In 55 Words – 2010

The shorties in this page were written between January 1st and December 31st, 2010, and were originally posted on the Garden of MC Forum.

The New Year (January 1st)

Though they seemed sound asleep on their fluffy pillows, they were actually in a deep state of trance, brought upon by the silky voice coming out of the silver headphones on their ears. They couldn’t fight those enthralling words that demanded absolute surrender and they wouldn’t. The New Year would be one of hypnotic slavery.

How to Cure Writer’s Block (January 4th)

There’s nothing worse than writer’s block, looking at the paper and seeing nothing but blank spaces. Unless of course there’s someone close, warm lips whispering gently in your ear:
“Just relax and let your mind become as empty as the sheet before you… yes, drowsy… sleepy… obedient… Our story will go beyond words, my pet!”

Seven Slaves (January 5th)

“We’re so glad you’re here.” Doc said with a smile as the other dwarfs nodded their approval. “Now you can cook for us and tend the house while we work in the mine!”
“Nope, not going to happen…” Snow White answered as she gave them a glance of her mesmerising breasts.
The seven slaves knelt.

T.H.U.D. (January 10th)

“Here’s my latest invention: the Trans-Harmonic-Ultra-Dart. That’s T.H.U.D. but I call it Thud for fun!”
“What does it do?”
“Basically, it corrects imbalances in the Universe. Let me demonstrate…”
“Ouch! That hurt!”
“I know. What’re you feeling right now?”
“I… I… feel the need to be your sex slave for life!”
“See? It works perfectly!”

Reborn (January 11th)

The silver sphere floated in the middle of the room, its radiance enveloping all members of the expedition.
“It actually exists!” Lisa said, bewildered, as she reached for the mystic object.
She was forever changed upon touching it, reborn as a goddess demanding absolute worship.
Now, she’s on the move…
… coming for us all!

Scientific Breakthrough (January 18th)

Science is a dangerous invention of mankind, and some of its creations should have never come to life. I discovered a way to turn people into docile servants just by having them read the things I write, but I can’t seem to reverse the process.
So you know what that means….
Kneel and obey, slave!

Love Story (January 22nd)

“Our current relationship ends today, Nathaniel. We’ve obviously become too attached to one another and that’s unacceptable! A Mistress can’t love a slave, but a woman can love a man…. I’m going to count down from 5 to 1 now and then you’ll wake up so we can truly be together! 5, 4, 3, 2….”

Wonderland Inc. (January 28th)

“Unlike that cancelled TV show, Wonderland Inc. is the real deal. Here, our human merchandise is fully programmed to the customer’s whims and one gets to keep it forever. The price’s quite affordable, considering the cost of the technology – Only 5 million dollars a piece. Any other questions?”
“Just one: where do I sign?”

Unbreakable (January 29th)

“Your time’s up, Jonas!” exclaimed the elusive she-devil. “I gave you twenty years of fame and fortune, and now you’ll offer me a century of mindless service in return!”
“Yeah, about that… surely the contract can be declared null because I won’t live that long!”
“Nice try, but the soul is immortal…” she smiled, evilly.

A Purchase to Forget (January 30th)

“Your neck sure smells different tonight! The odor’s so…”
“Actually, I was going to say ‘disgusting’!”
“You mean you don’t like the scent at all and don’t feel compelled to do whatever I want?!!”
“Of course not! Are you high or something?”
“No, but I’m not buying mind-controlling pheromones on the Internet ever again!!!!”

Improvisations (February 6th)

“What’s going on at the boathouse, Alicia? Those screams are freaking me out!”
“Oh… It’s just my sister punishing a hypnoslave, Jeff! She likes to use it as an improv dungeon for those things!”
“You’re kidding, right?”
“No, but it’s more fun when we play together! By the way, did you like my drugged cookies?”

The Last One to Arrive at the Party (February 14th)

Everyone in The Garden of MC was gathered to see Mistress Rosie play with her loyal servant, James. Well, everyone except a member that was glued to his computer, writing something.
“Hey, S.B., are you coming or not?” shouted a choir of voices.
“As soon as I finish this…. Oh, I think I just did!”

The Other (February 19th)

I don’t want to fall asleep. Because when I do, that’s when The Other takes control, a body without a mind, a numb replica deprived of will, and I’m forced to watch its surrender to the whims of others, screaming from the inside but never being heard.
I won’t fall asleep… I… *yawn*… must… *yawn*…

The Taste of Temptation (February 23rd)

I always wondered what Temptation would taste like if it was something physical, something I could feel, instead of simply imagining so.
Then, she came along, raven hair falling in a cascade of curls, green eyes demanding utmost devotion…
As I knelt to kiss her lips, I got my answer.
She tastes like cherry pie.

