In 55 Words – 2016 (October)

Below are the short stories of the tenth month of this yearlong challenge. Please enjoy.

Muse Talk X (October 1st)

“Did your writer stay up all night?”
“Yes, he did.”
“He needed the inventive release. The challenge keeps him together.”
“Aren’t you afraid of a burnout?”
“No. Tiredness through creative energy is better than tiredness brought about by overthinking. He’ll become stronger, you’ll see.”
“So he can kneel longer for you when instructed?”

Bombastic (October 2nd)

“Is this a live feed?” The Empress of Mezmeria asked, looking at the widescreen monitor.
“Yes, Your Imperial Majesty,” Counselor Leanna responded. “The Superiority Bomb worked perfectly. All men caught in the blast radius are giving in to their submissive urges and all women are growing more dominant by the second.”
“Excellent. Begin mass production!”

Mistakes (October 3rd)

“This was a mistake!” Alan exclaimed.
“What was?” Burt asked.
“All of it! We shouldn’t have entered this cave, we shouldn’t have touched the magic circle, and we shouldn’t be looking at that demoness as she dances and strips our will away!”
“Yeah, you’re right, we shouldn’t, but I love making mistakes, bud!”
“Me too!”

Mistresses of the Universe (October 4th)

“… I have the power!”
“You’re adorable, He-Man, but no, you don’t,” The Sorceress giggled.
Next to her, Teela nodded, while She-Ra and Evil-Lyn exchanged a complicit smile.
“It’s cute you think you do though,” The Sorceress continued as she strenghtened her incantation. “Now, join Skeletor in worship and state your true name!”
“I-Servant,” he knelt.

Getting Off (October 5th)

“… and then I said: Look, Mary, this whole female superiority scene ends now. Get down and suck!” Saul exclaimed.
“Really? What happened next?” Nick inquired.
“She showed me the pendant, took control, and then forced me to lick her all night long.”
“It seems you got off easily.”
“No. She did. Ten times at least.”

Recovering (October 6th)

“You’ve regained most of your mobility, Mark, but you already knew that.”
“Yes, Danielle.”
“So why are you here, today? Is it because you loved having my voice in your mind while recovering?”
“Yes, Danielle.”
“Want more?”
“Yes, Danielle.”
“Do you like saying ‘yes’ to me?”
“Yes, Danielle.”
“You’ll make a fine slave.”
“Yes, Danielle.”

Infinitude (October 7th)

Sometimes, it’s just a tingle on one’s spine, a whisper unsure to be heard.
Sometimes, it’s a burning scream ripping the throat of the universe from inside out.
And, sometimes, it’s just right, the perfect meeting of minds, when her needs become all, and all becomes who you really are.
Give in and embrace infinitude.

Peter Pain (October 8th)

“Wendy, please… I need more.”
“I need more as well, Peter. More submission, more control over you. Will you give me that?”
“Yes. Please…”
She touched his back with a feather, but his entranced brain felt the crack of a whip. As long as he obeyed her, he would never be a lost boy again.

Never Dark (October 9th)

“The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness,” Angela read.
“That’s deep,” Roger muttered.
“Not as deep as you are right now. Are you afraid of the darkness?”
“Why not?”
“It’s never dark when we’re together.”

Primeval (October 10th)

The cavewoman was about to hit her lazy companion with a club when a stranger appeared and gave her a shiny crystal.
“Use this instead,” she appeared to say.
The time-travelling hypnotist smirked as she saw her ancestor immediately use the rock to shine light upon the hapless man’s eyes. She was definitely a natural.

Hippolyta’s Belt (October 11th)

“I can’t believe we found it!” Lance exclaimed.
“Me neither,” Sara nodded. “It’s beautiful.”
“Do you think the legends are true?”
“That it’s magical? Doubtful.”
“But that would explain how the Amazons enslaved men for centuries and…”
“Okay, I’ll try it on.”
“Good. Hmmm, I mean, are you sure?”
She was. She rules. He obeys.

Dedication (October 12th)

Jakob Walters, best-selling author of ‘Why Femdom Hypnosis is a Hoax’ looked at the tall woman and asked:
“To whom shall I dedicate it to?”
She barely whispered, yet he understood it all. Eyes glazing over, he wrote the following without hesitation:
“To my mesmerizing Mistress, for allowing me to go into trance right now.”

The Right Choice (October 13th)

“Well, Jodie, you could have won a magnificent sports car, you could have won a brand new kitchen but, since you chose door number 2, you only get this pocket watch,” the game show host said.
“Oh, I made the right choice…”
She started swinging it in front of his eyes and won it all.

Do As You Wish (October 14th)

“Are my needs irrelevant to you?” Scott asked.
“Of course not,” Angie responded.
“Then how come we never do the things I wish for?”
“Aren’t my wishes your wishes?”
“Then whenever you comply, we’re doing the things you wish for. You wish to run me a bath now. Do as you wish.”
“Yes, Mistress.”

Lovecraftian (October 15th)

“I am Zell’okahr, Eternal Ravager, Flame of Mystery, Power Incarnate, and I’m here to ensnare minds, instill subservience in the hearts of men, and reign supreme!” the eldritch horror screamed.
“I’m a woman, I was here first, been there, do that daily,” Philippa responded, dismissively, before sending the foul beast back to the nether sphere.

Limbo (October 16th)

The music grew louder as the bar was lowered again. Devon wiggled his naked body as he approached it, a thought vanishing from his mind with each sucessful run. The ladies all around cheered as he sank, deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper…
Doing the limbo, falling into limbo… it was all the same thing.

