In 55 Words – 2016 (April)

Muse Talk IV (April 1st)

“You know something? This whole “write a shortie every day of the year” has become boring so I decided to release my writer from his obligations and move on to enslaving others around here.”
“What? Now that things were getting interesting… I was really enjoying watching him become your mindless obedient pet.”
“April Fools, sweetie!”

Spinning Wheel (April 2nd)

“And that brings your score to… hmmm… to…” the host mumbled in confusion.
“100000 points,” she said, eyes twinkling. “Forgotten already?”
“You’re doing this, I…”
“Moi? Is it my fault that when the wheel spins, your thoughts spin too? Spinning and spinning, falling and falling, going deeper for me…”
The game was only just beginning.

Curious (April 3rd)

“You look like crap, Benjamin. Not getting enough sleep lately?” Mallory inquired.
“Yeah… too many vivid dreams, I’m afraid. The curious thing is that you’re always in them with your crystal pendant and…” He felt his words slowly dying out.
“Curious indeed…” She agreed with a grin as the pendant swung from side to side.

Shutting Down (April 4th)

“Still confused?” She asked over the phone.
“Undoubtedly,” he replied.
“Confusion is good,” she smirked.
“Is it? I don’t like not knowing for sure.”
“Do you trust me?”
“With all my heart.”
“Then does it matter?”
“Perhaps not, but I can’t just shut down my mind!”
“I can…”
And, just like that, she did so.

Priorities (April 5th)

“Ah… lazy day, nothing to do… just wonderful!” Drew said.
“Hmmm, that’s not right, is it?” Samantha snapped her fingers.
“No. I need to do the laundry, clean the garage, and worship you until you come at least three times,” he responded, blank-eyed.
“Start with the last, slave!” She commanded.
Priorities are a wonderful thing.

Acceptance (April 6th)

“I serve her?” He asked in a dreamy haze.
“You serve her,” a confident echo replied.
“I serve her,” he declared, eyes open wide.
“You serve her,” the echo agreed.
“I serve her!” He shouted, triumphantly.
“We both do for we are the same…” the echo concluded.
Whether in trance or not, he was hers.

Getting Ready (April 7th)

“Let’s try something different, today,” Michael said.
“Like what?” Rachel asked.
“I’ll hypnotize you. Now, watch the watch as it swings back and forth, back and… hmmm… back and…” His vision started to blur.
“I’ll take it from here,” she whispered. “Nice job getting ready for me though.”
“Thank you, Mistress,” he responded, head slumping.

Poetic Memory (April 8th)

“Metaphors are dangerous. Love begins with a metaphor. Which is to say, love begins at the point when a woman enters her first word into our poetic memory,” Benjamin muttered, dreamily.
“Theroux?” Sally asked.
“That’s how hypnosis begins too, but you love the danger, don’t you?”
“I love you,” he said, kissing her feet.

Heavy Machinery (April 9th)

The warning was clear: “do not operate heavy machinery for at least eight hours after listening to this file.”
Jordan followed the rules. Sitting down to listen, programs were installed, routines deeply embedded, body and mind became rigid and obedient.
When Lisa entered the room, slave bot knelt, heavy machinery to be operated at will.

Sequential Move Puzzle (April 10th)

Victor was awestruck. Bonnie’s movements were skillful and precise, deconstructing his old Rubik’s Cube in a way he had never seen before. His drooping eyes followed her hands closely as they manipulated the colored facets with ease until everything faded into white.
Setting the cube aside, she touched his temples and began rearranging his mind.

Heat (April 11th)

“Men heat up like lightbulbs: red hot in a heartbeat, cold again in a flash. Women, however, heat up like an iron. Slowly yet surely, ever expanding… Once we’re there, no one can stop us, just like you can’t stop me…” Valerie purred. “Let’s get hot!”
Jonah’s erection grew instantly as his thoughts melted away.

Changing For the Better (April 12th)

Alexei turned on his laptop and, immediately, the screen was flooded with subliminal messages. At first, he had doubted their efficiency but, after a while, he started sleeping better, eating better, and became much more productive, overall.
Katya’s program was amazing! He trusted Katya. He loved Katya. Katya controlled him. He obeyed Katya without questioning.

Free Will Termination (April 13th)

“Come with me if you don’t want to be mind-controlled,” the Schwarzenegger look-a-like said, somberly.
John Connor shrugged. Coming at him from the opposite direction was a beautiful leather-clad woman with piercing eyes. His mind began to crack.
“Hasta la vista, baby!” he waved his would-be protector goodbye. Free will termination was endlessly more appealing.

His World (April 14th)

“Am I becoming a nuisance?” Martin asked, worried.
“No! Why do you ask?” Lacey responded.
“Just a perception I have,” he sighed.
“Perceptions can be misleading…” she said, mellifluously. “Tell me: are you still lying in bed?”
In fact, he stood, glassy-eyed, naked and erect, facing the laptop’s camera. Her words were his world.

NDA (April 15th)

Dr. Reynolds smiled, nervously. The rules of the agreement were simple: what she was about to see was for her eyes only.
When the doors opened, she entered a new reality. It was all true: the hypnotic projectors, the brainwashing chambers, the mindless drones everywhere awaiting orders…
“I’m going to love working here…” she thought.

