In 55 Words – 2017 (January)

Doing a yearly run once again. Because I’ll be writing one shortie every single day of the year, I’m creating separate pages for each of the months like I did with the 2016 entries to better facilitate the reading and any comments you wish to bestow upon me. Below are the January entries.

Cheater (January 1st)

“Happy MMXVII?” Sven asked.
“Yes. I love Roman Numerals,” Greta teased.
“Pay attention,” she cooed. “M for Mesmerised and Mindless, X for Xhilarated, V for Vacant, and I for Influenced and Inveigled…”
“And yet you’re still drifting for me.”
“Yes, Domina,” he muttered. It was going to be another wonderful year of service.

Helpful Support (January 2nd)

“Hypnotic Boudoir Support. This is Lisa. How may I help?”
“Good morning, Miss.” Jeff began. “I have a problem. I was charged a dozen sessions with Mistress Oblivio last month when I only had two.”
“Understood. I’ll fix it right away.”
“Thank you.”
“All done. The six missing sessions have been charged. Good day.”

 Bedtime Story (January 3rd)

“Tell me a story,” Dean begged.
Mara smiled. “Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince that dreamt of becoming an infant again. One day, an enchantress came along, and used her magic words to grant him happiness.”
“Wonderful,” he muttered. Being over six feet three, he barely fitted the crib, but who cared?

DQMC (January 4th)

A submissive man appears.
Debora bats her eyelashes.
The submissive man flees.
Debora sighs.

Another submissive man appears.
Debora equips a Dazzling Ruby.
The submissive man looks at it, quizzically.
Debora uses Charm.
The submissive man is charmed.

Level up!
Debora gains 15 Hit Points, 1 Magic Point, and a new slave to play with.

 Animal Rescue (January 5th)

“Resistance is useless. Just relax, stop struggling, and do as I say,” Johanna whispered.
The puppy squirmed a bit but, as she kept on lulling him, finally gave in to her warm touch. Behind her, glassy-eyed passersby sighed, eager for the same fate.
She giggled. One pet rescued, a dozen more about to be trapped.

 Roller Coaster (January 6th)

“I think, therefore I am?” Jason muttered.
“Why do you ask?” Amanda smiled.
“Just wondering if the maxim still holds true.”
“More like ‘you think, and I go for the ride”, nowadays.
“Trance’s a roller coaster, dear.”
“Am I going up or down, now?”
She removed her satin panties, and he got his answer.

 C.S.E. – Crime Scene Enslavement (January 7th)

The technician first noticed the evenly spaced blood drops. He followed them to a wall splatter, besides a mirror. Its reflection resembled a spiral. A speck of light bounced from it into a nearby picture frame where he met her eyes and…
He was last seen exiting the building, leashed by a woman in blue.

 Nightmare Programming (January 8th)

“Hello, I’m Trent, hypnoslave…”
“Hi, Trent,” a choir of voices was heard in reply.
“… and I’m running away from my Mistress,” he continued.
The voices were outraged.
“What? How could you? Repent! Repent! REPENT!”

Trent woke up, drenched in sweat. Running away? What a nightmare!
“Never, Mistress,” he muttered.
Standing by the door, she smirked.

Something’s Afoot (January 9th)

“Yes, General?”
“Have you noticed how everything seems quiet since the year began? Too quiet, actually. This can’t be good. Something’s afoot.”
“Something’s definitely afoot,” Agent 47-D agreed, arching her toes. “Or should I say afeet?” She purred.
“Say whatever you want,” he conceded, the sole purpose of obedience sinking deep inside his mind.

 Hellimony (January 10th)

When Brad married Martha, he had no idea she was a she-devil. Literally.
Upon divorcing her, he agreed with all demands, without reading the fine print.
Now, every month, he has to pay her in kind, by kneeling at her feet as she drains a piece of his soul.
Hell has never felt so good.

Proverbial Truth (January 11th)

“A woman’s appetite is twice that of a man; her sexual desire, four times; her intelligence, eight times,” the Domme said.
“Sanskrit proverb, right?” the Dom queried.
“Yes. I take it you don’t agree.”
“Me neither. Something’s missing.”
“Her hypnosis, infinite times,” she concluded, eyes glimmering.
He agreed with everything else after that.

Late Night Commercials (January 12th)

“You’re going to sleep now,” the TV said.
Aaron’s head slumped. It was just a pillow commercial, but his mind didn’t care, still conditioned by years of triggers planted by his ex-girlfriend.
“Time to fizz,” a soda jingle played. His manhood began to riot.
And then came the old Pringles ad…
… but he was faster.

The First Meeting (January 13th)

Alan was ecstatic beyond belief. It was finally happening! He was going to meet his Goddess in person. The moment he saw her arrive, he practically threw himself at her feet.
Lauren couldn’t help but smile, lovingly. His enthusiasm was adorable even after twelve “first meetings”. Maybe he would remember the thirteenth…
… or maybe not.

Gibberish (January 14th)

Jack opened Amber’s e-mail, and found nothing but gibberish
“She must have been hacked,” he concluded, perusing through the wall of text.

lip bank wine do mistress
goo ant bar wants monk
dam ha you corn flawed
brink to seven pack hip
sleep sun son nose dog

Jack closed his eyes and went into trance.

Vegas (January 15th)

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” Cammie said.
Vince nodded.
“You don’t need to remember Vegas,” she continued.
Vince nodded again.
“Just like Vegas won’t remember you,” she concluded.
Vince nodded once more.
“Now then, Vegas, I believe you owe me a show.”
Vegas, the stripper, began dancing for her as Vince’s consciousness slept.

