Agent 47-D (Part II)

Hypnotic Reminiscences

Agent 47-D found her way out of the Surveillance Room, completely confident in her abilities to exert true mind-control over anyone that crossed her path. Hypnosis ran in the family: it was a secret art that went as far as the seventeenth century when her forefathers were still living in England, a tradition that her mother had taught her a year before dying of cancer on a white hospital bed.

At first, when she didn’t really quite understand the principles of it all, she amused herself with small tricks much like the ones on a stage hypnosis show, using some of her classmates at college as subjects. A few months later, probably out of grief for the loss of his wife, her father committed suicide in a most atrocious way, by swallowing a dozen sleeping pills before taking a bath, allowing himself to drown shortly after. At the age of nineteen, she was left alone in a big house, with too many bills on her shoulders, and only a small amount of money that would last her a year tops. If she wanted to finish her degree in Psychology, she had to find other means of subsistence.

Alexandra applied for a scholarship whilst looking for a part-time job at the same time. She tried to use her charms to ensure a rapid approval of her requests, but she was never face-a-face with any of the members of the Evaluation Committee and the subtle changes she made on the mind of some minor employees eventually didn’t do her any good. As for the job, she was lucky enough to be hired as a real stage hypnotist on a night-club simply known as The Red Rose. Her inexistent references on the field turned out to be unimportant, as she realized that the owner of the establishment had been magnetized by a few of her flirting gestures around her auburn hair, granting her a real opportunity to have fun and actually be paid for it.

She only made a one-hour appearance on stage every day and received a whopping two-thousand dollars per week, courtesy of her more than entranced employer. On stage, she was as civil as possible, giving her subjects simple instructions that wouldn’t offend their dignity, but when the lights went out, she often chose one or two of them for a private session, as a series of tests to her true powers of mesmerism and control. For three years, she perfected her techniques until she was utterly sure that she could find a way to elude anyone. The prospect of financial slavery crossed her mind more than once but Fate had already decided that she was to work for the Government.

On the day of her final performance at The Red Rose, she was approached by two military men, General Hayes and Colonel Gibbons who, apparently, had heard many rumours about her shows and wanted to know if she was for real and not a charlatan like so many others they had encountered before.

“I’m real, alright, but why are you so interested in knowing that? Do you want a private demonstration of my hypnotic skills?” she asked as she lit a cigarette.

“As a matter of fact, yes, we would like that. We have a car waiting for us outside. If you care to accompany us, Miss Ryder…” said Gibbons.

“That’s not how I do things, gentlemen. Accompany you where?”

“We have a special room prepared not so far from here. Inside it, there’s this man who has something we want, but he won’t reveal its location to us. We’ve tried many things against him, but he seems to have been trained in a rather exquisite way. He resisted our every attempt so far!”

“Is he some sort of spy?” she asked feeling rather intrigued.

“You’re asking too many questions, Miss Ryder. If you want to know more, you’ll have to come along with us. Otherwise, we’ll be on our way and it will be as if this conversation never took place. Think about it while you go change. We’ll be by the front door, in case you decide to do the right thing.”

Hayes and Gibbons left her alone in the corridor near her dressing-room. She hardly used it, but on that final day there was something very special inside waiting for her. When she opened the door and turned on the lights, the big silvery cage came into her line of sight. Inside it, on his fours, wearing a ridiculously tight pair of leather boxers was Paul Summers, the night-club owner’s oldest son who used to mistreat his girlfriends before becoming Alexandra’s sweet hypno-doggy. His drooping head became alive again and he started to bark happily.

She opened the cage and allowed him to play for a while, just like every pet needs to.

Seconds passed, there was a faint knock on the door and she opened it to let Charles Summers in. The father saw his enchanted son licking her feet and got the impression that it was something he should be doing as well now that she was about to leave his life. He closed the door behind him and gave himself to her one final time, unleashing his hidden animal instincts. When she got fed up, he gave her a real fat farewell check for her services and then she dispatched them both, back into the world of free-will creatures.

After freshening up her make-up, she said goodbye to a lot of fond memories and went to see what kind of new experiences the two men waiting outside had to offer her. The car was an official Government black Sedan, with bullet-proof windows and tires. Hayes opened the door to let her in and Gibbons gave her a paper to sign.

“What’s this?”

“It’s just a simple confidentiality agreement between you and the Government, Miss. By accepting our proposal, you’ll come to learn a few secrets and we want to make sure you don’t go off running telling everyone about them, especially reporters or agents of foreign, potentially hostile countries.” Gibbons offered her a pen, and she signed the paper, feeling quite amused.

“Don’t you think you should have read it first?” Hayes asked.

“What for?! If it turns out to be something I don’t like, I’ll hypnotize you both and get rid of it. Oh, and the driver of course… Now, I would like to know more of this strange man of yours and how you decided to look for me in the first place.”

