In 55 Words – 2016 (June)

Muse Talk VI (June 1st)

“What are you doing?”
“Reading some of your writer’s recent creations.”
“Shiny boots, shiny boots, shiny boots everywhere! He seems obsessed with them as of late. Did you give him a shiny boot fetish by any chance?”
“Do you honestly think I would do such a thing?”
“Of course.”
“You know me so well…”

Ghost Edits (June 2nd)

“This post was edited by Sam Brown on June 2nd, 3:45 am EDT,” it said on the screen.
“Huh? I wasn’t online at that hour!” he protested.
“Are you sure?” he heard her silky voice inside his head.
“Positive. I wasn’t even awake!”
“Then you were sleeping…” she sniggered.
He felt his erection grow.

Excerpts of Love (June 3rd)

“We do not succeed in changing things according to our desire, but gradually our desire changes,” Maya said, assertively.
“Proust again?” Walter asked, completely focused on her words.
“Don’t you love it when I do that?” she replied.
“Love is space and time measured by the heart,” he quoted back. His would always be hers.

Insecurity (June 4th)

“I don’t belong here,” he said,
“Where do you belong?” she asked.
“I don’t know.”
“You don’t believe that.”
“What do I believe in?”
“In yourself, me, and us.”
“Nothing but illusions…”
“Only doubts are illusions.”
“Where do I belong then?”
“You belong with me.”
Relieved, he closed his eyes and sank deeper.

Failed Attempt (June 5th)

Janice shook her head at the whimpering man kneeling in front of her.
“I’m disappointed, Ted. I thought you were going to try to resist!” she complained or, at least, pretended to.
“So did I…” he muttered, transfixed by the undulating sways of her exposed sex. “I’m going to stop thinking now.”
“Wonderful,” she smiled.

Her Court of Law (June 6th)

“Objection! Counselor is leading the witness!” Andrew exclaimed, angrily.
“What do you mean?” the judge asked.
“He is hypnotized and being leashed around, Your Honor! This is a travesty!”
“No. It is Her will,” the judge responded. “Now sit down before I charge you with contempt!”
Both the audience and jury nodded enthusiastically, eyes glazed.

Hippos (June 7th)

“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” the adage says, but Kassandra was no foe, and was too lovely to be denied. The biscuits tasted of ginger and honey, their intoxicating flavor heightened by the liquid ecstasy dripping from her lips. He heard and surrendered.
An hour later, encased in rubber, Troy, the horse, awaited its rider.

Sein, Zeit und Hypnose (June 8th)

“Transcendence constitutes selfhood,” Martina said.
“I don’t understand…” James muttered.
“Only he who already understands can listen.”
“Listen to what?”
“The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking.”
“I’m lost, here.”
“Lose yourself for me,” she snapped her fingers.
Hypnosis is the house of the truth of Being.

The Pattern (June 9th)

“I’m noticing a pattern in your stories,” she said.
“Just one?” I asked.
“The most important one. Boy talks to girl. Girl hypnotizes and controls boy. All is right in the world.”
“Any problem with it?”
“Not at all.”
“Good. May I finish my shortie now?”
“I have a better idea…” she cooed, eyes glimmering.

Portugal Day (June 10th)

“Happy Holiday! I left you a present in your laptop.


Samuel immediately rushed to plug it in and was greeted by the animated screensaver of his country’s flag, urging him to simply let go and relax, which he did.
“I love Portugal Day,” he thought to himself, not a care in the world.

Hard Tease (June 11th)

“Did you sleep well?” Hannah asked, in her most mesmerizing voice.
“No. I kept thinking of waterfalls, champagne bottles, volcanoes erupting and… oh, God!” Michael panted.
“Getting harder and harder?”
“Hard is good, soft is bad,” she repeated his mantra. “Until next week.”
The call went dead as he squirmed helplessly by the bed.

Intervention (June 12th)

“Is this an intervention?” Dan asked.
“Damn straight!” Brad replied. “Things with Phoebe are getting out of hand. You’ve only met her for three days, and she’s already moving in with you and controlling your finances?”
“Huh? We’ve been together for three years!”
“Are you sure?”
Brad produced a card. It read: Phoebe Reynolds, Hypnodomme.

Entrancing Entertainment Expo (June 13th)

“Honey, you promised to mow the lawn, today!” Jasmine complained
“I know, but E3 is about to start and…” Mark replied, tablet in hand.
“Is it? Well, I’ve got three E’s for you: eager, ecstatic, entranced *snap*. “Now, do as you’re told.”
“Yes, dear,” he immediately complied. Playing against her was always a sure defeat.

CCG (June 14th 2016)

The deck of fantasy cards was shiny, and riddled with enticing descriptions.
The Siren: her song is all your mind needs.
The Medusa: cocks turn to stone, resistance into mush.
The Spider-Queen; bondage never felt so good.
“I think whoever designed these is into female domination and mind control,” Ashton mused.
“Really?” Jerry feigned innocence.

The Next Blockbuster (June 15th)

“You spent ten million dollars hiring an unknown actress?” The producers asked in unison.
“No,” the young director responded, a plastered smile upon his face. “More like twenty.”
“Just watch the next scene.”
They did. They saw her eyes, heard her voice, fell to their knees, and doubled the movie’s budget on the spot.

