Ninja Pets

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((This one was a request by the author softi who wanted to read something featuring lingerie Ninjas. I worked on it almost immediately, and came up with this concept.))

The atmosphere was lively at The Acanthi Club , a rather pompous name for a group of early-twenties friends that liked to come up with stories in unison, as a way to pass the time. They convened every week to discuss a different topic, often indulging in impromptu sessions where a person would start telling a tale of sorts, and the others would simply continue it as they saw fit. At the night when our story began, the idea being thrown around was Feudal Japan, and Kevin Connors was on a roll with its amazing epic about Samurai, crow demons and underground marble temples.

“And as Hashimoto pressed forward across the dilapidated streets of the Oni city,” he said enthusiastically “suddenly, he found himself surrounded by the strangest of sights, a group of-”

“- super busty lingerie Ninjas!” completed Simon Biggs, the wannabe smartass of the lot as he sipped his Coke and almost choked with laughter.

“What? You’re ruining the whole atmosphere, dude!” Kevin protested quite vehemently.

“Huh? I thought anything was possible in these sessions of ours!”

“Not tonight, Simon,” Dylan Harris, the “nerdiest” of them all said, with his fists clenched, even though he didn’t scare anyone no matter how much he tried. “Where did you get that ridiculous idea, anyway?”

“Right here,” Simon responded, producing a copy of an old comic book he had found in the attic of his house, less than a week before. “The story is somewhat ludicrous, but the characters have a lot of redeeming qualities, if you know what I mean.”

“You brought a porn comic book to our Club?!” Martin Harris exclaimed. He was truly shocked, but also somewhat excited, and didn’t really know how he was supposed to react.

“Let me see that!” Dylan continued, snatching the worn out book from Simon’s hands. He looked at the rather graphic drawings, read a text bubble or two, and shook his head in disbelief before speaking again, this time with the grave voice of an undertaker. “This goes against all rules of this Club, so I’m going to have to ask you to leave us early, tonight!”

“That’s a joke, right?” Simon asked knowing on the spot that it was anything but that. “Erotic literature can also be a Fine Art, you know?”

“Don’t embarrass yourself any further, please. We’re in my house and I no longer feel comfortable with you around!” Dylan concluded. “Leave and take this piece of filth with you!”

He handed him the comic book and remained perfectly still and silent until there were only three members of The Acanthi Club indoors. As for Simon, he went home with his new sexual form of entertainment, and made sure that some of those images didn’t go to waste before he went to bed. Fully relaxed after the orgasmic rush, he rapidly drifted into sleep…

… And woke up with a shinobi katana firmly held just a few inches above his neck! It was in the hands of a scantily-clad woman with a killer body and undeniable Japanese traits. Behind her, stood three more curvy warriors, all of them proudly wearing what appeared to be Cut-out Halter Teddies of a material he couldn’t properly identify, and that made no effort to hide any cleavage whatsoever. The comic book was on the floor, wide open, and most of its pages had gone blank as if the ink had been sucked out of them by some mystical process that’s never meant to be fully explained.

That’s when he convinced himself he was dreaming, and actually laughed when he was dragged out of bed, tied up and forced to kneel in front of them. With blades pointing menacingly at certain parts of his anatomy he was quite fond of, he saw one of the lingerie Ninjas remove her skimpy outfit and point at her dripping pussy, a gesture that clearly meant one thing alone:


“Oh, what the heck! It’s just a dream, anyway!” he thought, almost immediately. That self-assurance resulted in a loss of all inhibitions and things he would never do for real to any woman no matter how hot she was, almost became second nature in less than a couple of minutes.

One after the other, he licked them all, and kissed their feet and endured their light beatings with the tip of their sharp weapons. He enjoyed himself in the process until one of them got carried away with the dominance games and had the blade slide along ever so slightly on his left leg. The pain wasn’t severe, the cut not very deep, and yet he felt it all too well, and saw the drops of blood on the carpet, fully realizing that this dream was in fact an impossible reality, and that he was now doomed to serve as their sex toy for life.

“Wait a minute, not so fast!” the mischievous part of him whispered. “Even if this is real, don’t you remember how the book went? These Ninjas have a weakness, isn’t that right?”

Yes, that was true! Though they were the heroines of the story, there were certain key passages where a Demon Lord used some sort of magical incantation to force them to give up the fight and mindless worship him by sucking his twenty cocks non-stop. What were the words, again? “Think, Simon, THINK!”

Yet, it was hard, so very hard to concentrate with the taste of their fluids still fresh in his lips, the scent of their magnificent femininity giving rise to a state of desirable meekness… he was just property, now… their puppet… their sla-

“No, God damn it! You bow to no one, especially comic book characters that shouldn’t really be here, in the first place! You know the words, just say them out loud! They go like this: Ybeo, gefh dautrs opin…

“… erit donya samo lokwat!” he shouted triumphantly. The Ninjas responded almost instantly to the conflagration of ancient power and dropped down, eagerly, foreheads touching the floor in reverence, despite the fact that their massive boobs made them very hard to maintain that position for long. They were now his to command, and wouldn’t snap out of their forced entrapment until he decided to use the other incantation he had learned from reading the book. Needless to say, he had no intention of setting them free.

* * *

On the very next day, Dylan Harris came knocking on his door for an open man-to-man talk about the events that had transpired in his place. Simon had been his friend for as long as he could remember, and he also wanted to set the record straight because The Acanthi Club wouldn’t be the same without his presence. He was surprised to find the main entrance wide open, and even more so by the frantic sounds of oriental music that came from the living-room. His black hair almost turned white when a rain of shuriken welcomed him the moment he crossed the threshold into the new sanctum of male control, and he gasped when he saw Simon sitting regally on a big chair whilst a Japanese buxom beauty tended to his nails, another one sucked his bloated dick avidly, and the other two looked at him sternly, as if he was an enemy about ready to be mercilessly obliterated.

“Oh, hi Dylan…” Simon said, grinning. “These are my fabulous lingerie Ninja pets that crossed the frontiers of imagination to blissfully tend to my every need. It’s a shame you thought the book from where they sprung from was filthy, because that means you’re getting zilch, buddy! That’s right: nada! Feel free to leave when you want to, and please don’t drool on the carpet… it’s really not a nice thing to do!”

Dylan Harris fainted on the spot. As this tale comes to an end, I’m still waiting for him to wake up.

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