The Black Queen: Principles of Obedience (Part II)

Enter the Black Queen’s Domains

When taken lightly by the wrong people, some enterprises are deemed to be a complete failure. That was the case of the dark-blue and ill-fated Lockwood Studios. They started out to be a major part in a megalomaniac project of attracting Hollywood’s greatest film companies to that city by the sea and have them shoot the biggest blockbusters of all times there.

Peter Lockwood, the prominent businessman responsible for the idea convinced the Mayor that the movie studios would undoubtedly be successful, and so a whopping sum of the city’s tax-payers was spent in bringing a series of multifarious, state-of-the-art facilities to life.

Unfortunately for the two men involved, the optimistic desire of unparalleled success was quite easily overthrown by the weight of a gruesome revelation. The movie industry tycoons weren’t really interested in yet another complex for the making of the movies, as a staggering number of ten of them had already been opened in the three years it took to complete Lockwood’s project. There was no room left for one more at the time, and so the dream ended.

A great number of heads fell because of that. The Mayor was the first to go after being shamefully defeated in the subsequent elections; Lockwood became unpopular, especially due to the bold yet utterly stupid idea of demanding that the studios would be named after him to celebrate their alleged grandeur. The flop made his business plans go downhill and, for a while, the best he could do with the place was to rent it to some obscure figures of the adult entertainment consortium who wanted to make use of the space to shoot some bizarre hard-core pieces of film that often involved profoundly twisted zoological experiments.

He was saved from imminent doom and the threat of bankruptcy by the appearance of a beautiful woman in his life, the dazzlingly attractive owner of a growing software company. She called him one day, stating she had some interesting ideas for his architectural monument and wanted to discuss them with him, privately….

Lockwood never knew her real name. There was no time for that, as in a matter of minutes in a warehouse by the docks he was given the treatment all inferior subjects deserved. Her glorious title was imprinted in his mesmerized soul and the principles of obedience arose to easily ostracize inconvenient thoughts of denial and defiance….

When The Black Queen took control of his world, inevitably she took control of the studios as well and the pornography addicts were rapidly driven out of the compound. She now had a most suitable place to implement some of the next stages of her domination plan.

On one of the buildings of the studios she set up a large network of computers in which she could work on the preparations of her new game whose working title was Project Omicron. The elements used in them were revolutionary in the truest sense of the word but not entirely flawless. Early tests had revealed a great number of bugs in the system, namely on some of the basic code lines. Though she had some of the finest programmers working for her in the software company, they couldn’t seem to be able to ensure the stability of the project so it was up to her to resort to her royal genius in order to fix the problems the moment they appeared. That seemed to be the only way to make sure the world-wide distribution of Omicron wouldn’t be compromised. It was her vision, her aspiration and only her magnificent fingers tapping on the keyboard were good enough to make it real the way she had always dreamed of.

Another aspect of her preparations involved a great number of decisions regarding the female side of the equation. The main question regarding this particular concern was: how would she deal with the other women when men’s free will ceased to exist? That’s when the idea of creating a school of obedience in one of the areas of the studios came to her mind.

This school would serve two purposes: the first and most important one would be to teach all members of the stronger sex how to live in a world where masculine servility was a given fact, whilst making them realize as well that if it weren’t for her efforts, none of that would have been possible. By doing this, The Black Queen aimed at heightening the natural dominance of women whilst institutionalizing her position as the ultimate ruler, the most important of all superior creatures.

The second purpose was a darker one as it involved the use of hypnotic brainwashing on those who dared to challenge her. The prospect itself wasn’t very appealing to her likings, but she knew that it would be a necessary measure in order to eradicate all possible sources of disturbance in her future kingdom. There would be no room for dissidents in it: the matrix of power and control depended on the maintenance of a rigid hierarchy loved and cherished by all elements involved in it.

She was lost in all of these thoughts when the car came to a halt near the main entrance of the largest pavilion of Lockwood Studios, soon to be rebaptized as TBQ’s Headquarters. The sound the wheels made on the floor brought her back to reality and a wave of lust reminded her of the reason why she had left her mansion…

That night was a special one: it was the night of her twenty-ninth birthday and the perfect occasion for a unique celebration of power and control.

Early in the morning, she had decided to assemble an equal number of slaves to serve and worship her all at the same time. Twenty-seven of them had been randomly chosen by the computer and they would be arriving at the facilities soon. As for the other two, she had picked them herself: number twenty-eight was Lockwood, a natural choice as her new domains wouldn’t have ever existed if it wasn’t for him; number twenty-nine was her most prized possession, the former rebel and now completely enthralled David Mulder.

