need, this hole…”
“… only I can fill,” she gently triggered him.
“Yes,” he drifted off.
“I have another hole for you…” she parted her legs.
Time to start digging.

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