This is a Poll…

… or is it a test? Ah, it’s a test of the polling system.

Yes, I just discovered I’m capable of running these so why not give it a go, spice up the interactivity around here? Not sure if I’m going to do this a lot but… as a first run and since I didn’t know exactly what to ask, I figured the challenge was a good starting point because most of you that keep up with this place, do so because of it. So yeah, let me know your preferences if you will because I’m a curious guy. I could have allowed for multiple answers but just one is enough to keep things more focused. Being focused is good… deeply attentive… listening only to her velve… hmmm, sorry, I was getting a little carried away there. That’s what happens when you write about female dominance, hypnosis and mind control every single day, I guess. Anyway, I noted the most prominent types that came to mind but you have the option to choose something else if that’s where your preferences lie. The poll will run for a week. Thank you for your participation in advance.

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