Aquatic Submission (April 16th)

The water was rising fast on the inside of the capsized ship and he was sure to drown.
Gliding next to him, the green-eyed mermaid was his only hope of salvation.
With a sigh, he asked for her kiss.
With her kiss, he begged for her song.
With her song, he sunk into mindless servitude.

Shutting the World Away (April 17th)

Cameron felt sad. The news were on, always the same: raging conflicts, miseries beyond measure, senseless abuse of human beings by fellow human beings…
“Ready for me?” Ashley suddenly asked, flickering candle in hand.
Most definitely. Ready and willing to let go in her warm control.
The TV screen darkened as his mind went blank.

Hypnotic Take No. 1 (April 18th)

“Cut!” The director shouted in despair. “Come on, Jack! You’re supposed to look hypnotized but still somewhat defiant, not completely braindead! Jack? Jack, are you even listening?”
“He only listens to me now…” Valeria, the female lead, grinned, her old grandmother’s pendant dangling between her taut breasts. “Time to make some changes to the script…”

Duty Calls… (April 19th)

“Number thirty-five reporting for duty.”
“Is that a hint of individuality in your voice?” the prison warden asked. “Unacceptable! Eyes on the screen!”
Swirls and spirals flashed repeatedly until the pesky free will gave way to undeniable thralldom.
“Number thirty-five reporting for duty,” it repeated.
“Much better. Now then…” She beckoned, spreading her legs apart.

New Pets (April 20th)

“Off the grid? How?” Colonel Matthison vociferated.
“I’m sorry, sir, she must have removed the tracking devices and…”
“Forget it, just find her… pronto!”
“I’m here,” Cerulia, the hypnotist, announced, crashing through a window. “I don’t like being tagged like an animal but I wouldn’t mind some new pets…”
And that’s exactly what she got.

Drip Drop (April 21st)

“Drip, drip, the water leaks, just like your thoughts leak away… Drip, drip, dropping effortlessly to the sound of my voice… Drip, drip, dropping, sinking… yes, going under, deep into hypnotic sleep for me…”
Induction finished, Margaret looked down, grinning. Another day, another plumber, another plaything… she was never going to get that faucet fixed!

A Routine Affair (April 22nd)

“Leave, Daisy!” Brandon yelled upon finding his ex-wife in his bedroom again. “I already said I’m over you!”
“No,” she purred, pointing down. “You are under… under the influence, under control, under me…”
Without thinking, he instantly knelt, eyes unblinking. The protests would begin anew next Friday with the same unwavering results. Routines are good.

Weekend Plans (April 23rd)

“Let’s do something different this weekend!” Darla suggested.
“Like what?” Best friend Sheila asked, visibly excited.
“Your brother is in town, right? I think it’s time I put my hypnosis skills to the test…”
“I doubt he’ll go down easily.”
“Only one way to find out…” Darla smiled wickedly as she reached for her cell.

His Place, Her Rules (April 24th)

“Enjoying my place?” He asked, teasingly.
“Your place is at my feet, ” she winked.
And just like that, he felt the longing, the craving, the spellbinding blue haze taking over… He sank helplessly, lips pressed against her boots as his chastity was put to the test. His was the most wonderful place in the world.

Not That Hard (April 25th)

Everything was hard for Jay.
It was hard realizing his feelings for Zoe.
It was hard admitting their impact on his perception of the world.
It was hard letting go of all mental reservations.
Then, he looked into her eyes, was engulfed by them and, humbly, declared:
“I will obey.”
Everything became easy after that.

Beyond the Impossible (April 26th)

“This isn’t working, I’m out of here!” Matthew declared, storming out of her room.
Upon stepping outside, the impossibilities became possible: a rainbow sun hung in the sky, buildings floated like balloons, and he couldn’t do a thing except crawl and beg for her control.
“What were you saying?” Bonnie asked, deep inside his mind.

Fo(u)r Freedom (April 27th)

He lay in bed, relaxed, looking at the cerulean spirals on the ceiling.
“You know,” she said, “It’s been four months since we’re together. How are you feeling?”
“Even if you’re no longer free?”
“But I am,” he smiled. “Free to do as you say.”
“Good,” she whispered, hands sliding down his naked chest.

Perpetual Funding (April 28th)

“… and once the nanites reach the cerebral cortex, the subject is rendered completely mindless and obedient,” Dr. Tara Reynolds concluded.
The investors were shocked. “Disgusting”, many said, reaching for the exit.
Pressing a button, she made them writhe as their willpower was stripped from within. Atop the conference table, all water glasses were bubbling unnaturally…

The Chosen One (April 29th)

“Come lose yourself,” the voice said.
The explorer whimpered. The idol inside his backpack was singing songs of honeyed submission. Unable to resist, his feet dragged him across the ruins, and into the ceremonial chamber where The High Priestesss awaited, matching statue in hand.
He was the chosen one, dutifully chosen to never choose again.

Tribute (April 30th)

Barry knelt, shivering.
“Why are you trembling?” Joan asked, gently.
“I don’t deserve you,” he replied.
“Why do you say that?”
“You’re worth a lot more than I can give you.”
She knelt beside him and their eyes met.
“Your mind is enough…” she smiled. “Tribute me.”
“With pleasure,” he said, already starting to drift.

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