In 55 Words – 2017 (August)

Below are the short stories of the eighth month of this year long challenge. Please enjoy.

Party Night (August 1st)

“What a migraine…” Jeremy mumbled.
“Party night?” Oliver inquired.
“Not sure.”
“Ah… hangover.”
“I do recall being hung at some point.”
“Are those rope marks on your wrists?”
“I guess.”
“It looks like you have a kinky side after all.”
“That’s what Darla said…” he drifted off, eyes defocusing.
Hypnotic BDSM was her favorite cocktail.

The Routine (August 2nd)

Every day, before lunch, she sent him an e-mail saying:
“You are mine to command.”
And every day, before lunch, he replied:
“Always, Mistress.”
Every day was the same, the perfect routine, scrumptious meal for a well-trained submissive mind.
And then, one day, communications failed, the Internet collapsed…
… and his screen was drenched in blood.

Inner Voice (August 3rd)

“You need to write a story in fifty-five words.”
“I know.”
“It must have female dominance and mind control at its core.”
“The four preceding lines had a total of twenty-three words.”
“You’ve reached thirty-eight now.”
“Only thirteen left.”
“Sneaky countdown, huh?”
“Perhaps. Seven.”
“Just finish already.”
“Yes, Muse.”

No Lies Detected (August 4th)

“Have you ever been mind-controlled?” a disembodied voice asked.
“Never,” Quentin replied.
“Are you telling the truth right now?”
“Of course.”
“The machine agrees. You’re dismissed.”
He left the room in a hurry, happy to be free.
“It’s amazing how he beat the polygraph,” Kendra commented.
“I call it a job well-done,” Lana smirked.

Missing Her (August 5th)

“I miss you…” Bradley admitted.
“You miss me or the way I made you feel?” Jenna asked.
“You. Every single day. Your voice. Your words…”
“You are conditioned. Would you still miss me even if I never hypnotized you again?”
“Yes. Yes. A thousand times Yes!”
“Good, but until then…”
Orgasmic bliss filled the room.

First Look (August 6th)

“What a mess! Outdated textures, frame pacing, chromatic aberration…” David noted.
Charles shrugged. “The lighting effects on the spells are nice.”
Yes, they were, like they were the only thing Cassandra had really worked on, and the only thing they should be focusing on… deeper and deeper…
They never made it past the first level.

Mindless Accusation (August 7th)

“Why are you so angry?” Ashley asked.
“Because you hypnotized me with that ring!” Clive vociferated.
“Preposterous!” She raised her voice. “I did no such thing! Take back that mindless accusation… now!”
“S-sorry,” he trembled.
“That’s more like it. You’re forgiven,” she kissed him on the right cheek. “By the way… I used my lipstick.”

After Hours (August 8th)

“Our meeting was at eleven, Jay.”
“It’s only half past nine, Claudia.”
“P.M.,” she emphasized.
“Huh? Where did time go?”
“You tell me. Did you listen to the file I sent you last night?”
“Yes. And I even looped it… I think.”
“In that case…” she dropped her skirt.
Hypnotic worship beats work every time.

NieR: Automata (Fetish Variation) (August 9th)

“2B? I figured out the truth.”
“As always, 9S.”
“It’s inevitable.”
“So is what follows.”
“Don’t kill me!”
“I must.”
“Not really. I found this on old human records. What do you think of hypnotic amnesia?”
“I think you’re developing a kink… I like it.”

Ending [AND]: you thought this game couldn’t get any stranger.

Unbound (August 10th)

All words eventually get ruined.
Love becomes hate, happiness becomes sorrow, bright becomes dull.
All words lose their original meaning with time unless they’re uttered by the right person, the one that makes your heart aflutter, your mind sing…
Listen to me and join me in a duet, unbound by thought.

Just Another Day… (August 11th)

It’s been three years since they arrived and the sun has never shined so brightly.
Elbowing her way through the teeming park, June arrives at the central square just in time to see the new batch of duly processed man-servants strip naked to herald the beginning of the auction.
Just another day in alien Paradise.

Pixie Dust (August 12th)

“Now that I have my hook on you there’s nothing you can do…” the pirate captain said.
“Clearly you don’t know how pixie dust works,” the fairy laughed. “But you will.”
A single spray and his body froze, his mind collapsed.
Soon, he would find out why all the other fairies called her Tickle Balls.

Ready? (August 13th)

“Interesting…” Tracy remarked.
“What are you doing?” He asked, visibly distressed.
“Checking your browser history, obviously. Porn… Femdom Hypnosis… Porn… Femdom Hypnosis… Porn… Femdom Hypnosis…”
As she continued rambling, her voice slowed to a crawl whilst his erection raced to the finish line.
“Ready to be trained?”
He moaned and knelt, eager for the taking.

Modifications (August 14th)

“This looks different…”
“Yeah, I made some modifications. Figured it was time to try something new. What do you think?”
“I think you’re a very good subject.”
“Hey, I did this on my own!”
“Of course you did, my dear. By the way, do you always work naked at your desk?”
“I’m not nake… oops!”

Bothered (August 15th)

Matthew’s eyes were glued to the TV.
“This has to be a publicity stunt, right?”
“It looks pretty legit to me,” Ben remarked.
“One thousand men hypnotized and enslaved by a beautiful woman in the middle of Central Park looks legit?”
“Definitely, but why are you so bothered?”
“My flight to the U.S. got canceled…”

Surge (August 16th)

“Your stats are booming,” Gina commented. “Look at the way they go up…”
“… and how quickly they go back down,” Craig shrugged.
“So? You and I both know you love going down,” she whispered.
Down, under, body and mind tied by her voice. The graphic gently faded before his eyes as honey filled his lips.

Good Point (August 17th)

“I’m telling you, she spiked my breakfast!”
“Your wife isn’t drugging you, Derrick,” Andrew interjected while Charles sniggered.
“You’re wrong and I can prove it.”
“How?” Charles intervened.
“I spent the whole day cleaning the house afterward. Why would I do that?”
“Good point,” both conceded.
“Lunch’s ready!” Natalie grinned.
But no one was hungry.

Her New Boyfriend (August 18th)

Day 1 of brainwashing
“Amy! What do you think you’re doing? Untie me right now, bitch!”

Day 7 of brainwashing
“I swear you’re going to… what was I saying?”

Day 19 of brainwashing
“Obedience is plea… hmmm… sure?”

Day 34 of brainwashing
“Please, Mistress Amy! Please, may I lick your boots?”

Persistence always pays off.

Deeper and Deeper (August 19th)

“You know, in a way it was easier before we met…” Damian admitted.
“How so?” Angela queried.
“Before it was all fantasy and now there’s this need, this hole…”
“… only I can fill,” she gently triggered him.
“Yes,” he drifted off.
“I have another hole for you…” she parted her legs.

Time to start digging.

A What? (August 20th)

“Anthony, when was the last time you had an orgasm?” Belinda asked.
“A what?”
“An orgasm. When did you cum last?”
“I don’t understand you.”
“What do you mean?”
“What is an orgasm? What is to cum?”
“Wow, Melissa,” Belinda turned to her sister. “Your hypnotic chastity program sure is effective.”
“I know,” she laughed.

Heat Wave (August 21st)

“God, this heat is unbearable!” Jeffrey noted, hands covered in sweat.
“Yeah,” his best friend Bill agreed. “It can’t possibly get any hotter!”
“Are you sure about that?” Diana asked, stepping into view. She wore only a seductive smile and a spiral pendant around her neck.
Their minds blew up simultaneously. The thermometers followed suit.

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