The car drove off in the time it took her to say this. Hayes was very well impressed with her directness, although the line between it and sheer impertinence was a very fragile one. Still, he told her everything he knew.

“We work for a Government Institution whose name and existence is kept off the public. We deal with imminent threats against the safety of our citizens, and provide all kinds of needful services to the nation, such as secret military operations, espionage, political assassinations if needed be, etc. You see, we’re a sort of sweeping task force for the problems the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and all the other known agencies can’t deal with, the last line of defence when all others tumble down.”

“That seems like a Hollywood-type scenario!”

“So does the prospect of mind control through hypnosis and you claim you can do it…”

“You got me with that one, General, but I’m sure I’m not the only one with such abilities.”

“I don’t know about that. I never met anyone that could actually do it, without using tons of drugs and torturing skills. We’ve been on the lookout for quite some time now, examining the so-called attributes of stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists around, trying to find someone with the proper requirements to join our Division, but so far…”

“…you’ve accomplished nothing and I happened to be the next one on the list, right?”

“That and the fact that apparently you made one of our undercover agents start crying like a baby on The Red Rose’s stage about a week ago in one of your hypnotic sessions. He was a dark, tall man, with an ugly-looking scar next to his right ear. Do you remember him?”

“Now that you mention it, yes I do. He was very cooperative when I showed him this ring.” it was a copper-coloured piece with the carving of a snake’s head. Two small red gemstones represented its eyes. “It is a given fact that snakes hypnotize other animals just before eating them. This little ornament can do just the trick as well… why you don’t look at it, General? Or may be you, Colonel Gibbons?”

“Save your energies for our man, Miss Ryder. A lot of good things can happen to you if you can really make him become more willing to cooperate, so to speak.”

“Will you invite me to join your little secret club if I do? Is that what you’re trying to say?”

“You’re a quick learner.”

“I’ve always been and always will be. Show me that man, General, and you’ll get whatever you want of him, which by the way is…?”

“Eric, show her the papers.”

Colonel Gibbons gave her a small file on a man named Craig Fitzpatrick, an alleged former IRA operative (there were no real evidences pointing to that fact…) who was living in The States for over a decade. He was suspect of involvement with a group of overzealous patriots in the plotting of an armed attack against some eminent members of the Senate. The attack itself never occurred – they were caught before they had the chance to perpetrate it – but being as smart as they were, they didn’t place all of their eggs in just one basket—there were still a lot of illegal guns at large, stashed somewhere, ready to be used by the next terrorist.

“These guys wanted to make a name for themselves by striking from within. We’re pretty sure he served as their liaison in the acquisition of the heavy artillery for the attack and that he knows where they’ve hidden the surplus, but he keeps denying the charges. The already mentioned drugs and torture didn’t work on him at all. We’re hoping you can be able to break him gently. If indeed you managed to make a professional soldier act like a child on a stage, I’m sure this poses no real challenge for you.”

“Probably not…” and as she finished examining the file, the car came to a halt.

The three occupants stepped out. They had entered what struck her to be a very large underground parking lot, with soft, even-spaced lights placed above their heads. The smell of fresh paint came from the surrounding walls; in front of them; one could see a passageway being guarded by four soldiers. The black man with the twisted scar was one of them. He was the one closest to the brand new king-sized elevator they were about to enter and the only one who shuddered upon seeing her. Alexandra raised her right hand, enabling him to see the ring that she had used to enthral his senses earlier in time and before the doors were closed, he was crying again from the top of his lungs, just like a young baby wearing a dirty diaper.

Hayes and Gibbons didn’t react to the provocation, but they were visibly surprised.

“That was the result of a hypnotic reminiscence.” She explained to them. “He liked my ring so much the first time that, when he saw it again, he simply returned into that special state of consciousness he experienced before. He’ll snap out of it in no time, without any consequences for his mind whatsoever.”

The two men remained speechless, as the machine plunged into the bowels of the Earth. At that time, they already knew that she was the one they were looking for… the way in which she handled Fitzpatrick’s stubbornness was but another proof of Alexandra Ryder’s infinite charms.

The bald and broad-shouldered Irish man was being held in a rectangular white room in the very centre of Underground Level 7. There was a mahogany table in it, along with two equally brown chairs, except these ones were made of plastic. Fitzpatrick was sitting in one and had no cuffs or restraints of any kind, mainly because of the two guards that stood behind him whose primary job was to make sure he didn’t try anything foolish. One of them had his camouflaged shirt covered with speckles of fresh blood. That fact was undoubtedly related with the huge bruises in the prisoner’s face and jaw. Fitzpatrick was still drowsy with the pain of the recent beatings and didn’t utter a word when she sat in front of him, and slowly unbuttoned a portion of her blouse, to allow a little cleavage to show through.

