About Me

Hello. I’m S.B., Simple Being, middle name Creative. I’m a writer and an artist with a fascination for femdomme hypnosis and mind-control scenarios in general, and this is my secret box of sensual bliss, my personal corner of the Internet to share my work with all of you and have some fun.

The majority of the pieces you’ll find here deal with themes of female dominance and male submission, as that’s where my overall preferences lie. There are a few exceptions mostly when it comes to works I produced for others, but they’re pretty rare, so if you don’t like reading about seductive women turning men into obedient puppets for their amusement and empowerment, this probably isn’t the site for you.

My style of erotica is varied, to say the least. Although I prefer lighter approaches to it all, I can go dark when My Muse wants me to, and who am I to say “no” to Her whims? You’ll find a little bit of everything around here, from the silly to the macabre, from mystery to romance, with plenty of strangeness in-between. Intrigued? I certainly hope so.

Besides regular stories, I also like to indulge myself in photo-stories. Some are mere captions, others involve a bit of manipping. I’m no expert when it comes to that, but I’ve learned a few tricks over the years which I’ve come to put to good use, I believe.

Take a look around and join me on a wondrous journey to the fetish realms. I’m sure your imagination will soar as you fall deeply into a trance in 3, 2, 1…