In 55 Words – 2016 (May)

Muse Talk V (May 1st)

“How’s your writer doing?”
“Very good. He’s quite pleased to have finished his first month of short stories.”
“Huh? But he’s starting the fifth month today!”
“Yeah, well, he doesn’t remember that…”
“I thought he didn’t like the idea of hypnotic amnesia.”
“He doesn’t remember that either.”
“Oh, that’s mean, but…”
“So much fun?”

Cravings (May 2nd)

“That’s the fifth cup of coffee, Joe… slow down!” Quentin exclaimed.
“I can’t… it’s my addiction!”
“Thankfully I don’t have those…”
“Bullshit! Who do you love?”
“My Mistress Clara,” Quentin responded, glassy-eyed.
“Who do you serve?”
“My Mistress Clara.”
“Who do you obey?”
“My Mistress Clara.”
“I rest my case,” Joe sniggered, filling another cup.

Masterpiece (May 3rd)

“Wow!” Andrew exclaimed, looking at her painting.
“Is it that good?” Sophie asked, her delicate perfume filling the air.
“It’s amazing! Everything feels like it’s moving… I feel…”
“Drawn to it? Drawn to me?” She teased.
“Y-yes, ” he stammered. Her perfume was lovely, indeed, and it was impregnating the canvas, his nostrils, and his mind.

Sinking (May 4th)

“This is mutiny!” Captain Dennings spat.
“Hardly,” the young priestess replied, grinning. “Just taking what’s rightfully mine…”
The entranced crew members surrounding her nodded silently.
“You filthy witch! I should have you let you drown with the pirates!!”
“Yes, you should have… Now your soul shall sink for me.”
Her hazel eyes began to glow.

Her Melody (May 5th)

The first note was sharp, agonizing. It made him cringe.
The second was mellow, sweetly intoxicating. It brought a smile upon his lips.
The third was diaphanous, a bubble of sound gently floating inside his mind.
The fourth was direct, irresistible, travelling straight from the keyboard into his trembling knees.
She never played the fifth.

Because (May 6th)

I am the spiralling desire you never knew you had in you.
I am the ember of your thoughts, your most intimate truths unchained.
I am the voice you keep hearing whenever your aching lips utter a sound.
I am the realization of love, power and control and you cherish it…
… Because you are mine.

Quite a Ride (May 7th)

“Please?” Margaret asked.
“No. Not interested in being your naked chauffeur again! ” Steven replied, angrily.
“Car’s at the repair shop so no worries.”
“I already said no!”
She smiled, mischievously, pendant in hand. Unwllingly, his eyes fixated on it and the ride began.
If only he had seen the new motorcycle parked at the driveway…

Ravenous (May 8th)

He saw her standing outside, an effigy of stillness under a blanket of rain. She never spoke, remaining perfectly transfixed as if she couldn’t move at all. He was immobile too for her quietness was his quietness, thoughts felt meaningless and unnecessary.
And then, something sharp glistened underneath her inviting lips. The rain became red.

Fabrication (May 9th)

“She doesn’t control me,” Nathan muttered, whilst checking his e-mail for the ninth time in one hour.
It was a sacred ritual, an obsession, always yearning for a reply, a command, a string of mesmerizing words branding his soul…
“She doesn’t control me,” he muttered once again, fingers twitching.
He was such a terrible liar.

Beyond Creation (May 10th)

And on the seventh day, God rested… at least for a bit. He was awakened shortly after by the true power of them all, and she demanded attention.
“Playground’s over,” The Goddess said, translucent finger pointing downwards. “Now pleasure me.”
Responding to eons of conditioning, he sank his head between her legs, eager to obey.

The Performance (May 11th)

The moans coming from the apartment next door were relentless.
“It’s been four hours,” Oscar said, dumbfounded. “How are they still going?”
“She’s a very skilled hypnotist. He’s probably performing on command,” June retorted, wickedly.
“But that’s not possible… right?”
She didn’t respond, too busy laughing internally at the things he believed he was hearing.

Impossible Things (May 12th)

“It’s getting impossible, isn’t it?” Laura licked her lips. “Impossible to think, impossible to stay awake, impossible to resist me…”
Strapped to a stainless steel table, shiny helmet and goggles overloading his senses, Max drooled helplessly, caught in a loop of growing abandonment. It was impossible to stop, but why would anyone want that anyway?

An Unlucky Day (May 13th)

“Nadine, please, I’m begging you!”
“No, Sam.”
“But I need it so badly…”
“I know, but remember who’s in charge. I’ll hypnotize you when I feel like it. Back to your cage, slave!”
“Yes, Mistress.”
Resigned, Sam crawled back in. On the farthest wall, a calendar proudly displayed the nefarious date… an unlucky day indeed!

Blissful Contagion (May 14th)

“What the…?” Bradley gasped.
The virus worked fast, replacing all of his documents with mantras of endless devotion. Immediately, he got his girlfriend on the line.
“You really are twisted…” he declared.
“Would you have it any other way?” Ruby teased.
“Never,” he smiled, eyes glued to the screen, mind happily infected by her will.

Too Many Thoughts (May 15th)

“Running out of ideas?” Lara inquired.
“No,” Damian replied, looking away from the typewriter. “I’ve got plenty. I just don’t feel like writing them, that’s all. Too many thoughts going on…”
“Perhaps you should let me do the thinking for you…” she grinned.
“I’ll get the candle,” he said, a hopeful smile upon his lips.