He stepped out of the car and opened the door for her. The Black Queen smiled as she emerged from her seat and touched his robust hand with the tip of a fingernail. Right away, all of his hairs quavered and the pounding muscles stiffened as a wave of pleasure drowned his mind….

It was indeed amazing how she had managed to elude him and then control all of his sensations. Even though there were times when parts of his former personality seemed to resurface for a moment or two (just like in the day of his awakening as her property…) she was convinced by now that those fragments were insufficient to make him turn against her in any way: the hypnotic programming was just too strong and it held him sway in chains of submissive love and devotion.

The same fingernail touched him once again, this time on his groins. Her hand fluttered and David knelt leaning his head against her legs, the only place he felt truly safe. Then, there was a noise coming in from the road that led to the Studios and Lockwood’s car made his apparition in the set, just in time for a little trio experiment before the real fun.

* * *

An hour after these events took place, Amber reached the Studios’ main entrance, just in time to see Sean entering a large door that led into a corridor of pulsating darkness. Other men followed him, coming soundlessly from every direction. In spite of their normal appearance, they all moved in the same robotic way, deprived of the ability of thinking on their own. She watched them all enter the facilities in an orderly fashioned way, while remaining perfectly hidden due to the natural camouflage of some evergreen bushes, strategically placed by one of the gates as if awaiting her arrival.

When the last mindless biped crossed the border that led deep into the Black Queen’s domains, Amber adventured herself out in the open and ran across the walls before her, reaching for the knob, which failed to move. The door had already been locked on the inside. Circumventing the main structure, which seen from above much resembled two octagons, she tried every door and window looking for a quick way in. There wasn’t any, at least from ground level.

Near the connecting passageway between the two octagons, she came across a rather rusty, yet still reliable enough, ladder that led to a metal catwalk. To the left of it, there was a door with the words “fire exit” already beginning to fade away. On her right, a similar scenario, with one honorable exception: the door’s lock was completely worn out. She had no difficulties opening it and, in a flash, disappeared into the belly of the beast.

The room she entered in was pretty much an abandoned warehouse, with nothing to report. She crossed it without much of a glance, found another unlocked door and continued her journey, hoping to find out where those men had gone in and what in God’s name was happening in that place. The faint echoes of a female voice reached her through a ventilation shaft. From the way in which the sound traveled, it appeared to be coming from a western room on the ground level. There was an elevator to her right but it wasn’t working and besides, riding it wasn’t exactly the best way to sneak in.

As she sought a new set of stairs which would give her access to the lowest floor of the complex, she had a funny flashback of Sean playing a tactical espionage game on his favorite game console, and instinctively started walking rather slowly, always looking out for shadows and recesses that could give her some cover, and peeking at every corner before moving on. Only on one occasion she risked to use her cell phone luminous screen as a flashlight to examine her surroundings. Immediately after that, she located the stairs she was looking for.

The female voice she had heard before was now more audible, allowing her to grasp a sentence or two, such as “celebration of power and control” or “fitting tribute to a natural superiority”. Strange words spoken on a strange context, she found herself thinking. Beyond the stairs, there was a small circular hall and a narrow passageway that led to the room where all secrets would be revealed. She crawled her way in into a space that had the length of two tennis courts. Near the entrance, there were some piled up empty boxes and crates with only a small gap between them. It was the perfect hiding place and she knew it.

When she finally assumed her position, the female voice ended its speech and some soft music began playing, engulfing the room in a wave of delicacy. Looking through the gap, Amber saw a huge red carpet and twenty-eight men, fourteen placed on each side, facing each other. Sean was on the left side of the group. All of the men were naked, their bodies stiff and their penises completely erect as if they were made of concrete. On one end of the carpet, near a black throne, stood a very beautiful woman dressed in a luscious combination of silk and leather that gave her a royal aura. Kneeling just a little bit to her right, was another naked man.

Amber recognized him on the spot. It was David Mulder, one of Sean’s oldest friends, the one he had invoked after arriving late at Gino’s on that dreadful night. A quick glance at the other men in the premises enabled her to realize she knew yet another face. She had seen Peter Lockwood too many times on the TV and newspapers before. He was the first drone on the left, looking no different than the rest of his companions.

As she kept trying to figure out a reason for such a freaky show to be happening, the woman started moving sensuously on the carpet, almost gliding along. As she passed in front of her submissive servants, strange forces came into play. Their bodies shivered and quavered spasmodically as if huge surges of electricity were running through them. One by one, the engorged penises of the man droids spewed their seeds of manhood in adoration.

