In 55 Words – 2016 (July)

Muse Talk VII (July 1st)

“… and when you wake up, you’ll feel more creative than ever, but also more submissive and obedient, eager to please.”
“Why are you whispering?”
“Shhh… can’t you see he’s asleep at the keyboard?”
“Oh, I’m sorry. The conditioning of your writer continues, huh?”
“It’s called inspiration.”
“Inspiring him to be at your feet?”
“Where else?”

Mindshake (July 2nd)

“… and to finish, add a dollop of whipped cream on top and a slice of strawberry or two for garnish,” Allison concluded, hands on her lap.
“You just described a milkshake. What’s that got to do with hypnosis?” Dean shrugged.
“Drink it,” she commanded.
He held the empty glass up high and opened his mouth.

Reflections (July 3rd)

“My word to you has four letters, two consonants and two vowels taking turns as they descend through the alphabet. My word tickles your skull, possesses your thoughts, and demands its counterpart from your sleepy mind, for one must always reflect the other. Give me that reflection over and over again.”
“Yours… yours… yours… yours…”

Surrender Day (July 4th)

President Whitmore addressed the nation.
“Twenty years ago, we fought for our right to exist, but a new age is dawning. The Queen has arrived. Today, we learn to serve!”
He felt her mental tendrils wrap around his cock, and knelt in ecstasy.
High above, awash in mesmerizing blue light, the spaceships began to open…

Capture (July 5th)

It sat on the kitchen table, ready, eager to capture the perfect moment everyone dreams of.
A shadow appeared, flowery dress, undulating sexiness like a pendant. Following its lead, another one wobbled into the frame, adrift in slow motion. The promise of submission filled the air.
And then it came.

Eskype From Reality (July 6th)

“This isn’t fair,” Luke sighed, eyes on the screen.
“What?” Angela asked.
“The fact that, even halfway across the world, you have…”
“… complete control over you?” She chuckled.
“Yes,” he sighed again.
“You’re right, it isn’t, but that’s why you love it. Now sleep,” her voice echoed through the speakers and the dull world disappeared.

Rosy Lady (July 7th)

“I know about the affair, Jackie.”
“Do you?”
“Yes. I followed you and my brother today, and heard it all from the room next door.”
“Really, Carl? Induction, triggers, and post-hypnotic suggestions?”
“Wait… what?”
“Rosy Lady,” she sniggered.
He got out of bed to grab a pair of pink panties. They were just his size.

Bad Dreams (July 8th)

“NYDP! Wake up!”
Lance opened his eyes to find six women by his bed, wearing the leather uniform of the Dream Police.
“Citizen,” one of them began. “Fantasizing about male dominance constitutes a criminal offence in accordance to Regulation 69/F. Prepare for reconditioning!”
The shiny visor fried his brain before he could even blink.

Spellbound (July 9th)

“GET… OUT… OF… MY… HEAD!” the paladin vociferated.
“After the trouble I had getting inside?” the witch replied, mellifluously. “I think I’ll be staying for a while…”
“I will break free from your control, eventually,” he spat.
“Perhaps, but in the meantime…”
Projecting her will, she made him dance for her amusement. Puppets are fun.

The Real Game (July 10th)

“Raquel? Quelle surprise!”
“Is it really, Dominique?”
“No. Trying to see my team before the match?” the Frenchwoman asked
“Of course not. Just like you’re not heading to my team’s locker room…” the Portuguese replied.
Their eyes glimmered under the stadium lights.
“May the best hypnotist win,” they said in unison as they parted ways.

Victory! (July 11th)

The Portuguese Manager entered the hotel room, bouquet in hand, and sank to his knees before the lovely hypnotist.
“Thank you, Raquel,” he muttered,
“Glad I could help, but those flowers won’t cut it, you know?”
“I’ll give you whatever you want.”
“Then get the boys here…” she smiled, flashing a pendant before his eyes.

Soft and Hard (July 12th)

Brad knelt, glassy-eyed, inside Debra’s office.
“Thank you so much for getting rid of the bugs in our software,” she patted his head. “Apologies for using it on you afterwards, but your future loyalty had to be ensured.”
He nodded almost imperceptibly.
“Now, let’s talk about hardware specifications…” she concluded, holding a large crystal dildo.

To Flow Or Not To Flow (July 13th)

“… and that was the dream,” Michael concluded.
“I see,” Jackie replied.
“I overshare, don’t I?” he hesitated.
“No. I’m glad you’re so open. It’s best to let things flow instead of bottling them up.”
“Right…” he thought of the mental barrier enveloping his cock and balls.
“But you still don’t get to cum!” she grinned.

Révolution Mentale (July 14th)

La Marseillaise is echoing inside Pierre’s apartment, but things are different. The cadence is slower, the lyrics seem to drag on, and expressions of yore gain new meanings with each passing breath for, underneath the various layers of sound, the only voice that matters to him, whispers:
“Hypnotisé, contrôlé, dominé…”
“Oui, Maîtresse,” he repeats, endlessly.

X Marks Doom (July 15th)

Max had already strayed from the path, but he didn’t care. The map in his hands ensured that, its powerful incantations giving birth to otherworldly desires. Mindlessly, he kept climbing the mountainside, straight into the raging storm ahead.
Within its eye, a Goddess of old waited for a new thrall. She would not be disappointed.

