Hypno-Wheel of Fortune – First Spin

[mc, mf, fd, hy]

((The first in a series of four stories featuring Brenda Sullivan and a very special variation of America’s favorite game show. Inspired by real events, well, sort of… I did have the opportunity to play in a game similar to this one a couple of times on the old Inraptured chat room and even hosted a few editions of my own. This is just a fun spin – see what I did there? – on it all.))

“Your turn, Jerome,” Brenda declared, looking him straight in the eyes.

“Hmmm, I would like an H, please,” he muttered. Was it just him or was it getting extremely hot in the room?

“Well done, there is indeed an H in this puzzle.” She smiled and made the necessary adjustments to the board in front of him. “Care to take a guess?”

“I… I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he replied, fidgeting his thumbs. “There’s something very wrong with this game.”

“Why do you say that?”

“The odd markings on the wheel for instance: ‘Blankrupt’, ‘Lose a Thought’, ‘ Tribute’… what is this?” He asked, visibly distressed.

“The perfect game, obviously. And I’m sure everyone else in the room agrees with me, isn’t that right?” She motioned to the half a dozen men and women gathered around her.

“Yes,” they all droned in unison. “Perfect and fun. Always fun. Join the fun, Jerome.”

“See?” She smiled, mischievously. “Now, take a good look at the puzzle and make a guess. Remember, we’re looking for an event, an unavoidable one in fact.”

He gulped, averting her gaze the best way he could. After the first round, the incomplete riddle stood like this:

H Y _ _ _ _ _ C  _ _ _ _ _ _ Y

“Well?” She insisted, crossing her legs in the most provocative way possible. Her thigh high boots brushed against his legs and the wheel began to spin.

“Hmmm… is the correct answer Hypnotic Slavery?”

“That is always the correct answer,” she purred.

The wheel kept on spinning as his thoughts slowed down.

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