Upon reaching the end of the carpet, now full of sticky semen, The Black Queen turned around slowly, her right index pointing down. In a crescendo domino effect, moving from left to right, the slaves laid down on their stomachs, using their smutty bodies to create a human pathway in order for her to get back to her throne.

It was unlike anything Amber had ever seen or even imagined: complete and total female supremacy. Watching her trample the naked men, her heels penetrating their soft flesh was something out of this world, as frightening as arousing. She had seen enough; someone had to be alerted to the strange events happening in that place. Quietly, she crawled back to the entrance of the room and that’s when the whole world began to crumble all around her….

Her cell rang, breaking the atmosphere. In the anxiety of pursuing Sean, she had forgotten to silence it, and now the polyphonic notes of a recent pop hit could be very well turn out to be her personal requiem. Veronica’s name flashed once on the screen, before she cancelled the call. A frantic wave of movement crossed the room, as all of the senseless slaves sprawled to their feet, at the simple command of their Queen: Seize the intruder!

Amber ran as fast as she could, gathering strength and stamina from the outpour of fear that twirled throughout her body. She heard a squeaking alarm echoing above her, and the whole scenario began changing, as giant bulked doors slid trying to block her path. The men were moving swiftly, gaining on her by the second. Their panting breath was coming from all directions and, as she ran, she knew that sooner or later, she would run into a dead end. Nevertheless, and because giving up wasn’t an acceptable verb on her dictionary, she was going to put up quite a fight before letting anyone catch her.

As she ran up a flight of stairs, two of her pursuers emerged from the left, their hands stretched out to get her. Amber caught a glimpse of them by the corner of one eye, at the same time the other perceived an old fire extinguisher just a few meters ahead. With a weapon so close, her feet became lighter. She got hold of the red canister just in time to see the two naked hunters homing in. The extinguisher swung in the air, hitting them both at the same time. One faltered just enough to lose its balance and roll down the stairs but the other, a fairly large beast that was muscles all over, just shook his head and moved on. Amber decided to hit him again, this time aiming at a lower portion of his anatomy. The giant gasped in pain as he felt his testicles being crushed by that blowing impact. Afterwards, he was helpless to stop the new assault that drove the object into his chin and collapsed on the spot.

Although it was a good effort, it revealed itself useless as the ruckus gave away her position. A group of ten, may be twelve men, found her location and attacked in group, making it impossible to repel them all. She tried using the chemical foam of the extinguisher in order to blind them, but the mechanism was jammed. A big hand slapped her in the face, whilst another transformed into a fist and came down on her right jaw. Hitting her head on the wall behind, she fainted enshrouded in agony, not knowing what would become of her when she woke up again.

* * *

The bright beam of light that hit her eyes emanated from one of the four projectors in the ceiling of the room where she had been hiding a couple of minutes before. Amber got up to her feet, just to see something she had already dreamed of: the tiled floor resembling a chess board, a Queen sitting on a throne and twenty-nine pawns eagerly interested in knowing more about her.

“Who are you and why did you interrupt my party?” The Black Queen asked. Her voice was mellow, yet cruel altogether, beautiful and deadly sharp.

Amber didn’t answer right away. Her face was sore due to the blow received and her line of thought was pretty messed up. She looked at the woman, raised her chin and these were the words that flowed from her lips….

“What party? What I saw didn’t look like a party to me…”

“Really? And what exactly did you see?”

“A bizarre sexual game. What was that all about, anyway?”

The Black Queen gave out a smile. This one was feisty, she thought. Not some good-looking bimbo with air for brains inside her head, but someone with an attitude, possibly a spark of dominance, as well.

“Don’t you think you’re asking too many questions, my young trespasser? If you want some answers from me, you’re going to have to satisfy my curiosity, first. Now, I’m going to ask you again: who are you?”

“My name is Amber Watkins. And you are…?”

“Amber… that’s a pretty name you have. I’m known as The Black Queen.”

“You mean… as in the videogame?” Amber asked, clearly remembering seeing a slim case with that name on Sean’s house not so long ago.

“That’s right. As in the videogame. I guess you can look at me as the embodiment of that character. After all, I did assist in its creation… But enough of this, for now! Tell me, what were you doing on my property?”

“Nothing, really…. It just so happens I was passing nearby, saw a commotion at the entrance and decided to peek in. I had no idea these studios were still being used for something.”

“Hmm, are you sure you want to stick to that story? It’s not very convincing….”

“It’s not a story. I’m telling you the truth. Look, I’m sorry if I interrupted your… hmmm… whatever you call the kind of activities you’ve got going on here. I just want to go home.”

