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Yes, We’re Still Alive!

If you’ve been following this blog/site, you may have noticed that it was invisible for a couple of days. I made it private for a while because I wanted to try some things regarding its overall structure and, in the future, I may do that again so I can test everything accordingly before committing to…

April’s Photo-Stories are up!

My photo-stories section has been updated with all the pieces produced during the month of April. They’re thirty in total, one for each day of the month, and there’s a little bit of everything there. Of course, all of them are of a Femdom nature. Be sure to check them out, here.

March’s Photo-Stories Are Up!

As mentioned in the past, I’m doing a yearly run of photo-stories as well. I upload one piece each day to my gallery at the Hypnopics-Collective website and then, at the end of each month, I archive them on my site as well. Feel free to check them out on this page. This month, I tried a…