Don’t Ask, But Do Tell

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((written for FZY1, who asked me to come up with something based on DADT. This is what I ended up producing.))

What do you think about when you hear the acronym DADT? I bet it’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the term commonly used for the policy restricting the United States military from efforts to discover or reveal the sexuality of closeted homosexual or bisexual service members or applicants, while barring those who are openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual from military service.

Well, what if I were to tell you that the same designation is used as a codename for a mind control project, the latest attempt to create the perfect soldier by means of brainwashing and highly addictive indoctrination techniques? Yes, if I were in your shoes, I would probably find it hard to believe as well, but this is no charade, I’m not pulling your leg! This is the real deal and I know, because I’m a part of it. In fact, I’ve been with the program ever since it started almost nine years ago.

In the beginning, it was no more than a fantasy, one of those scenarios you see portrayed in movies, TV shows and espionage and sci-fi books. Then, Dr. Veronica Powers came into the picture, a brilliant researcher in the fields of neurophysiology and neuropsychology whose radical ideas about how the human brain works, and how its connections can be manipulated , were just waiting for the proper funding to come into fruition. The money of all the tax-payers in this country secured those necessary funds and thus, the project was born.

I met her two months after everything started when I was assigned to work with her because of my expertise in similar fields. It was a pleasure to know her, and get to know the grounds for her theories, I admit, but when things became less theoretical and more prone to enter the world of practice, my feelings gradually began to change.

The higher military chiefs basically wanted to turn some soldiers into highly obedient, programmable drones. Dr. Powers provided them with state-of-the-art techniques to rearrange neural pathways via visual and auditory stimulation for that purpose, in exchange for something a little more personal, carnal explorations that allowed her to satisfy her apparently insatiable lust. She managed to convince everyone that these secondary experiments were absolutely vital for the success of the primary ones. How she pulled that one off, I’ll never know for sure, though I imagine Routine 0001 might have helped with it.

More on that in a minute, I promise. In order for you to understand where I’m going with this, allow me to tell you an episode of sorts. There were many stories similar to this one in the last years, but I bear in mind Sergeant Raymond Jones more clearly than any other soldier that’s been in our secret underground premises. I’ll use his tale as an example.

I remember when he walked along the hallways with a bemused expression on his face. He was like that, not only because of the futuristic look of the place he was in, but also because Dr. Powers was (and still is…) the kind of woman that makes heads turn faster than the blink of an eye. It’s easy to get infatuated with her, even if unwillingly and, in that regard, Sergeant Jones was no different than any other man in her presence, and yes that includes me as well.

Like so many others before, on that day, Sergeant Jones dared to ask:

“What exactly have I signed for, here? My superiors only told me it was a research for the good of the nation, but they were pretty vague on what they meant by that…”

To which Veronica replied, ironically:

“I seem to recall that ‘don’t ask questions’ was part of the contract you signed before being allowed in these facilities… Please, respect that! You’ll understand more once we get to the test room.”

There were actually three of those in the premises, and they all looked the same, and were adjacent to one another. They were basically square rooms with a metallic gloss look to them, a strange-looking, but very comfortable reclining chair in the center, two dozens or so of interconnected small liquid crystal screens right in front of it, and a wide array of practically invisible wireless speakers embedded in the walls for maximum surround sonic performance. Sergeant Jones was asked – or rather, instructed – to make the chair his own and simply relax because the proceedings wouldn’t take long.

On the control room above, the place where I was stationed, I could see everything that happened in there, and I was also in charge of running the sequences necessary for the test to work. It was no surprise for me when Dr. Powers told me via internal communication system to

“Start with Routine 0001!”

I did as told seeing that hesitating even for a second in complying would get me in a lot of trouble. I pushed all the right buttons, turned all the necessary knobs and then sat, sighing, as Sergeant Jones’ mind became something completely unrecognizable in less than an hour.

Routine 0001 is a program designed to heighten libidinous stimuli, whilst draining mental energy required for willful actions. It makes you very hard under the waist, but incredibly soft and pliable above it, and all due to the combination of rapid, flashing sexy imagery intertwined with subliminal encoding and the binaural beats that fill the room the moment the images start playing. Even though different subjects need different degrees of exposure to experience its effects, no one really resists them, and I can always tell when they start to kick in.

