In 55 Words – 2017 (March)

Below are the short stories of the third month of this year long challenge. Please enjoy.

Will You Follow? (March 1st)
Dylan exhaled happily as her words filled every recess of his mind. Sometimes it was so hard to keep going but, knowing she was there, lulling his weary ramblings with patience, gratitude and love made all the difference.
“And now the gates are opened…” Maya whispered. “Will you follow?”

She didn’t have to ask twice.

 Standing Ground (March 2nd)

“No!” Bob declared.
“You don’t get to say ‘no’ to me,” Janice vociferated.
“I just did.”
“I can make you obey me… ” she threatened, the trigger word on the tip of her tongue.
“I know, but you won’t. You don’t want a doormat.”
“Damn right!” she smiled, happily.
He smiled too, and knelt to serve.

 Ninjas Vs. Pirates (March 3rd)

One of life’s greatest debates was finally settled at Vanessa’s costume party.
Lewis had nothing more than an eye-patch, a wooden leg, and an irritating accent to show for.
She, on the other hand, had the arts of misdirection, confusion and influence by her side.
Oh, the skin-tight outfit and the drugged shuriken helped, too.

Trips (March 4th)

“You’re doing it again, Bianca.”
“The guilt trip, trying to make me mad, then pretend you’re upset to control me further.”
“You honestly think me capable of that, Cal?”
“Yes, but please don’t.”
“Another kind of trip then,” she smirked, turning on the strobe light.
He would feel no guilt whatsoever in no time.

Selfies 101 (March 5th)

When it came to selfies, Luke was an amateur, and Theresa an expert, so she taught him.
She taught him the correct positioning of the phone…
She taught him that it’s perfectly normal for a flash to flash all the time…
And then she taught him how fant-ass-tic selfie sticks are.
Sorry, I meant “fantastic”.

Her Dreams (March 6th)

The writer approached the Muse, carrying a club.
“I’ve come to claim Inspiration!” he shouted.
“Did you?” She yawned. “That’s great, but…”
“But what?”
“You’re dreaming, and you can’t really control your dreams, mortal one.”
She could though and, in her dreams, her feet were the paper, and his lips, the pen.
Time to write.

The New Track (March 7th)

Lacey’s first Pop album had only five songs.

1 – You’ll Never Know What Hit You
2 – The Follower Within
3 – Sleep
4 – Do You Love Me? (Yes, You Do)
5 – Answering Machine

Alan listened and slept, waking just in time to hear her message about the new track she was working on.
Slave to Music.

For the Ladies (March 8th)

On International Women’s Day, Will did something nice for all the ladies in his life.
He took his sister to lunch.
He called his mother, sent her flowers.
He even texted all ex-girlfriends, including Debra, the Hypnodomme.
And when she replied “Thank you, Wilhelmina,” he blushed in shame for not bringing a bra to work.

 Rebuilt (March 9th)

The mirror was broken, just like him.
An eye here, an ear there, his lips by the corner, withered.
She came inside, soundlessly, swept the shards away and, with a fingersnap, said: “Wake up.”
He opened his eyes, looked into hers, and finally saw the leather collar around his neck. It was a perfect fit.

A Day to Remember (Although Forgetting Might Be Wise) (March 10th)

“Elliot, why are all these letters dated February 10th?” His friend, Miles, asked.
“I don’t know,” he muttered.
“That’s the third time this week. What happened that day?”
“Not sure but you were there, and so was your wife. She brought a metronome… and a donkey.”
They gulped, simultaneously. February 10th was never mentioned again.

His Favorite (March 11th)

“Is that Mint Chocolate Chip?” Vanessa asked.
“Yeah. It’s my favorite,” Alec nodded.
“I thought it was Strawberry Cheesecake.”
“You’re right.”
“Lemon Pie, huh?”
“Exactly,” he kept on nodding, holding the empty bowl of ice-cream as if it were the Holy Grail. “What about yours?”
“Frozen Mind Swirl,” she laughed.
“That’s my favorite,” he concluded.

The Flying Consciousness (March 12th)

The waves were crashing, threatening to sink the world. She stood at the deck, spinning the wheel, as sparks from the thunderous skies above reflected on her eyes and then on his.
“This isn’t real,” he muttered, afraid.
“It will be…” she beckoned, pulling the sail from his heart.
Together, they made the ship fly.

Hard Work (March 13th)

Brent was asleep at the keyboard. Next to him, research notes were piling up, and Janet smiled. It was good that he was working hard for her. It was even better he was doing so with the unsuspecting “help” of subliminals.
“Janet must be obeyed,” it flashed, almost imperceptibly, on the screen.
“Always,” she whispered.

 Proverbs (March 14th)

“What goes up must come down,” Alice said.
“It’s already down,” Tom replied, empty glass in hand.
“Good things come to those who wait…” she winked.
“Wait for what exactly?”
His sudden dizziness said it all. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The way to his mind is a spiked cocktail.

 One Last Trip (March 15th)

“Going already?” Bethany asked.
“Yes but, just like in the movie, we’ll always have Paris, dear,” Jack replied, kissing her right cheek.
“And the Land Down Under…” she smirked, fiddling with her necklace.
He gazed upon her half-parted legs, and felt the bliss of trance sinking in. There was still time for one last trip.

Birthday Robot (March 16th)

“God, I’m so tired.”
“Busy day?”
“Excruciating. Look, whatever plans you made for my birthday, please postpone them, okay?”
“You don’t really want that, dear.”
“Yes, I do, Jane, so please…”
“No, you don’t. Activate ST3PH Protocol!”
Arms whirred, legs stiffened, and an oil change became in order… or should I just say ‘an order’?

