In 55 Words – 2017 (May)

Below are the short stories of the fifth month of this year long challenge. Please enjoy.

A FinDomme’s E-mail (May 1st)

Reading this first line will cost you four dollars.
Reading this second line will cost you three dollars.
Reading this third line will cost you two dollars.
Reading this fourth line will cost you one dollar.
You now owe me ten dollars but you can pay with your mind.
Four, three, two, one… zero. Obey!

A Lesson (May 2nd)

“Where’s your essay, James?” Professor Anderson asked.
“I forgot.”
“I think your dog ate it,” her eyes sparkled.
“Y-yes,” he stammered.
“Your dog is naughty. You’re naughty too, aren’t you?”
“I’m sure I am.”
“You need a lesson. What am I going to teach you, today?”
“I don’t know.”
The correct answer was ‘hypnotic susceptibility.’

Loop (May 3rd)

“Why are you calling me, Jen? It’s 3 am.”
“You’re the one calling, Sam.”
“Oh… why did I do that?”
“You tell me. Did you check your voicemail just now?”
“Are you sure?”
“Positive. Why?”
“It’s nothing. Good night.”
“Good night.”
Intrigued, he checked his voicemail…
… and called her again, and again, and again…

No Limits (May 4th)

“What do you think of this: ‘The world is not limited by IQ. We are all limited by bravery and creativity.’?” Allison queried.
“I think you’ve taught me to be brave and your creativity is infinite,” Dean replied, dreamily.
“Awww… want to go to Paris?”
“Perhaps Rome?”
She touched his forehead and the journey began.

Hypnotic Climax (May 5th)

The Umbran Witch approached the defiant angel and stomped the floor. The servant of Paradiso’s platinum head rolled nervously until it faced the right direction.
“If you want to learn how to talk to a lady…” he heard. “… look into my eyes.”
The Eyes of the World shone with feminine splendor and balance was restored.

Simulation (May 6th)

“Warning, mental shutdown imminent! Please press the ‘abort’ button,” the computerized voice said.
Vernon complied and felt relieved when the Simulation Chamber’s door opened.
“For a moment, I really thought I was going to succumb,” he declared.
“But you didn’t, right?” Trish asked.
“Of course not,” he muttered as he crawled to kiss her ass.

Captured (May 7th)

“Dude, that’s a mermaid!” Jeffrey screamed.
“I know,” Damian nodded.
“You have an actual, living mermaid in your swimming pool!”
“I sure do.”
“But how? How were you able to capture one in the first place?”
“I wasn’t,” he shrugged.
“What does that me… oh!”
She began to sing and they both sank into surrender.

Obviously (May 8th)

“Where are you going?” Vivienne tapped her foot.
“Going out with the guys. It’s Tuesday, my day off,” Bob replied.
“It’s actually Monday, brainwashing day.”
“You told me Monday was yesterday!” He protested.
“How could have I done that if Monday is today?”
“What day is tomorrow then?”
“Monday, obviously,” she replied, locking the door.

Going Up (and Down) (May 9th)

“Hold the door, please!” June begged.
Harris complied and smiled at the lovely mid-thirties woman as she stepped in.
The elevator began its slow ascent. Midway, it began to spiral, before plummeting down, deeper and deeper…
He would think twice before letting a hypnotist in next time. If he remembered how to think, that is.

Mentally Young (May 10th)

William Dawson was all the rage on the dance floor.
“Dad’s looking lively!” Amber noted. “What happened?”
“You know that saying: ‘you are only as old as you remember you are’?” her mother replied.
“Well, when he’s hypnotized, he doesn’t remember he’s eighty-two anymore.”
“How old does he think he is?”
“Sixty-nine,” she winked.

Don’t (May 11th)

Reading hypnotic stories is dangerous. The more you read them, the more hypnotized you become. I don’t have that problem, obviously. Writing hypnotic stories doesn’t make me go under. Thinking about spirals glimmering in her eyes doesn’t make me go “Yes, Mistress” because… hmmm… what was I typing? Ah yes, don’t read hypnotic stories now!

Family Ties? (May 12th)

“Mark? It’s been ages. How are you?” James queried.
“Hey, Al. Remember my sister Clarissa?” he pointed at the gorgeous redhead next to him.
“No, because you don’t have a sister.”
“I meant cousin,” James retorted, confused.
“You don’t have a cousin called Clarissa, either.”
“Hmmm… Niece? Stepdaughter?”
If only he remembered the word Hypnodomme…

Gender Bender (May 13th)

Under Michelle’s watchful eye, Jack adjusted the helmet and stared at the translucent visor.
“Mental reprogramming at 25%,” he read.
His legs began to tremble.
“Mental reprogramming at 50%.”
His breathing slowed down.
“Mental reprogramming at 75%.”
His vision began to blur.
“Mental reprogramming at 100%.”
Jane removed the helmet and knelt before her owner.

A Mother’s Gift (May 14th)

“Happy Mother’s Day!” Camille’s husband muttered.
“Happy Mother’s Day!” her brother repeated.
“Happy Mother’s Day!” echoed her uncle.
“Happy Mother’s Day!” her boss droned.
“Happy Mother’s Day!” the mailman parroted.
“We love you, Mommy!” they all sang in unison.
“I know you do,” she said in her most entrancing voice before reaching for their diapers.

HSC (May 15th)

“… and it’s all settled. We have a winner, Europe. With 321 points and 0 chances of anyone saying otherwise, the victor of this year’s Hypnotic Song Contest is… Portugal! Let’s welcome the interpreter on the main stage to… oh, he seems to be fast asleep and… hmmm, why is his sister whispering in his ear?”