Looking to the right side of the room, she saw a big mirror. As usual, there were people observing what happened from behind it, namely the General and a couple of highly distinguished men. Gibbons had gone into another room to supervise a secret military operation that was bound to take place in the harsh landscapes of Libya somewhere over the next week and missed the whole show. Alexandra couldn’t see them, but knew they were there. So, she smiled at them and then at Fitzpatrick, who seemed indifferent to it all. As she moved for the blouse again, the pearly skin of her vibrant breasts became more visible.

He looked at it almost instantly. She was the first woman he was seeing ever since he had been captured and after almost twelve days of abuses, he truly felt that such a generous offer shouldn’t be declined. The seduction process was on its way…

There was silence in the room for about five minutes, where she did nothing but to look at him while realizing how he was beginning to focus more intensely on the presents she was so willing to share… occasionally, he would raise his head to look into her ever-smiling face, as hoping for her to say something. When that happened, her hand slid down into the open blouse again, and that was stating that the space between her breasts was the only place he should be looking at. Curious, and at the same time getting aroused by that game of subtle gestures and silence, Fitzpatrick didn’t mind playing it, although he was unaware of the significance of the rules. He looked at the unveiled fragments of her bosom, going deeper with each breath… looking for what wasn’t there…

“As you’ve noticed by now, I’m not wearing a bra. I bet you’re trying to see my nipples coming out right now, aren’t you?” Alexandra asked. “That’s naughty of you, but I don’t mind… you can actually see them if you continue to look hard enough: just like you’re doing right now, but more intensely…” she suggested, drawing his attention further. “If you want to see my hard, erect nipples, you need to make my breasts the centre of your world, by looking at them and at them alone… never mind the ghostly walls or the reflections of the lamp on the table… don’t worry about the bulked door behind me or the fabric of my blouse… I was brought here for your satisfaction and pleasure alone and I can give you that if you just stare at my breasts… listening to my lovely voice while staring… letting my words bring you inner calm and relaxation… peace and contentment… that’s right… feeling pleased to stare and listen, while listening and staring, knowing that the more you stare, the more clear my words become, and that the more this happens, the greater the satisfaction that comes to you for being able to listen to such a beautiful and compelling woman, whose breasts are as magnetic and enticing as her voice that is pulling you more and more now, washing over whatever stray thoughts may still be trying to roam in your mind…

Stare, listen and relax, anticipating the heavenly promise of my nipples completely exposed for your delight… that sight will become a reality soon… you just need to relax deeper, stare deeper, listen deeper and let your spirit fall, as if you are falling down a very large pit, giving yourself to me in the process, yielding to the suggestions I’m planting in your brain… you know you want to do this for you already desire and crave my breasts, you already desire and crave my words and my voice and when you finally get to see my sexy nipples, that desire will turn your head around and you’ll fall asleep… asleep into blissful, dreamy submission… your mind completely shut-down and enslaved, unable to resist… yes… unable to escape… unwilling to displease me… that’s right… a little more, now… just a little more… listen, stare, close your eyes and sleep!”

She opened her blouse completely. Fitzpatrick saw her breasts and accepted the conditioning without so much an attempt to break it off. Alexandra had entranced him, and not just him. The two guards were also under her control, after staring and listening just as intensely as the Irish prisoner. She buttoned herself, got up, and while moving closer to the mirror, a question emerged from her lips:

“He’s completely hypnotized, General and will keep on being so for as long as I want to. The same can be said about your security-men, and I bet you’re feeling kind of drowsy as well in that secret room of yours, aren’t you? Is this demonstration sufficient?”

“Yes, Miss Ryder. I believe it is… It is clear to us all that you’re just the kind of material we need for this Division.” answered Hayes whose mind was spinning uncontrollably. He had been saved by the fact that he couldn’t see her nipples flashing in, and now that her breasts were hidden from plain sight once again, the induction was subsiding, slowly vanishing into thin air. The other two men sitting next to him were also hazy and with a slight inclination towards meekness. Had she really wanted it, she could have easily doubled the number of subdued men that day.

“That’s just great. I fairly enjoyed the experience and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even more when my real job begins. Now… before I instruct him to reveal all of his dirty secrets to me, I have a few requests… your Division better attend to them in order to ensure my loyalty!”

“That’s not a very usual proceeding…”

“Do you want me to turn you into my slave and express my wishes under the form of direct orders instead of simple requests?” she asked all of a sudden.

“No… I really don’t want that at all. We’ll make sure you have everything you need, Miss Ryder. You can trust my word for it.”

“I will, General.”

“Then, we have an agreement. Would you mind awakening my men first and then have Fitzpatrick tell us everything he knows?”

“Actually, I’d rather see a dance exhibition first…” she called upon her hypnotized military and they both began waltzing around in the room. They were quite clumsy at it with little or non-existing coordination of movements at all, but the show was entertaining enough. Alexandra clapped and then began the process of extracting information from her new European pet.

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