Haunted (March 9th)

I should have never moved to this defiled house because that’s when the arcane voices started whispering in my head, remnants of ghostly denizens eager to feast on my conscious thoughts.
Now, they’re getting louder, stronger, suppressing everything I am, and locking all doors and windows to my soul.
Whatever they desire, shall be done!

Loving Control (March 23rd)

Everything’s grey all around: the buildings, the gardens, the people, trapped and crushed by the weight of a diabolical sameness.
Only you stand from the desolation, my angel with rainbow wings and sapphire eyes, singing your songs of wonder to a deaf world.
In your presence, I’m helplessly happy. Your loving control sets me free.

Crawling in the Rain (March 25th)

The rain is pouring hard on me, but I’m not worried at all. As I crawl through the stone path spellbound by the power of black varnished boots, I feel that each cold sting upon my naked flesh is meaningless in face of her will and I press on, delighted for knowing I’m completely hers.

Awakening (April 3rd)

When I brought the ancient idol home, its eyes were closed and I thought of it as a mere ornament.
Now, after weeks of restless nights riddled with throbbing dreams, two golden irises light up the room, and I feel the unwavering drive of submission as the goddess within the stone awakens from her slumber….

Eternal Slumber (April 7th)

The new pillows were everything one could ask for: comfortable, fluffy, warm, a perfect combination to vanquish insomnias for good.
Unfortunately, they came with a secret: a hidden mechanism within that triggered a relentless wave of infra-sounds to forever alter the brain’s physiology.
I was free once, but now I serve and Mistress is calling….

Lunchtime (April 8th)

David opened his lunchbox in dismay.
“Tuna sandwich again?!! No way! Hey John, let’s trade!
“I don’t think that’s a good idea…”
“Shut up and hand me yours before I throw you off this scaffold!”
John did so and watched David devour the drugged rolls inside. His Owner had just gotten herself a new pet….

Eternity (April 9th)

One night, I wished upon a star to meet my soulmate.
Shortly after, she appeared from realms unknown, an ethereal beauty whose thoughts entered my heart and mind with overflowing, irresistible strength and I eagerly followed her to her crystal castle, far beyond the hectic dreams of Mankind.
Forever in love, forever enslaved. That’s me.

Her Sleep (April 11th)

This isn’t happening.
I’m not writing these lines, nor are you reading them, because we don’t really exist.
We’re just the by-products of a higher consciousness, like anime characters caught in the limits of their drawings, wanting a life of their own, yet having none.
Dream puppets, nothing else, hoping that Her sleep never ends….

Oriental Seduction (April 12th)

“And now, you’re completely under my control!” whispered the Chinese beauty as the crystal pendulum came to a halt. “Henceforth, you’ll obey my every command, do you understand?”
“Yes”, answered a dull voice.
“State your purpose in life, then!”
“To serve you forever, Mistress!”
“Exactly! Now, go get the palanquin. I want to go shopping!”

Conversion (April 17th)

“According to our latest statistics, one in every five inhabitants of this planet has already been exposed to our genetic modifiers. Their conversion draws nigh, Your Majesty!”
“Excellent, El-Zar!” smiled the Hive-Queen on her iridescent throne. “You shall be rewarded. Kneel!”
The scientist complied as a single, telepathic projection unleashed a wave of vellicative pleasure….

Morlaine (April 18th)

“I don’t know your cosplay. Who exactly are you?”
“I am Morlaine, a villainess from an anime show from the 70’s that only lasted 10 episodes. My shiny boots can turn all humans into mindless slaves, effortlessly.”
“Hmmm… that’s pretty dumb…”
“Then why are you licking them? You missed a spot, there. Clean!”
“Yes, Mistress!”

Merry Mary (April 20th)

“In a moment, you’ll come out of your trance, but know this: whenever I say the words ‘Merry Mary’, you’ll once again become my dutiful maid and plaything, is that clear?”
“Yes, I will obey.”
“Good. I’m pleased. I’m now going to snap my fingers and you’ll wake up…”
* snap *
“Welcome back, Marvin.”

Level Five Sentence (April 28th)

“Why am I here?!!” Amy shouted to the man in dark robes.
“Your latest story on the existence of human meat factories in Europe has been deemed heretic by The Censor. A Level Five Sentence will be your punishment!” was his response.
“Level Five? But that means…”
“Complete rewriting of your personality!” he answered, mockingly.

Plea (May 3rd)

According to everything I was taught, I should be afraid of you…. A woman with fiery, red skin, mesmerizing stare, a swishing tail and a pair of horns protruding from her black hair isn’t human and yet…
… I love you helplessly and yearn to bask in your lust.
Will you have me, Mighty Queen?