Luck? (March 17th)

Eric tossed the green beer aside. “Not drinking that, Colleen.”
“Why not?”
“Because it will probably make me your slave for the day or something.”
“Oops… busted,” she brushed her hair against his.
“Is that a new perfu… oh!”
For you see, the real luck of the Irish consists on always having a plan B…

Distortion (March 18th)

“It’s been a month already?”
“Yeah, feels like a year though.”
“Funny how time goes by…”
“You’re right. Thank God it’s Friday.”
“It’s Saturday, Fred.”
“It was Friday a second ago.”
“Are you sure?” Laura continued swinging her pocket watch.
“I… no.”
And to think they had only known each other for five minutes.

The Controlled Avenger (March 19th)

“Mrs. Peel, you look ravishing tonight, but what’s with the whip?”
“Thinking of peeling off some of your skin, obviously.”
“And the riding crop?”
“It’s to turn you into my trusty steed.”
“I take it that glowing orb is some kind of mind control apparatus then.”
Steed unbuttoned his collar, Emma grabbed a leash.

Wet Dreams (March 20th)

Last year, Paul met a mermaid, heard her sing.
Against all odds though, he resisted enslavement. She was pissed.
With the help of the sea witches, a curse was placed.
Now, every night, he sleepwalks to the nearest pool, waking up in frustration shortly after.
Those were not the wet dreams he was hoping for.

 Only Four Words (March 21st)

Softly pervading the haze
Of thoughts once ablaze,
Her voice, a living stream,
Flows and reigns supreme.

Rest now, deep under
Adrift in joyful wonder,
An echo of Time, still,
Without worries or will.

For it is beautiful to be
A mind on bended knee
With only four words to say:
“Yes, Mistress, I obey.”

Incandescence (March 22nd)

Bradley and Jade sat by the fireplace.
“Are the flames fading?” he asked, drowsily.
“Only if you want them to,” she cooed.
“Am I fading?” he insisted.
“Only if you want to.”
“I want what you want…” he sighed.
“I want a phoenix then!” She commanded.
He burned upon her touch, and everything was pleasure.

Perplexity (March 23rd)

“… and the quick brown foxy lady jumped over the lazy doggy servant. Short jumps all the way to Mars. ‘Kneel and shine,’ she said, sipping an orange juice made of fresh coconuts as a wooden spoon fell with a clang…”
“That’s… I…” Nathan mumbled, confused beyond belief.
Paige covered his eyelids and began the reprogramming.

Mental Editing (March 24th)

Mandy’s latest erotic story was quite intriguing but it had one problem, or rather, hundreds of them.
“So many mistakes…” Devon sighed.
“Fix them for me, please?” she purred.
And so he did, beginning with the first sentence which read:
“Hi ema sleighve hand yore migh mestress.”
It took him only 55 words to surrender.

Anger Issues (March 25th)

Theresa sometimes felt like giving people a high-five, in the face… with a chair, so she decided to learn hypnosis to calm down.
“And…?” Richard asked.
“It’s simple. I enslave everyone that gets me mad, now.”
“That’s not how anger management works!”
Her lips curled outwards. It’s a good thing she needed a new footrest.

The Beast Within (March 26th)

When Dr. Jonathan Chase lost his abilities, he grew desperate, and had no choice but to reach out to a powerful female shaman.
“I can unlock all beasts within you…” she said. “…for a price.”
“Anything!” He promised.
That night, she taught him how to transform into a beautiful pussy… licker.
He never changed back.

No Clue (March 27th)

The house was a trap. Every man that went inside, ended up dead, or worse, braindead, turned into a mindless automaton, forever deprived of will.
Despite numerous investigations, no one understood the insidious game being played or even where it took place. The answer was simple though:
Miss Scarlet, in the Study, with a Metronome.

Dread (March 28th)

“Dear, what do you dread the most? Being turned into human furniture or forced to masturbate before all of my friends?” Amber asked.
“I… hmmm…” Craig trembled, averting his eyes from her pendant.
“Relax… it’s just for a blog entry I’m writing.”
“Phew…” he sighed, relieved.
“Then again, my sister’s birthday is next Friday so…”

A New Game Begins (March 29th)

“It’s-a-me, Mario! Princess, where is my cake?”
“There you go…” Princess Peach said, grinning.
“Mamma Mia! This-a-cake sure tastes funny…”
“I didn’t hear Luigi, Bowser or any of the Toads complaining… time to play a new game.”
“Okey dokey…” he mumbled, droopy head falling on the table.
The game was called Super Mario Femdom World.

Non (March 30th)

“Wake up, sleepyhead!” Zoe giggled.
“How long was I out?” Julian asked.
“Two days.”
“If it’s any consolation, you weren’t really sleeping most of the time…”
“Then what was I…?” He looked around. There was a French maid’s outfit on the floor.
“Do you really want to know, Juliette?” She laughed.
“Non,” he blushed.

Tasks (March 31st)

Monday: research the reproduction habits of green crabs in Patagonia;
Tuesday: click the letter “y” every ten minutes;
Wednesday: study 300 paint samples of beige and decide which is the prettiest;
Thursday: handwrite “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” 1500 times;
Friday: look deeply into Janice’s eyes.
“Finally, an easy task…” Steven thought as he fell deeper under her spell.

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