Pre-order Bonus (January 16th)

SINtendo proudly presents: Hypnotic Vixens 2, the sequel all Dommes have been waiting for.
More trances, more suggestions, more ways to make everyone melt!
Pre-order, today, and receive a special app for enhanced remote play. Making your slaves beg by just tapping your smarphone never felt better.
Satisfaction guaranteed or their minds back (just kidding!)

Simple Rules (January 17th)

“What are the game’s rules, again?” Oscar asked.
“Just roll the die. If you get an odd number, you’ll be hypnotized. If you roll an even number, you’ll be hypnotized,” Erica swung her pendant.
“Huh? Why do I have to roll, then?”
“Because I’m asking… please?”
He threw the two tangerines at her feet.

Browsing (January 18th)

Bob opened his laptop.
“Please, shut it down!” Charles begged.
“Patricia warped my mind, and Internet became dangerous. Browsers do… strange things to me.”
“Really?” Bob winked. He loaded Firefox…
… and Charles wiggled his imaginary tail.
He loaded Opera…
… and Charles began singing Rigoletto.
He loaded Edge…
… and Charles got arrested for indecent exposure.

Head in the Clouds (January 19th)

“…and that one is a two-headed dragon,” Scott said.
“Yeah,” he pointed at the sky. “There’s the tail and, if you look up, you can see the heads roaring.”
“I guess, but I prefer the one next to it.”
“It looks like… a spiral?”
“Indeed,” she cooed.
He was on cloud nine shortly afterwards.

Please (January 20th)

“Nate, do the dishes.”
“I’m watching the game, Jill.”
“Nate, please do the dishes.”
“Yes, dear. Sorry, dear.”
“Huh? Why did he become so submissive after you said the word ‘please’?” Dana commented.
“Post-hypnotic suggestion, obviously.”
“And that works on him? Sorry, but your husband’s an idiot.”
“Please kiss my feet.”
“Yes, Jill.”

A Link to Slavery (January 21st)

“Oh boy! I can’t wait to bomb some dodongos!” Link exclaimed.
“You were better off silent,” Zelda facepalmed.
“Well, excuuuuuuuse me, Princess.”
“Link, be a dear and look at this mirror…”
“Huh? Oh… pretty… so pretty…”
As the reflections dulled his mind, Zelda continued writing her memories:
“Chapter XXI – A Link to Slavery,” she mused.

Navigation System (January 22nd)

“Turn right. Turn right. Turn right. Turn right. Keep going, round and round, round and round… Now, go down, down… deeper down. Good. It is okay if you close your eyes now. Sleep for me, and…
… wake up. You have arrived at your destination. Please, step out of the vehicle and kneel before your Mistress.”

Sleeping (January 23rd)

“Did you sleep like a baby last night, Matt?”
“How do you know that, Joe?
“Your diaper is showing…”
“Oops… and you literally slept in the doghouse, right?”
“You might want to check that tail of yours…”
“Rats! Why did our girlfriends learned hypnosis again?”
“Dunno, but I can’t wait for tonight.”
“Me neither.”

Favorite Fairy-Tale (January 24th)

“What’s your favorite fairy-tale?” Amanda queried.
“No idea,” Cody replied. “What’s yours?”
“The one with mesmerisingly, shiny footwear.”
“Really? What’s it called?”
“Pussy in Boots,” she tapped her heels. “Kiss!”
He complied, resistance fading away. Later that night, when asked the same question again, he replied:
“Jackin’ the Beanstalk.”
And she laughed happily ever after.

Downfall (January 25th)

There once was a man called Hyde
Who was quite shrewd and snide
And with his trusted cane
He fried too many a brain
Of women, with pride.

Then, out of sapphire blue,
A female power shone through.
Her regal words pierced his soul
To take complete control.
Now, he’s a pet in her zoo.

Forever in  Dreams (January 26th)

“What is life? A madness. What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a story. And the greatest good is little enough; for all life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams.” Annabeth quoted as she leaned, seductively. “Want to dream with me?”
“I already am,” Saul confessed, her sparkling eyes pulling him down.

Sometimes, Sh@# Happens… on Purpose! (January 27th)

“Yes, Mrs. Sanderson, we received the mp3s in question and reviewed them accordingly, even going against company’s policies. And no, we’re still not paying for your husband’s surgery but all of the associates are more than eager to try out your new toys, especially The Black Monstrosity and The Swizzle Stick From Hell. Thank you!”

Exotic Perfume (January 28th)

She sat at the end of the room, sipping a beverage unknown. The sound of saxophone filled the air.
He approached her, lips trembling, drawn to her exotic perfume.
“Care to dance?” He asked.
“Only if I get to lead…” She replied, eyes locked on his.
“Please do!” He implored.
And the music played on…

Misconception (January 29th)

“I’m pregnant!”
“Come again?”
“I’m pregnant! My boobs are bigger, I have morning sickness, and I’m craving some pickle juice right now!”
“You’re a man, Jack.”
“My name’s Jackie, Liam.”
“Oh boy… when did your wife finish that hypnosis course again?”
“Three months ago, why?”
“It seems like it was a maternity ago,” Liam grinned.

Frame of Mind (January 30th)

“Too square, too round…” Patrick complained.
Sheila picked up another wooden frame. “What about this one?”
“Too… hmmm… too…” he mumbled, focused on the intersecting patterns all around the edge.
“… enthralling, perhaps?” She tapped her fingernails.
“Mmm hmm,” he nodded.
“We’ll take ten, then,” she chirped.
The shopping spree was off to a wonderful start.

House-training (January 31st)

“You want this… so badly… and when I snap my fingers, you’ll beg for it…” Sarah said, mellifluously.
Richard opened his eyes and knelt before her.
“Please, honey… please! I need to do it! May I please be allowed to do the dishes?”
“Of course, sweetie,” she smiled.
Next lesson: take out the trash.

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