Irresistible Torture (May 5th)

An intellectual guy like me never believed possible to be controlled by a woman, but….
It all started with a drugged lemon juice, and ended in my complete subservience to her whims.
Much to my shame, a couple of feathers were enough to seal my fate.
The tickle torture was simply too much to handle.

The Final Game (May 12th)

Jack was about ready to reach ten million points but, at the deciding moment, his hands shook the table a little too hard and the dreaded word TILT flashed red as the flippers stopped working and the last ball fell out of sight.
“I’ve just won a new slave…” cooed the demoness next to him.

Alien Force (May 20th)

This will be my final entry in this journal.
For many months, I fought the dreary visions that assaulted my brain, but I feel that my mental training is finally beginning to fail.
Soon, I shall become the embodiment of submission to an alien force that’s undying and invincible.
And, one day you will too.

Let It Shine! (May 29th)

The light is so beautiful, so mesmerising…. I’ve never seen anything like it in my whole life and I’m pretty sure I never will, ever again!
For you see, its intensity also brings about blindness of the heart and soul, a limbo of thoughts from which there’s no escape….
Fighting is futile! Let it shine!

Dessert Time (June 1st)

“Did you like the meal? Be perfectly honest with me, okay?”
“As you wish…. Frankly, I thought the salad could have been great, but the apple vinegar you used ruined it for me.”
“Would you have preferred the real taste of the hypnotics I hid inside the cherry tomatoes, then?”
“Hmmm… What?”
“Dessert time, pet!”

The Pets Reward (July 1st)

“Hop like rabbits!”, commanded the Mistress from atop her wooden throne.
Immediately, half a dozen naked slaves started jumping around the dungeon.
“Good. Now, howl like wolves!”
In unison, they raised their heads high, making her laugh.
“That was just wonderful, pets! You deserve a reward…. tongues out, my pussy wants a word with them!”

Perpetual Christmas (July 4th)

Musical Note“Jingle bells, jingle bells…” Musical Note
“Huh, Jack, why does Dave sing that song all the time, now? We’re still in July!!!
“Well, he was always sad, so Alicia hypnotized him to believe it’s Christmas every day!”
“Is that so? Kind of sweet, actually…”
“If you knew the sort of ‘gifts’ she loves, you’d think differently, Mark!”

Night Games (August 1st)

“A garlic necklace…? Really?!!! Do you actually think that’s going to stop me?” hissed the night predator.
“Be gone, foul creature or I’ll… I’ll…”
Mesmerising green eyes sparkled in the darkness.
“You’ll what? Strip and drop to your knees? That’s a wonderful idea, pet. It’s been a while since I last played with a mortal….”

The Language of Submission (August 26th)

When she started talking to him at the party, he didn’t understand a single word. Not that he had to, really. All that mattered was the soft cadence of her voice and the way the lights above reflected upon her gorgeous, mesmerizing eyes.
Later that night, he became quite fluent in the language of submission.

Final Arrangements (August 31st)

“On your hands and knees, foreheads touching the floor!” the order echoed across the room.
The dozens of men and women inside didn’t protest. Their reply was prompt, their obedience a given.
In the control room, an intercom crackled:
“Are they ready?” asked a woman, drily.
“Affirmative… Tonight’s auction should be a smashing success!”

Too Late (September 7th)

It had taken a while, but he had finally been able to see past the deception. Now, he knew that the human vision of loveliness he cherished was just a guise for a creature of old, hell-bent on world domination. Unfortunately, it was too late.
As her ruby bracelets shone, his free will waned forever.

Mistress Helen of Troy (September 8th)

“Is this the face that launch’d a thousand ships and burnt the topless towers of Ilium? Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.”
“Immortality you shall have, o brave warrior…” Helen cooed as her rosy lips sank into his, and power came to life.
Glassy-eyed, the man fell to his knees in everlasting surrender.

Garage Clean-up (September 15th)

“Miscellaneous Box or straight into the trash can?” asked Brenda as she held a crystal ball in her hands.
“Neither,” replied Lindsay. “That goes to my bedroom. It brings back so many memories….”
“Such as…?”
“Do you really want to know?” Lindsay asked with a mischievous glimmer in her eyes.
The ball began to shine….

Thoughts of Ecstasy (October 2nd)

Sapphire crossed her legs, hiding from view the mesmerizing wonders of her palace of sex. The naked slaves couldn’t hide their disappointment as they sighed by the throne, but there would always be another day, another chance to feel true bliss, and bask in her supernatural light.
Just thinking about it, they all came together.

Shadow (October 3rd)

The power of her eyes…
At first, it was only a small flicker, a simple suggestion of light in a dark room.
Afterwards, it became a vivid sparkle, its kaleidoscopic refractions engulfing everything around with ease.
Now, it’s an overwhelming glow, constantly branding my helpless mind with commands.
Under her sun, I’m just a shadow.