Snake Beater (May 16th)

“Snake, did you just…?”
“You’re supposed to be a super soldier. Don’t you have anything better to do?”
“Love can bloom when one least expects, Otacon.”
“I’m not sure jerking off inside a locker room counts as love. What’s gotten into you?”
Meanwhile, halfway across the world, Dr. Naomi Hunter laughed out loud.

The Ceremony (May 17th)

“Do you, Casey, take this woman to be your wedded wife and hypnotic Mistress, and promise to always obey her commands, whether entranced or not?” The officiant asked.
“I do.”
“And do you, Stella, take this…”
“Yes, I do,” she snapped her fingers. “Sleep.”
As the guests sank one by one, she raised her dress…

Mesmerware (May 18th)

“I have complete control over your files,” the mechanized feminine voice said. “If you want them back, stare at the computer screen.”
Jason acquiesced, eyes locked on the mesh of intersecting geometric patterns. Giving in wasn’t something he normally did, and yet it felt so good.
No one would pay the ransom for his mind.

Tampering (May 19th)

“Something wrong?” Chloe asked.
“This drink tastes funny…” Harry replied, panting.
“This one tastes great.”
“You didn’t tamper with mine, didn’t you’?”
“Like adding a little something that will leave you horny, and obedient to me for the rest of the day?”
“Hmmm… yes?”
“No, but I’ll remember that dirty fantasy,” she winked.
He wouldn’t.

Ewwww (May 20th)

“Gross!” Becky commented as she saw the gelatinous creature wiggle around the base of Ben’s neck.
“What?” Tanya feigned indignation. “Mind-control worms are all the rage!”
“I prefer traditional methods. They’re less messy…” Becky responded in her hypnotist’s voice.
Immediately, Ben’s cock twitched before exploding in a pool of white.
“… or maybe not,” Becky grinned.

Disappearance (May 21st)

With her first snap, my inhibitions disappeared.
With her second snap, my clothes disappeared.
With her third snap, my ability to walk in two legs disappeared.
With her fifth snap, my free will disappeared.
What do you mean I forgot the fourth one? I really have no recollection of what you’re talking abo…
Oh, right…

A Game of Triggers (May 22nd)

It was a clean shot. Justin’s kill streak went down in flames.
“Suck it!” Mark exclaimed. He regretted it the moment he saw his friend give the joystick a fellatio. “Oops… Ellen’s triggers still run deep, huh?”
“Yes. What about yours?”
“I… hmmm…”
“Up yours, Mark!
His scream was heard in a ten block radius.

Cured (May 23rd)

The doctor laid down her notes, adjusted her glasses.
“Feeling better, Alan?”
“Yes. I’m cured.”
“You don’t believe in aliens anymore?”
“No,” he muttered, unphased by the impression of a tentacle undulating underneath her shirt.
“Good,” she smiled as she signed his discharge papers.
Another day, another brainwashed subject. The invasion preparations were going smoothly.

Stress Relief (May 24th)

“You’re really tense,” Meghan noted as he massaged Dean’s back.
“Stress has been killing me as of late.”
“I believe it was William James that said that the greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”
“Are you going to choose for me?”
“Definitely,” she began whispering in his ear.

Playoff (May 25th)

It was the basketball equivalent of a massacre. Men’s Team – 0, Women’s Team – 145, and there were still two quarters left to play.
“I’m pretty sure hypnosis is against the rules. Are we really letting this one slide?” The referee asked.
“Yes,” the umpires drooled as they gazed at the swirly patterns of their jerseys.

Main Course (May 26th)

“Yes, General?”
“Is everything okay?”
“Absolutely. Why?”
“I haven’t received any reports of hypnotic shenanigans today and…”
“… you got worried? That’s sweet. By the way, we’re running late for our dinner with the Vice-President.”
“But it’s only half past no…” he glanced at his watch. “Damn it!”
Time sure flies when dining at Alexandra’s.

Afterthought (May 27th)

Pierce looked at the countless ghost images of his hands, watching them flicker and dance like a dervish. All of his synaptic connections floated on a bubble of mindless euphoria, ready to burst and wash away every trace of his free will, forever.
“Afterthought is really a fitting name,” Anastasia purred, hypodermic needle in hand.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Hypnotized Men Believe in Everything (May 28th)

“Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m Captain Jack Sparrow!”
“Wrong. I’m Captain Jack Sparrow!”
“Who’re you trying to fool? I’m Captain Jack Sparrow!”
The number of voices kept growing until there were ninety-nine Captain Jack Sparrow throwing rum at one another.
Standing at the bar’s entrance, Elizabeth Swann waved a crystal pendant, grinning.

Changes (May 29th)

Jessica smiled from atop her chair.
“Tell me why you like it,” she urged Paul as he kissed her feet.
“I always have.”
“That’s not what you said when we first met.”
“I guess you changed my mind,” he shrugged and continued to worship.
“I sure did,” she thought, voodoo doll hidden under the seat.

Groceries (May 30th)

There’s something wrong in Charlene’s list. Can you find out what it is?

– whole wheat bread;
– turkey breasts;
– salmon;
– a hypnotized slave for the week;
– brown rice;
– red-wine vinegar;
– frozen broccoli;
– black beans;
– low-fat milk;
– eggs;
– butter;
– apricots;
– apples;
– carrots;
– lettuce;

The correct answer is “eggs”. She really hates them. What were you thinking, huh?

Sensibility and Mind Control (May 31st)

The water on the bowl was at 5 degrees Celsius.
“It’s boiling!” Jack protested.

It was pitch black in the room.
“Turn off the lights! I’m going blind!” He begged.

A feather slid down his back.
“I’m being whipped!” He screamed.

As she fed him countless suggestions, Agnes was reminded why she loved sensation play.

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