Imagine… (June 16th)

“I feel so dirty,” Alec confessed, head hanging low.
“Unsurprising, considering the mess you just made,” Justine laughed, still dangling her pocket watch. “You should go clean yourself.”
“I will, but damn, I had no idea hypnosis could be so powerful!”
“Imagine what would have happened if I had used it for real…” she winked.

Morning Ritual (June 17th)

The succubus stretched, her slithery tail wrapped around the thighs of her playthings. Given their unnatural body position, one would expect the twins to be in excruciating pain, but there was nothing but ecstasy upon their visages. Smiling evilly, she inhaled their lust.
“I love the smell of drained souls in the morning,” she thought.

The Greatest Gift (June 18th)

“Happy Birthday. I hope you have a great day.”
A simple message, and yet so meaningful. Upon reading it, he heard her lulling voice echo in the room, felt her rapturous control enveloping his senses.
“I will. You are the greatest gift one can have,” he typed in reply, body and mind kneeling as one.

Swept Away (June 19th)

The djinn hovered inside the desert chamber, a diaphanous beauty like no other. In awe, Derek approached her, mouth dry.
“For coming this far, you are entitled to one wish, mortal. Choose wisely!” she commanded.
“I wish to be yours,” he responded immediately, without thought.
“Granted!” she acquiesced as the sands dragged him to oblivion.

Her Secret (June 20th)

“I discovered your secret, Susan.”
“You’re not really a hypnotist. You just say you are.”
“Perhaps I hypnotized you to believe that, Barry. Perhaps I can make you believe anything I want…”
“You’re probably right. By the way, did you know the moon is made of cheese?”
“Everybody knows that!”
“Okay, just checking.”

Daughter of the Sun (June 21st)

“Summer is here!” the elder shouted, with feverish excitement.
Immediately, everyone in the village, young and old, began to shiver. The scent of handpicked blueberries filled the air as she waltzed through them, their thoughts consumed by the irresistible desire of worshipping the embodied Goddess.
Up in the sky, the sun smiled happily upon them.

Runs in the Family? (June 22nd)

“How’s he doing?” Luke Donovan asked, peering through the two-way mirror.
“No improvements,” Emily Caldwell responded. “The indoctrination is too strong. He’s completely enthralled.”
“I feared as much. My brother has always been weak-willed.”
“What about you?”
“No one makes a slave out of me, Doctor!
“Let’s test that theory…” she smirked, syringe in hand.

Moon Landing (June 23rd)

“This is one small step for man, one giant leap for… mffffff!”
“Neil? Is everything okay?” Mission Control inquired.
“Everything is fine, Houston. No problem whatsoever,” he eventually droned, back inside the Lunar Module.
“Now this is what I call a ‘moon landing’,” the time-traveller hypnotist thought as she sat on the astronaut’s drooling face.

24 (June 24th)

Jack Bauer was sweating.
“Two minutes, Chloe. What do I do?”
“Can you describe the device?”
“Square, glossy, spiralling wires…”
“In that case, look at them. Look at the spiral and listen to my voice…”
And so he did, the urgency fading, all worries replaced by a lustful erection.
His pants blew up shortly after.

Bound (June 25th)

“Your husband sure is a changed man, Di. What’s your secret?” her mother asked.
“A little bit of magic. As long as he’s wearing that bracelet, he’s bound to obey, isn’t that’s right, pet?”
“Yes, dear,” Jeremy replied, meekly.
“But he’s not wearing any… oh!”
The two women exchanged a complicit look and started laughing.

Found In Translation (June 26th)

“Any luck?” Tabitha peeked at his notes.
“No. These symbols are strange…” James pointed at the effigy of a woman enveloped in rainbow swirls. “What do you think this means?”
“Hypnodomme,” she giggled.
“I’m serious!”
“So am I,” she retorted, holding the sheet of paper to the light and watching the colors fill his eyes.

Longing (June 27th)

“Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated.” – Alphonse de Lamartine

Some quotes are pointless drivel, others embodied truths. Michael sat in bed, adrift in melancholy. He missed her beaming smile, her thoughts inside his mind, the freedom of giving up control without regret.
“Hurry back,” he muttered, eyes cast down.

The Reason Why (June 28th)

“We’re always trying to alter our consciousness,” Amelia began. “We form friendships to feel certain emotions, we eat specific foods to savor their fleeting flavors, we read for the pleasure of thinking another person’s thoughts.”
“So why do I let you hypnotize me?” Trevor asked, bound by invisible ropes.
“Because mindfucks are fun…” she purred.

A Game Of (No) Chance (June 29th)

“Four aces,” Ronald announced. “Beat that if you can.”
“Straight flush,” Claire yawned.
“Again? You’ve got to be cheating!”
“I don’t cheat. I just win,” she retorted.
Reaching for her jade earrings, she made them twirl very slowly.
Powerless against her ace in the hole, he remained still as his mind was shuffled once more…

Reassurance (June 30th)

“You’re leaving?” Laurel asked.
“I have to,” Scott replied, standing by the front door.
“I’m not good enough for you. You’re better off without me.”
“Better without what’s mine? I don’t think so…” she snapped her fingers, gently bringing his subconscious forth.
He came crawling, tears rolling down, happy to have been proven wrong.

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