The Order of Hakat: Threnody

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((This story continues where Remnants left off, although it can still be understood on its own. I’ve had plans for a third installment for years, but never got to write it. Maybe one day…))

Once I had the opportunity to tell you the story of how my world was completely torn apart by a manifestation of power beyond the physical boundaries of the dimension in which we all live in. I did it in the hope of being liberated from the gruesome recollections that haunted me, but my objective was always a flawed one. It took me a long time to realize that certain memories are so prevailing that can’t really be driven out but rest assured that’s a mistake in which I’ll never incur again, for now I know its real power: in the end they were the ones that opened the path to the reconstruction of my life.

Strangely enough, when I thought I had finally surpassed those devastating moments, chaos found a way to me once again. This is the second (and probably last) part of my tale of terror and love, a threnody for the ages. If you read warily, you’ll know why soon enough…

After my successful escape from the grasp of mischievous Diana Connors and the underworld power she had used to enchant me, I took refuge on various motels and inns all across the country, spending little time in each of them, afraid that some evil pair of feminine eyes would recognize me and inform my previous Mistress of my whereabouts. At the time, my most paranoid perception was that all women were members of The Order of Hakat, connected by the mystical energies in their bracelets and necklaces, energy which could be used to detect a runaway piece of human cattle from its spellbinding stables. Not being entirely true, it’s not entirely false either. At least, for some…

My little road trip lasted thirteen months. The money I had taken from Collingswood Jr. didn’t last that long, but luckily I was able to find some occasional jobs to earn a decent income that enabled me to survive. Sure, there were days when I only ate a bowl of soup and others when all I could settle for was water, but I did alright. I lost a few pounds, got thinner, and grew a beard that disguised my natural features. After a while, and also due to the rough clothes I bought along the way, I started to look like a lumber-jack or something. No one saw a lawyer when they looked me in the eyes and I was thankful for that.

As I’m sure I mentioned in my previous account, I was plagued by thoughts and desires of submission on more than one occasion, the tantalizing voices trying to claim me for good, but I fought them obstinately, controlling my addiction to the deceitful pleasure of sexual slavery with my ever-growing strength of mind.

Then, it came a wonderful day when I woke up feeling totally new and refreshed, as if the dome encapsulating my spirit had been broken forever. The sensation was so intense that it felt too good to be true, and I began suspecting a trap was waiting at my doorstep. On that particular day, I was even more cautious than usual, avoiding all unnecessary contacts, doing only the things I was supposed to do in order to assure my next meal and when I got to bed, I finally allowed myself to relax and dreamt of Mary Ann, my wife who had died as a direct consequence of Diana’s mind-control games.

The next morning, the sentiment of freedom was still inside me and it prolonged itself for the rest of the week. In that period, nothing bad happened to me, no one came out from a black car with a shining piece of jewellery saying that my erratic days were over. After letting it all sink in, I did something that was a bit risky but also required. I called a friend of mine, someone who had worked with me many times before Diana Connors joined the firm, someone I’m mentioning only now because it was the first time he was ever relevant to the plot.

His name was Nathan Biggs and he was a very agreeable person. We used to talk all the time about the comings and goings inside NFL and on more than one occasion, I and Mary Ann welcomed his lovely wife Laura and teenage daughter Candace in our house. Diana never looked at him while on the rampage to dominate more and more men and I was hoping he was still the owner of his own will. As it turned out, indeed he was.

“Mark? Is that really you?” he asked as soon as he recognized my voice on the line.

“Yes, Nathan. It’s me alright…” Just these words of confirmation opened the gateway into a world of questions.

“Wow, what a shock!” he began. “Where are you calling me from and where have you been all this time? Is it true? The rumours I heard about a certain letter you wrote insulting almost everyone around here before disappearing into thin air as if you had never existed in the first place?”

“It’s a very complicated story Nate, one I don’t have the time to tell you right now. I just need to ask you something…”

“Without giving me anything in return?! Geez Mark, you do realize that’s been forever since the last time I heard from you, don’t you?”

“Yes, but this is really important… I wouldn’t be calling you up if it weren’t! Please tell me: is Diana still working there?”

“Diana?! Diana Connors?! No, I can’t really say she is. Unless her ghost is still roaming the corridors…”

“She’s dead?” I enquired, almost jumping with joy inside the phone-booth.

“Yes. She was killed outside court…”

“When?!” I was hearing it but couldn’t believe it.

“A week ago, alongside with the client she was representing at the time. The police are saying it was some kind of Mafia contract… It’s still all over the news! Are you in such a god-forsaken place that you don’t have access to any form of media?”

No, I wasn’t but I didn’t pay much attention to them. A week ago… the timeframe coincided… with her death, the magical force that bound me to her bracelet had returned to the darkness whence it had sprung… I was free… free! Yes, so very free at last!