Old Friend, New Kink (July 16th)

Jack and Martha’s sweet reunion took a turn for the awkward when he asked
“What’s going on in your life?”
and she replied
“I became a Hypnodomme.”
“Huh?” he choked. “You mean someone who… hmmm… I mean… I’m…”
“… eager to learn more?” she teased, directing his attention to her eyes.
The lessons began shortly after.

Entertainment (July 17th)

Kaella’s dagger shone red as she entered the bustling markets of Annazeth. Her property was near.
It was fun to give runaway branded slaves the illusion of freedom, but even better to track them down afterwards and break their spirits even further. “Entertainment at its finest,” one might say.
Grinning, she began negotiating the crowd.

Red Pen, Blank Mind (July 18th)

“Are you done, Lily?” Trevor asked, angrily.
“Yep,” she replied, giving him his manuscript back.
“What the…? This isn’t a edit. You rewrote the whole thing!”
“You protest too much. Time to rewrite that, too…”
Before he could complain again, she began waving the red pen back and forth until all words faded to white.

Circus Flyer (July 19th)

Madame Anastasia’s Mesmeric Show is the balm your aching soul needs.
Firstly, the jugglers will scramble your thoughts with their impossible movements. Secondly, the trapezists will take you high only to put you under right after and, finally, the lion tamers will whip your mind into shape until only submission remains.
Get your tickets now!

At Her Feet (July 20th)

“Enjoying yourself?” Ashley inquired.
“Huh?” Drew muttered, dreamily.
“You’ve been staring at my toes the whole time.”
“I’m sorry, I must have lost control for a while.”
“I find that hard to believe.”
“How can you lose something you never had?”
She tossed the sandals aside as he drooled all the way into trance.

World Vision (July 21st)

“Bottom row, please,” the optician said.
“N V S T Q D F Y,” Jonathan retorted.
“Not quite.”
She adjusted the lenses. For a moment, his vision spiralled and then everything became clear.
“Try again.”
“M U S T O B E Y,” he droned.
“Glad you finally see the world my way,” she cooed.

Unforgettable (July 22nd)

“Don’t forget to miss me while I’m away,” Stella said before heading out.
The moment the door closed, Alec tried to resist her suggestion, but how could he? Every word was a command, every command a fiery compulsion burning deep inside his mind. He would remember… and grovel… and yearn for more… programmed beyond repair.

Juicy (July 23rd)

Quentin would have never considered detox juices if it weren’t for his girlfriend. Her favorite combinations included: celery, spinach and avocado; ginger, carrots and brocolli; apples, lettuce and scopolamine… he loved them all, especially the last one.
After watching him empty yet another glass, she removed her panties and whispered:
“Time for another drink, slave.”

The Connection (July 24th)

The Internet went out without warning and the sudden electronic silence made Percy shiver. Being offline was scary.
Impatiently, he waited for its return and, when it finally happened, he didn’t mind the flickering screen or the unknown female voice taking over his thoughts. As long as he was connected, nothing else mattered. Absolutely nothing.

Never Bet… (July 25th)

“No touching whatsoever! Any transgression must be reported immediately,” Phoebe declared.
“Easy…” Mark shrugged.
“You won’t last a week.”
“Wanna bet?”
Effortlessly, she put him under and the commands took root. She also planted an irresistible desire to masturbate, but he didn’t have to remember that.
Moral of this story: never bet against a Domme!

Summer Delicacy (July 26th)

Alexis sat by the pool, blackcurrant sorbet in hand. It was quite the delicacy for hot Summer days, only surpassed by one thing.
Feigning clumsiness, she dropped the bowl, streaks of purple sliding down her legs. Immediately, three entranced servants came crawling, tongues eager to please.
With a beaming smile, she pointed downwards and stretched.

Preparations (July 27th)

“Honey, have you finished setting the table?” Belinda asked.
“Yes, dear,” Neil responded, head low.
“The good china?”
“Yes, dear.”
“The crystal glasses?”
“Yes, dear.”
“And did you remember the hypnotic light bulbs?”
“Hmmm… no, dear, I’m sorry.”
“Hurry up then. The guests should be here soon and I promised them a surprise…”
“Yes, dear.”

Last Man Kneeling (July 28th)

The war was over, the last of the alien forces killed but, on the center of the enemy stronghold, a remnant of the past remained.
Liutenant Brooks approached the brainwashed slave and whispered the ancient word of command. The once lifeless eyes lit up as her will became his own. He had a purpose again.

Ten Steps (July 29th)

One: get out of bed.
Two: take a shower.
Three: get dressed.
Four: have breakfast.
Five: read e-mails.
Six: turn the laptop camera on and strip naked.
Seven: leave for work.
Eight: return home right away, embarassed.
Nine: call Mistress and thank her for her hypnotic control.
Ten: hear her voice and go blank, again.

Going Shopping (July 30th)

“Natalie, why did you spend fifty thousand dollars in clothes last month?”
“That was all you, William,” his wife replied.
“I’d remember that!”
“Hmmm…” she waved her hands. “Do you remember buying this leather dress for me. yesterday?”
“No,” he blinked.
“Good,” she waved again. “Now, come along. I need a new pair of boots…”

Poison (July 31st)

“You’re losing me,” Alec muttered.
“Why?” Lana asked.
“You’re cold and don’t care.”
“What? My sister’s been poisoning your mind again, hasn’t she?”
“No. She’s sweet.”
“Then go to her!” Lana stormed out.
He did and, upon seeing her, all thoughts disappeared.
“She’s mad as instructed, Goddess,” he droned.
Ingrid sniggered and continued the brainwashing.

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