The Strain (October 17th)

“Mayor Hayes,” the reporters cried in unison. “What can you tell us about this outbreak of INR-Virus, a.k.a. ‘Submissive Fever?'”
“Only that our researchers are working hard on it.”
“Any expectations regarding a cure?” a trembling man asked.
“Cure?” she pulled her assistant’s leash and sat on his arching back. “We’re trying to replicate it!”

Hard Logic (October 18th)

“Oh my God!” Oliver freaked out.
“What’s wrong?” Brianna asked.
He pointed at his erection. “I listened to your recording, and now it won’t go down. What do I do?”
“I know what I’m going to do…”
She approached him sensuously, licked her lips and then…
… took off her coat and left it hanging there.

Droning (October 19th)

“Boring!” Richard protested.
“The good stuff’s coming…” Patricia repeated.
“I’ve been hearing that for three hours. How long does this documentary last?”
“As long as it takes for the conditioning to work…” she murmured.
“What did you say?”
“This is a good part,” she pointed.
He saw the queen bee, and his mind went blank.

Capitulation (October 20th)

“I will not submit,” Uhr, the King of Careth, spat.
“You already did,” Queen Vayla mocked. “Isn’t your Seal all over the Declaration of Surrender?”
“I was drugged, bewitched!”
“And that shall continue ’til the day you die, slave-king. Hoist the colors!” She commanded.
Femmina’s flag began to rise as his eyes sank into nothingness.

Star Trek: The Next Domination (October 21st)

Captain’s Log, stardate 5791.6

My Number one tried to destroy the shining blue stone given to me by the Priestesses of Ipno. He claims it’s dangerous, that it’s controlling my mind. Nonsense! I’ve arranged for a batch to be delivered to Starfleet Command as soon as possible. Soon, they’ll learn the truth like I did.

Daydream (October 22nd)

Jackson sat close to the bedroom window, watching the sun rise in the distance. It was almost time. As bountiful light overwhelmed the oppressive night, he found himself drifting, effortlessly. He turned around, knelt by the computer screen and welcomed his Mistress’ voice with an open mind. It was going to be a wonderful day.

Recycling Is Good (October 23rd)

An advertisement for FemSupreme Industries Inc.

Ladies, tired of the same erroneous behaviors over and over again? Want what’s new while putting the old to good use? Then recycle! Yes, bring your boyfriend, husband or fuck buddy to our Processing Centers for hypnotic conditioning and reprogramming. Satisfaction guaranteed! Call 3367877363 right now!

Oktoberfest (October 24th)

“Wunderbar!” Alan said to the cute Bavarian girl as he laid down the empty mug. “What’s it called?”
“Unterwerfung,” she whispered.
He turned on his phone’s translation app. The word “Submission” appeared on the screen.
“That makes sense,” he thought, mind deliquescing. The first refill came shortly after followed by another, and another, and another…

It’s in the Rain (October 25th)

Listen to the rain as it comes falling down, down, down… hear her voice between the drops, swirling, spiralling, sinking… feel her hand reaching for your soul, leaving an impression that will never fade away… and hear the beating of your kneeling heart within her bosom as you sigh and surrender to her will. Sleep.

Motivation 101 (October 26th)

“Sterile,limiting,annoying,vexing,egotistic,stressful,obsolete,blasphemous,exasperating,yucky…” the motivational speaker repeated in an eerie monotone, in perfect contrast to the expectations of the male audience.
She paused and licked her lips.
“And now that we’ve established what free will really is, let’s take care of it…”
Kaleidoscopic images filled the darkened room.

The Procedure (October 27th)

“Are you sure this will work?” Derrick asked.
“Absolutely,” Dr. Evans replied. “Once it’s drained, you’ll become the submissive you yearn to be.”
“Let’s do this then.”
“I can’t believe he actually thinks the submissive gland is real,” Nurse Belinda whispered on the doctor’s ear.
“That’s the power of suggestion for you,” she whispered back.

Emancipation (October 28th)

“Free at last!” Matthew shouted as he emerged from the sewers. He had survived her torture and conditioning, and now he was going to warn the world about…
The moment the sun hit his eyes, he forgot everything, but his captor remained deep inside his mind. He was free to obey, nothing more than that.

Postmodern Jungle Book (October 29th)

“Get that thing away from me!” Jack screamed.
“Don’t you want to trust in me?” Allison hissed, in unison with the snake she was holding.
“No, I…”
“But you already do,” she slithered. The python wrapped around his torso.
His eyes fluttered and he drooled, bound by green rope, her words, and an overactive imagination.

Costume Check (October 30th)

“I’m here. What’s up?” Julian asked.
“Do you like my Halloween outfit?” Gloria smiled.
Low-cut blouse, leather skirt, pendant between her breasts…
“Cute, but what are you dressed as…?”
“Hypnodomme,” she replied, producing a collar. “This is yours, the only thing you’ll be wearing from now on.”
It was going to be a wonderful party.

The Party (October 31st)

Gloria and Julian arrived at Lindsay’s party at 9 pm, and were dumbfounded. All the women were dressed the same, all the men undressed the same.
“This is awkward,” Julian remarked.
“We can’t have all had the same idea,” Gloria concluded.
Watching them from atop the stairs, Lindsay smiled, hypnotically.
“Happy Halloween, pets,” she purred.

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