Melting (October 5th)

“Keep it cool, keep it together,” Samuel muttered.
“Well… how do I look?” Cassandra asked as she emerged from the bathroom wearing a black rubber corset dress.
“Oh, my God!” he gulped frantically. “So hot….”
“And I’ve got a special treat, too.” she purred, revealing a shiny pendulum.
That was his last conscious thought.

Unholy Fruit (October 29th)

Though the apple looked grey and withered, it was actually quite succulent, just like the old gypsy man had told her.
After the first bite, Anna felt the tendrils of darkness spreading within her mind, and wiping it clean in a rush of ecstatic bliss she couldn’t possibly resist.
Not that she tried to, anyway.

Doppelgänger (November 1st)

I sense your ghost around
Even though you’re not dead
Hovering in my mind,
Always one step ahead.

Your sulky, bitter smile
Casts its half-light on me,
Yet showers of roses
Is all I ever see.

In this feverish desire,
Foul control in which I bask,
I trail paths of sorrow
Behind your broken mask.

Passing the Torch (November 9th)

“You’re leaving?!!” asked the thrall in disbelief, and about ready to faint.
“Yes. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to move on. My friend Deborah here will be your new owner.”
“But… I don’t want that….”
“You forget that you have no wants, pet. You will submit!”
And the slave did so.

Language Barrier (November 12th)

The chat window displayed the following message:
“Tu vais obedecer-me!”
Harry approached the keyboard and typed:
“Who are you?”
“Tu vais tornar-te meu escravo!”
“Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean.”
Suddenly, his screen started flashing and rainbow spirals filled the room.
That night, the language barrier wasn’t broken, but his mind sure was!

Mysterious Force (November 19th)

No one on the Victory knew the contents of the cargo they were transporting, but it didn’t take long for its effects to be felt.
One by one, the crew members sank into mindless, ecstatic surrender, eager to worship an unknown darkness of bygone days.
And when the ship came ashore, a new age began….

Complete Understanding (November 22nd)

“How do you do it, Jeff?”
“Do what, Mark?” Jeff asked as he adjusted the headphones and smiled in a strange, vacant way.
“How do you live such a carefree existence?” Mark continued.
Still smiling, Jeff shared his favorite CD with him. After the third track, Mark’s jaw slacked, and he finally understood it all.

One Big, Happy Family (November 25th)

The table was set and the turkey ready, but Jennifer was in the mood for a different kind of Thanksgiving.
“I dare you to look away!” she purred, whilst unbuttoning her black latex shirt. No one present managed to do it, lost in shiny reflections and promises of taut breasts.
Her family was never happier….

Restrained (December 5th)

The cuffs were tight and he couldn’t move. The dungeon’s mirror reflected his frustration.
“Release me, bitch!” he growled.
“I see my training is working….” she said enigmatically.
“What are you talking about?”
“Look at the mirror again, pet.”
He did. There were no cuffs except the ones she had already placed in his mind.

The Final Lesson (December 17th)

Wrapped up in plastic, in a dark room, unable to move….
Then, she comes in: a latex-clad femme fatale with flowing, black hair….
The sight of her makes me tingly, eager to kneel.
I want it to happen, but first I need to complete my training.
“Ready for your final lesson?” she asks, smiling mischievously.

Self-defence (December 17th)

“And then I did this, and that, and the thief got knocked out!” said Maria, gesticulating furiously.
“Come on! Do you expect me to believe you pulled that off with just one Judo lesson?” asked Stacy.
“Did I overdo it?” giggled Maria.
“I’m afraid so. What did you use, really? The pendant or the ring?”

Absolute (December 18th)

Phoebe didn’t know where the silver dress had come from, but she didn’t feel the need to think about it much, either. All that mattered was the power emanating from the luxurious fabric. For the first time ever, she believed she could get anything and anyone she wanted….
And guess what: she was right!

Aftermath (December 30th)

“Everything looks so fuzzy…” Jenny mumbled as she tried to get out of the sofa, only to feel her legs wobbling like jelly.
“A cocktail of brainwashing drugs does that, you know….” answered Sheila, mellifluously. She held a spiked collar in one hand and a metal leash in the other. “Time to try these, pet!”

Exhilaration (December 31st)

Nothing compared to the thrill of the chase – hunting down defenceless virgins across the woods to claim their purity in a bacchanal of lust.
Unfortunately for the Hunter, the fresh blood wasn’t as frail as initially suspected.
Her crescent-shaped black crystal pendant was the last thing he saw before kneeling to kiss her feet.

And that’s it for this particular batch. If you’ve enjoyed these snippets, why don’t you check out the ones I wrote more recently? Please, return to the Index to select another year.

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