“It’s a bit too late for that. I can’t just let you go after what you saw.”

“I promise I won’t tell a soul. After all, it’s none of my business, right?”

“That’s right, but I’m not very good at trusting people, especially when they turn out to be such lousy liars.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I can tell you’re making a great effort to keep your posture together, but at the same time I feel you boiling on the inside. Something is troubling you. It’s obvious you didn’t come here by accident! Just tell me the truth, and I promise I’ll treat you gently…”

“As gently as you treat those men kneeling next to you?” Amber asked. The fierceness in her tone made The Queen realize she had hit a soft spot. The sovereign decided to provoke her some more, by revealing some of her innermost beliefs.

“What men? I don’t allow men in my presence! They may look like men to you, but I assure you they’re nothing but pets…”

Amber’s lips twitched.


“Yes. You don’t like the word? Then how about, subordinates? Or slaves, if you will. Every single one of them is my property.”

The younger woman bit her tongue, slowly. Her expression remained unaltered.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“Of course you do. It’s not that hard to grasp. I’m a follower of the female dominant way and these creatures are under my control. I own them and they’re loyal to me. You interrupted a worshipping ritual and that’s not something I forgive lightly, you know?”

Amber paid no attention to her last remark, as she was still processing every tidbit of information she had received. She was well-aware of the importance some men and women attributed to role-playing and dominance as a means for sexual arousal. In fact, before Sean, she had dated a guy with a strange obsession for PVC outfits, who dreamed of being toyed around by an all-powerful Amazon… but now, she was face to face with something a bit more terrifying: a fetish that had something to do with mind control; it was almost absurd, but what else could explain the near cataleptic state those men were in? How could Sean, or even David, not recognize her if they weren’t under the influence of a subduing force?

She needed to know more. Dig deeper.

“You said they were under your control. Are you talking literally? I mean, did you brainwash them or something?”

“Yes, I did. Does it interest you? Even better, does it arouse you?” The Black Queen teased.

“As a matter of fact… yes. A little.” and to some point she was telling the truth. She enjoyed using her beauty to turn men’s head around and felt really good about herself when she got her wishes granted. All of her boyfriends had learned to spoil her, but sometimes they just didn’t do it as much as they should, and when that happened.

“Ah, you’re being honest this time. That’s good. It feels great to be pampered, doesn’t it? We’re superior creatures, Amber. We deserve respect and adoration from those that aren’t as gifted as we are. That’s what these pathetic beings are for, nothing more. Now, tell me, which one of them is your boyfriend beyond these doors?”

“None. I don’t know any of these men!”

“Back to the lies so soon?! Come on, Amber! By now, you must have realized I’m very hard to fool. I know some of my slaves have girlfriends and wives. I’ve met a few and I do seem to recall one of them mentioning a girl named Amber whilst under my dominion, but they’re so many by now that’s hard for me to remember them all… which one is it?”

“I’ve told you: none.” Then, she added. “Not anymore, at least…”

“Oh, so we’re talking about an ex. And you followed him because you thought he was acting weird lately, am I correct?”

There was a sigh in the room. There was no point in denying it, now, given the extraordinary insight of that woman.

“That’s right. If you knew that already, then what’s the point of all these questions?”

“I didn’t know. I just guessed, but thanks for the confirmation. Which one is it?”

She pointed at Sean.

“Ah, Mr. Prescott! What a wonderful member of my army of devotees! It’s funny how so many events lately seem to be connected to him. In that case, you probably know David, too.”

“I knew them both before you zombified them. I don’t know any of them, anymore.”

“It’s called hypnosis, dear, not zombification. If I could, they would be in this state forever but no one can hold a hypnotic trance indefinitely. Every now and then, the brain needs to experience the power of making real decisions, in order to facilitate the moments when all stimuli, except the ones I input, are simply ignored.”

“What you’re doing is barbaric!” exploded Amber “Depriving people of their minds in order to satisfy your lust!”

“Nonsense! Lust is just a portion of the whole scenario. This is a statement of power and you said so yourself just a few minutes ago that the concept excites you! It’s natural that it does, for deep inside, all women yearn for the day when their ruling instincts become the only law that governs the world! All they need is to taste the power, just once. Why don’t you taste it, right now, Amber? Tell me something you would like your ex-boyfriend to do and I’ll command him to do so!”

“No, thanks. I don’t want to play your games…”

“Oh, but you will! Sean, I want you to crawl on your fours to Amber, so that you can lick her feet. Go now!”

“Yes, my Queen. I will obey…” the slave responded.