“Free? What are you talking about, Mark?” questioned Nathan all of a sudden making me realize that some of my thoughts had been expressed out loud. I failed to provide him with a satisfactory answer, thanked him and put an end to the call, tears of joy rolling down my eyes. The devil was dead! The power of Hakat would never bind me again!

Knowing of Diana’s ultimate demise changed it all for me. I could finally plan the return to my old style of life, although that would require for me to find a real job in a big city. Los Angeles had nothing left waiting for me and the Convention Centre was now number one on my list of hated architectural wonders. I decided to try my luck in Chicago but there I found only a different source of misfortune…

For starters, none of my good intentions helped me get a place in a law firm. My reputation was in shambles and I lacked some good referrals. I never stood a chance of becoming once again a valuable asset in the judicial world and was forced to renounce my ambitions, after the nth job interview that went down the drain.

Following a couple of dreadful weeks in which everything went terribly wrong for me, I finally found a job. I was hired as a bartender in a joint that was far from modern but paid its employees quite solidly. What got me through was the fact that I already had some experience in the business, back in the days when I had to work nights to pay for my college degree. The owner, a man in his late sixties, liked the way I prepared my cocktails and told me I could start right away if I was interested. Needless to say, I daren’t say no to the offer.

I got a quiet room in a boarding-house near the vicinities of my new work place and there was peace for a while. I can’t recall for certain how much time elapsed. May be a month, or a little more… All I know it was already Winter when I saw another glimpse of the world I had escaped from.

The couple came in, in their warm fuzzy jackets and black gloves, irradiating an aura of contagious happiness. The man, tall and thin with dark-brown hair and plastic-rimmed glasses, was in his mid-twenties and had a book on C Programming under his left arm; the woman, a small brunette of the cheerleader type with big and confident sapphire eyes was constantly fondling her red angora sweater, as if there was something around her neck that she desperately wanted her sweetheart to see.

The two sat at a table near the counter, smiling idly, talking about love in every gesture. Unlike other nights, the place was a bit crowded and so I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying to each other but if my lip-reading techniques are any good (and I think they are!) at a given time a sentence like this was thrown into the conversation by the young girl:

“Can I show you something, dear? Something very special that will give a new meaning to your life?”

“Of course… What is it?” the head over heels lover asked, rubbing his right hand in her white fingers.

She showed him the glimmering necklace around her neck. It was so golden, beautiful and innocent…

“It’s new. Do you like it?”

“It’s really something, that’s for sure! And it has some engravings, right? What’s written in it?”

“If you look attentively, you can read them all…” she smiled. “Why don’t you do it, now?”

He leaned closer, his eyes focused on the characters imprinted into the twinkling band and just like me he felt the power of something that wasn’t supposed to happen. If anyone else happened to be looking at them at the time other than me, it would have seen a twitch in the young man’s upper lip, a little dither in the hand spread across the table, his eyes defocusing for a few seconds and nothing more. But what we both saw besides that was the iridescent light surrounding the now smirking brunette, a living and pulsating wave that was reeling him in into a new existence as a female worshipper. I can only speculate that the reason why I saw it all occurring was because of the fact that I had been touched by that force before and I remember shuddering, as I watched his helpless struggle to resist it.

“I’m not feeling too well…” he mumbled as he bit his tongue. “Kate, what…?”

She didn’t look friendly and inviting any more, but a truly dominant vixen that reminded me a lot of the one who had almost destroyed me completely. How could that power change women so easily to the point that they all became convinced they were an avatar of grandiosity? I saw her teeth sparkling as her reddish purple lips proclaimed:

“Don’t worry, Tom. I’ve been told the process is swift and that the pain you’re experiencing right now will be over soon. Just look at me and listen to every word of what I’m about to say… As of this moment, I’m not your girlfriend any more! No, I’m much more than that! I’m the one who has just entrapped you! I’m a living goddess to you and you’ll do everything I command!”

Ah, the disbelief in his jaws and cheekbones being completely obliterated in a flash as if the necklace was around his own neck and was, in fact, more of a pet collar than anything else. A client that came out of the bathroom to the left got in the way and blocked my visibility of the scene for a few seconds. I lost some of the words, but I still caught the end of her final sentence and his inevitable compliance to its meaning:

“… Now you’re my slave!”

Tom’s head jerked slightly, his drooping eyes finally persuaded of his lowliness, the flesh emitting low alien sounds that were true in every way:

“Your slave… Yes Kate… your slave!”

I couldn’t watch it any more and so I ended up storming out of the counter, devastated for having to endure that kind of knowledge. Kate was so busy looking down at her new instrument that didn’t notice my angry looks as I passed by their table and Tom… well… his eyes couldn’t see anything else but the woman who had walked in with him as a lover and was going to walk out with him as an ever obedient, soulless servant.