The Potentials (May 16th)

“So you want to be my hypno-slave?” Miranda asked.
The man in front of her nodded affirmatively.
He nodded again.
“You don’t understand a word of English, right?”
He kept on nodding.
Outside the room, waiting their turn, dozens more did the same.
Miranda sighed. It was going to be a very long day.

Hell To Pay (May 17th)

“Come kiss my feet…” the sexy demoness cooed “… and I’ll let you keep your soul.”
“Leave quietly…” the Hypnodomme responded as she painted her fingernails “… and I’ll let you keep your mind.”
None of them budged and waves of power flooded the room.
Hell has been missing one of its denizens for a year now…

Time Sleeps… (May 18th)

Trevor opened his eyes and stretched. Next to him, Lily smiled, holding a present.
“Happy birthday, dear.”
“You’re one month early,” he blinked, surprised.
“Am I? I guess I’m still sleepy,” she whispered. His thoughts slowed down.
Trevor opened his eyes and stretched. Next to him, Lily smiled, holding a present.
“Merry Christmas, dear.”

Up and Running (May 19th)

Devon strolled into Jenna’s office, whistling.
“Funding approved,” he said. “I’m set for the next three years”
“Thanks. How’s your project going?”
“The Mental Manipulator Program works like a charm. I tested it on the Board of Directors before your meeting this morning,” she smiled, wickedly. “And now…”
The office door closed behind him.

Traveling Light (May 20th)

Chloe glanced at her watch. Her plane was set to depart in less than two hours and she still hadn’t packed.
Luckily, all she really needed was a pair of black patent leather boots, two pairs of pink panties, a giant dildo, and her favorite crystal pendant.
An hypnotic woman like her always traveled light.

His Reward (May 21st)

Jake sat on Sharon’s bed as she gently teased him. He had been a perfect gentleman all night long and deserved a reward.
“What would please you the most?” She asked.
“Pleasing you,” he replied, dreamily.
“I definitely like that,” she continued, her warm breath upon his neck, her words sinking deep inside his mind…

Fragments (May 22nd)

“What do you remember?” Doris asked.
“Her apartment,” Jay retorted, drowsily. “Flowers on a vase… jazzy music… a flash of light and…”
“Mistress must be obeyed,” he suddenly droned.
Smirking, she picked up the phone.
“Hi, Mom. Yes, still some fragments there… Okay, I’ll wait for you.”
Therapy was about to become even better.

The Final Broadcast (May 23rd)

The signal was everywhere: on every TV channel, on his laptop, on his smartphone screen…
At first, Leo tried to protest.
Then, he noticed how the colorful patterns intertwined… how the woman on the screen had the most riveting green eyes…
Finally, he stopped thinking, blissfully reprogrammed into submission.
It will be your turn, soon.

Lucky Guy (May 24th)

“Have you heard anything from Larry?” Michael asked, consternated. “He’s been radio silent for months…”
“Last time we spoke, he was dating a hypnotist,” Devon retorted.
“Really? And how was that working for him?”
“Let’s just say the conversation was cut short when he started barking on command…”
“Lucky guy,” Michael sighed.
“Yep,” Devon agreed.

Gene Therapy (May 25th)

Dr. Sands looked at her protégé with eager eyes.
“Did you really discover a gene that controls hypnotic suggestibility?” She asked.
“No. I created one,” Marjorie replied, proudly.
“Prove it.”
The young scientist clapped her hands. Immediately, all of her co-workers rushed inside to kneel at her feet.
“Meet the first test subjects,” she grinned.

All In One’s Head (May 26th)

“Stop that!” Daniel exclaimed.
“I can’t!” Trevor responded, masturbating furiously.
“Nonsense! It’s all in your head. You don’t really have to obey her suggestions.”
“Right… do you still wear women’s panties every day just like she told you to?”
Daniel blushed and gave his friend a vial of lube. He was going to need it.

Struggle (May 27th)

“Beg!” the powerful voice inside his head kept demanding.
“I’m not going to,” he said in return, drenched in sweat.
“Yes, you will. You have no choice. You will beg. You will surrender!”
“Never!” he screamed, knowing deep inside he was just stalling. Whatever control he once possessed had long disappeared within her velvety words.

Gaming Marathon (May 28th)

“Just one more level,” Matthew said, eyes glued to the screen. No game had the right to be so addictive and yet…
He would have to thank the cute store manager for the recommendation first thing in the morning, kneeling and drooling like a perfectly controlled and obedient slave but first…
“Just one more level…”

Allergies (May 29th)

Oscar looked at the flogger she was holding, already anticipating the inevitable sting.
“I’m allergic to pain, you know?” He gulped.
“Not for long…” Maria whispered, waving it in front of his eyes, back and forth, back and forth…
His muscles stiffened as his thoughts declined. All allergies were about to be cured for good.

Exaggeration (May 30th)

“And this is patient thirty. He believes that all women here are mind-controllers that want to enslave him,” Dr Jones said. “Quite the exaggeration.”
All interns nodded silently except one.
“Why is he kissing that nurse’s ass so eagerly?” She asked.
“I said it was an exaggeration, not a complete lie,” the good doctor winked.

Genesis (May 31st)

The first time they talked, it was a regular conversation, no second thoughts or third intentions, and yet an echo stirred.
And while most echoes fade away, some defy logic and keep reverberating, growing, blissfully capturing one’s soul with a single, mesmerizing word: “Submit”.
Bowing before her, the path lies clear.
He does. He will.

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