Speaking exclusively of men, as those comprise the majority of subjects exposed to it, it begins with a massive secretion of sexual hormones that produce a throbbing erection like no other and instill a state of dreamlike euphoria. Then, there’s the inevitable pupil dilation, the cold beads of sweat on the forehead, neck and back of the head, the erratic heartbeat that suddenly drops to a level of almost perfect stillness, the slack jaw and the hints of drool, followed by the complete loss of awareness of one’s self. It seems everything is caught in a sort of time bubble, where things seem almost frozen and synapses don’t fire in one’s brain because they’re drowning in sexual promises that will never be totally fulfilled.

Some are, obviously, but only Dr. Powers’, of course. Routine 0001 endows her with the ability to manipulate the soldier’s minds and bodies as she sees fit, it makes her surname legit and not just a combination of letters one says out loud without giving it much significance. And that’s exactly what happened in this situation as well.

As usual, I got to watch her enter the room and lean seductively over the poor man’s body. I don’t know what her exact words were that time around, but they probably were something like this:

“I hope you enjoyed the intro, Sergeant Jones, because the real test begins now! You already know that the best qualities one can expect from a soldier are obedience and respect to those of higher ranks, and I’m sure you can see in your mind’s eye who exactly is the superior around here. Unzip your fly and salute me the way I deserve, my little mindless toy!”

And he did so, without hesitation, completely unable to articulate any action that was contrary to her words and desires. Dr. Powers enjoys to make sex slaves out of independent beings even if only for a short spell, and she can have as many as she wants as long as her techniques remain the sole property of The Army. As you may have guessed already, I was also her mesmerized captive on a couple of occasions, but only when she was feeling utterly bored as I’m not really her type of man, it seems.

What happened afterwards with Sergeant Jones was the standard fare, I suppose. Though Dr. Powers seemed to take some pleasure nibbling and biting his rod, she was much more satisfied when she had him serve as an ass-licker, a footstool, or a pony around the room. She’s a woman of many fetishes and has no shame about them, which is why she has me watch every single spectacle whenever I’m on the clock. Her vanity annoys me to no end, but it also arouses much more than it should, much to my shame. When she’s done, all memories of her sexual control are wiped clean from the subject’s mind and that’s where the “Don’t Tell” part comes into play. They can’t tell things that apparently never took place, can they?

The indoctrination procedures then continue with other routines, these really oriented for military practices. For instance, the FZYO enhances the subject’s personal predisposition and skills in regards to the use of various fire arms; the SB80 creates a series of irresistible triggers that allow anyone with high clearance to activate and deactivate the soldier at will, amongst others. People subject to the program become standardized automatons after a couple of sessions and de-programming their brains is a lot harder than stuffing them with all this knowledge and information they really never asked to have.

For years, I’ve played my role in this. For years, I grew considerably ashamed of doing so. These emergent feelings of uneasiness eventually lead me to do some additional digging on the real motivations behind it all, and what I found out is earth-shattering, the ultimate reason for this piece I’m writing.

I recently found out the true scope of the project. Mind-controlled agents just like Sergeant Jones have been dispatched to various parts of the globe for a series of highly classified operations that do more to disrupt world peace than to uphold it. You know those recent riots in Egypt? A couple of our men started them… and the bombings in International North Korea waters? Yes, they are our doing as well. There is a massive campaign promoted by sectors of our government to throw the world into absolute chaos, for the sake of a shadowy agenda of global domination, and I can no longer sit idly and watch it all unfold! This is not why I joined The Army! These are not the values I swore to defend!

I know this is a lot to take in. However, if you even remotely believe in my words, then please don’t ask questions, but do tell everyone you know all about this, and pass along the top secret documents I’m enclosing within this message, and that attest to the truth of these controversial operations. I believe that, sooner or later, my voice will be silenced by those that wish to continue playing these terrorist games but, the more people know the facts, the harder it will be for the conspirators to stop the truth from being revealed to the general public.

Don’t let them win! Help me fight the good fight before it’s too late for us all!

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