In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 58

Okay, I’m defintely sick, but I want to keep this going, nonetheless. My thought process for this one was fairly simple. Sickness sometimes brings fever, fever brings delusions and… well, blame my dirty mind for the rest. Enjoy.


“Is it bad?” Amy asked.
“Very,” Dr. Woods replied. “He’s completely delusional, saying that dominance is masculine and submission feminine over and over again.”
“How awful. Is it treatable?”
“Perhaps. Re-education is in order, obviously. Electroshock therapy, heavy brainwashing, orgasm control… things like that. We’re going to need your consent, though.”
“Where do I sign?”

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 57

I think I’m getting sick. I woke up feeling woozy, drained, and a whole lot of other things I can barely put into words. Not a pleasant feeling, and one I wish I could forget, but the show must go on, so I tried to come up with something funny to compensate. I hope you have a good memory because, for some strange reason, Derek doesn’t.


Derek shuddered the moment he saw Melissa approaching.
“What did I forget this time?” he muttered.
“Our anniversary!” She gnarled. “Let’s fix that, shall we?”
As she swung her pendant back and forth, he thought: “Why don’t I ever learn?”
It was the fifty-seventh anniversary he had forgotten already, and the year was just beginning.


In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 56

There’s not much to tell about how this one came to be. I simply stumbled upon the image below, thought it was cute, and typed the first thing that came to mind. I improvise a lot when it comes to these because that’s also part of the fun, don’t you agree? Still, I somehow managed to include a bit of self-referential humor in one of the lines as I did so.


And that’s it, really. It’s a beautiful day so I’m going to enjoy it for a bit. I wish you all a good weekend, and have fun.


Matthew rolled down the window.
“Yes, officer?”
“Licence and registration, please,” the policewoman declared.
“What’s this all about?”
“You were trancing at 80 mph when the mesmerising limit is 55.”
“Slow down… relax…”
“O-okay…” he mumbled, eyes falling upon her cleavage.
“… and trust my authority…” she grinned.
He did. Completely. Hypnotic roleplay was fun.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 55

I love sci-fi, I really do. I also love stories where time travel is involved, even though the resulting paradoxes sometimes make my head hurt. When I started doing these daily last year, I had a few recurring characters popping up every now and then. One of them was a female dominant time-traveller that went through various periods of History changing small things here and there to create a brave new world that suited her and other women’s interests along the way. She got what she wanted and that particular trail of thought is finished, but I like to use concepts in lateral ways whenever possible, and that’s exactly what I’m doing, here.

Think of the entry below as a sort of parallel world. Think of it as a simple, fun romp as well. These are meant to be entertaining after all. Sometimes, I’ll go dark, sometimes, I’ll write silly stuff. I choose the latter, today. Enjoy.


“Counselor, please explain to me how your client has gone missing!”
“Well, Your Honor, she did claim to be a time-travelling hypnotist…”
“What are you suggesting?”
“That she’s probably changing our timeline as we speak.”
“That’s hot,” he drooled. “Impossible, but hot.”
“Right… your cock ring looks really nice, Your Honor.”
“So does yo… Oh!”

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 54

It’s no surprise to anyone that the world of today is simply too fast, too hectic. There’s always lots of things going on in our lives, and stress loves to rear its ugly head without remorse. Often, we find ourselves thinking we don’t have the time to do everything we need/must do, let alone unwind. While that may be the case in many occasions, in others, the time exists but is simply mismanaged to some extent, either through procrastination or by focusing too much on the wrong things instead of the right ones.

The above statement is, by no means, a judgmental one, because I’m guilty of that as well. Still, I recognize the importance of “finding time” whenever possible because our days here are numbered from the start, and it’s of the utmost significance we set aside moments for leisure, and for simply letting go. Some folks are able to do just that by keeping an activity log to help them organize their days better. This particular concept helped in the creation of today’s shortie, but it wasn’t the only source of inspiration.

I can also thank the image below for that, too. It probably doesn’t work for everyone, but I certainly enjoy the overall effect it produces.


Well, that’s enough of an introduction for such a short writing, I feel. Enjoy.

Duane’s Activity Log

– Showering (five minutes);
– Having breakfast (five minutes);
– Catching up on Facebook updates (ten minutes);
– Clicking Jenna’s link (one second);
– Watching the pretty colors (one minute… no, three. Or was it thirty? More like three hours and… oh shit, bed time already?);
Tomorrow will be better, he thinks, and he’s right.
She’ll have two links ready.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 53

Today’s piece concerns rituals. When it comes to mind-control scenarios, ritualization is an important part of conditioning, of focusing the submissive in the needs of the dominant. Rituals are used for obedience purposes, for the reframing of thoughts, for creating neural pathways that give new meanings to the word pleasure and many other things. They can be dull but, when used appropriately, they’re hot, no other way around it. A part of my overactive imagination likes the combination of such practices with mundane activities, and that was the genesis of this idea.

Now, I could have gone for all sorts of simple rituals to convey this general purpose. The reason I chose the one below is one born out of contrasts. I don’t particularly like shaving. I don’t. I often wish I wasn’t graced with facial hairs, or that they would dare remain perfectly uniform all the time so that I wouldn’t have to shave. I would be fine with having a strong beard seeing my alias is S.B. and all, but, alas! that’s not the case. So how does one turn an activity not at all appreciated into something different and somewhat sexy? One possible answer lies below. Enjoy.

Shaving (February 22nd)

The razor waltzed across Neil’s cheeks, smoothing the surface underneath as Rebecca’s instructions played inside his head.
“One less thought for each hair that comes falling.”
By the time he was finished, the reflection on the mirror captured his defocused eyes. However, something was missing.
The razor waltzed again as it slid inside his briefs…

More Than a Shooting Star

The title of this entry is also the title of the story I just added to the archives. I could go for a synopsis right now, but I’d rather you discover the information within by yourselves, by clicking here. I should say though that, if you’re familiar with some of my writings, I already gave a big clue concerning this new entry in the preceding sentence. Oh yes, I did. Smile, and until tomorrow.