“Don’t even try moving from where you are right now, Amber, or I’m going to have to hurt you for real! Enjoy the special treatment you’re about to receive and feel the power that makes it possible!”

Sean Prescott made his way to his former girlfriend’s legs. She was wearing a pair of black, open sandals with a small vertical strap between the toes. It made easy for his tongue to traverse through the cracks, sliding and winding in ever-growing pleasure. Amber did her best to remain motionless, pretending she wasn’t getting aroused. Seeing right through her, The Black Queen ordered Sean to go higher, up her legs and under her dress. A faint moan escaped her lips when he reached dangerously for her sex.

“That’s enough for now!” said the commanding voice of The Queen. “I think our visitor has had a fair glimpse of what it means to exert absolute control! Come back to me, Sean! Now!”

The mindless thrall moved away from Amber, who remained baffled because of what had just occurred. Even knowing it was terribly wrong, part of her had enjoyed it, and sure wouldn’t mind having more. She trembled at this realization and The Black Queen decided to seize the opportunity to tempt her some more.

“What do you think of my games now? Now do you understand that the spellbinding of men is the only the only path to a better future?”

Amber tried to fight back but the words started coming out in hiccups.

“You’re wrong… men and women… we’re alike.”

“No, Amber, we’re not. Women are smarter and more seductive, and such attributes are meant to be used. For centuries, we’ve been mistreated, diminished… our thoughts were muffled, our ideas shattered… religion and society have imposed upon us the stigma of subordination, not because there’s any truth to it, but only as a mean to twist nature’s edicts. You know I’m telling the truth. You can feel the need of affirmation pulsating in your veins… I can help you with that. You can learn to express your full potential under my supervision.”

“You mean, submit to you?”

“In a way, yes. The same way a student has to submit to a teacher’s rules. The principles of obedience come hand in hand with the principles of domination.”

“And what exactly are those principles?”

“The Black Queen is power, The Black Queen is control. Because of that, only I know what’s best… If you want to get to know your true strength and the extent of your influence, you must listen and obey me. If you do these things properly, you’ll find happiness and elevation so that you can help me spread the message that a new world is about to dawn…”

Amber watched as the woman got up from her throne. Once more, things were happening just like in her dream. She was coming towards her, eyes glowing with the prospect of having yet another gift on her birthday: the first real pupil in her school of compliance. Her lips moved again, anticipating the dreadful question:

“Now, you have to ask yourself whether you’re up for the challenge or not. Are you with me, Amber?”

The answer was a hard one, as too many factors had to be weighed. On one hand, there were the rational portions of her mind that knew her proposition was immoral and as such should never be taken into account, but on the other, laid her primeval sexual instincts, the same ones that had been unleashed when Sean was preparing to go for the cunnilingus, and these definitely wanted to be side by side with The Queen’s plans.

Furthermore, there was the oddity regarding her dream. Within it, she had already been confronted with that situation and, at the time, ignorance and ethics had led her to the negative way. Yet, what had been the aftermath of it all? A drowning sensation, the feeling of losing one’s self… By opposing the Queen, she had been thrown into a void, possibly to become an amorphous minion, like all the rest. Not only that went against her need to stay in control of her own emotions, but also against any possibility of thwarting the monarch’s evil plans, thus finding a way to save everyone who had been corrupted by her ways.

The question arose once more.

“Are you with me, or not?”

Amber gazed at the depths of The Black Queen’s violet eyes, feeling weak in comparison to her majestic figure. The “no” dangled in her mind for a few seconds, then rushed to her tongue only to die before being channeled into sound.

In chess, sometimes the best way to win is to sacrifice some pieces in order to distract the other player from our true objectives. In Amber’s case, she hoped that giving away a part of her soul would be enough to grant her the means to defeat her in her own ground. Taking a deep breath, she expressed her deference.

“I’m with you… My Queen!” and her head tilted a bit forward, stopping mid-way between a simple nod and a truly submissive bow. Still, it was enough to please her new teacher.

“You’ve made the right choice.” The ruler whispered in her right ear. “Now, I’m going to arrange for one of my pets to take you home, so I can continue my celebration. Needless to say, you’re hereby forbidden to reveal to anyone else what happened here, as well as the nature of our agreement. Believe me; I’ll know if you try to do any of these things. Is that clear?”

“As clear as crystal, My Queen!”

“Splendid. I’m going to enjoy teaching you. You’ve got a spark like no other. When I’m done with you, it will be almost as powerful as mine…”

“Thank you.”

Her head fell down again, this time averting eye contact. All of the pieces were in motion now and it was going to be a very challenging game.

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