That night, I had trouble sleeping once again, imagining Tom worship his goddess in an apartment of some sort not very far from where I was staying. The shape of his naked, kneeling body appeared projected on the ceiling of my bedroom, enveloped by the effulgence of the necklace that now contained all of his former will-power. I didn’t know the guy but knew damn the feeling of not being able to stop myself, of being denigrated for absolutely nothing. No one deserved that! No one! But what I could do to stop it? If even after my long torture I wasn’t capable of using a pillow against Diana when she was still alive, what could I possibly hope to accomplish? The Order of Hakat was everywhere and I was so lucky to be alive and in control of my mind after my forced baptism… no direct measures could be used to thwart their advances…

The problem was I couldn’t pretend I hadn’t seen that happening… What if it happened again? And again? And again? How many times would I be able to control myself in the presence of such vile actions against innocent comrades who, by one reason or another, had been selected to satisfy the lust of those who had been tainted by demonic flows? I couldn’t become a mass murderer and start a killing rampage on all women who happened to be wearing pieces of jewellery with dubious engravings… wouldn’t that turn me into something even worse than Hakat?

So many crazy ideas travelled freely inside my head until the sun rose, so many temptations played their enticing songs to my ears. The adagio of emancipation I was beginning to get used to no longer wanted to be my companion song for the remainder of the journey… its strings would stop resonating anytime soon…

On the next day, I still had a job but no desire of doing it. I went to the library instead and dug deep on every demonic and mythological compendium I could get my hands on, aiming at a better comprehension of the creature to whom those women swore allegiance in order to use its essence to control others and perhaps to find an alternate way of putting an end to its influence other than reaping the lives of all female members of The Order.

The books I found were pretty useless, containing nothing more than minor references of the “supposed” rituals in its honour, some sketches with a remarkable similarity to the statue I had seen in Diana’s house when she created the bond to erase my wife’s self-control and a painting from a rather obscure Italian Renaissance artist entitled “The Harvest” where a winged seductress enveloped in flames emerged from a hole in the earth in the midst of an orgy where more than ninety-percent of the men depicted were in a surrendering position to one or more women. It was very strong visually but didn’t help me in my quest.

I tried a more varied search within the library’s database, cross-referencing words such as Gathering, Exchange, jewellery and such that resulted in dead end upon dead end. My frustration was rendered visible with a fierce punch on the keyboard at which point I received an intimidating warning from a pony-tail woman at the reception. Of the two bracelets she wore on her wrists, one had runic messages written all over and since I couldn’t be sure if she had any chance of using her own computer to check out what I was researching, I quit while I still had the chance and left.

As I proceeded to the closest thing I had to a home at that moment, I convinced myself that someone was on my tail. I glanced above my shoulder, but didn’t see anyone. Irrational terrors were once again plotting a crusade on my sanity, and in-between the noises of car honks and escape pipes, kids shouting and old people complaining because there was no respect imprinted in the genetic code of the younger generations, I perceived messages of looming humiliation:

“Isn’t he the one who got away from the mighty power of Hakat?”

“Yes, he is. Let’s get him and break him again. No one is allowed to escape.”

I turned around, jacket fluttering. No one was close enough to me to have said those things. No one but myself, my new mortal enemy, face to face with fleeting phantoms that existed only within the walls of mistrust… Chicago no longer felt a safe haven to me and I was wondering if there was any place left in world that hadn’t been infected by the putridity of the Underworld. Of course I didn’t have enough money to set off into the sunset on another trip looking for enlightenment and the only way I could save some was to keep on working at the bar… if they still wanted me there after my escapade the night before and the day off without prior warning…

I was lucky. With a little drama about a sudden illness that had afflicted me I got to keep my place without too many questions being asked. I guess I have to thank the restless night I had because thanks to it, my boss took a single glance at me and saw a hideous visage, exactly the kind of thing he expected to see in a truly sick person. For two days, I was prohibited to show my tortured features at the bar in order to recuperate all of my strength and stamina and when I was finally allowed to come back, new surprises waited in store…

During three weeks I worked obstinately, doing all the things I could think of to receive a little extra cash in tips. I even flirted with some of the customers, namely those who didn’t exhibit any signs of being members of the secret society I abhorred so much.

I never saw Tom within the facilities again but I can’t say the same about Kate who became a regular and was there just about every day, sometimes alone and prowling for someone new to toy with or with a couple of friends who happened to share the same interest in the arts of mesmerizing elements of the male population that fitted their patterns and expectations. It was on one of these encounters that I had yet another chance to know a few things worthy of interest.

One of her friends, a blonde that laughed a little too loud for my taste – I’ll call her Denise – was waving her third generation cell phone with built-in camera and internet access whilst talking about a big event that was to happen very soon. Kate wanted to know more details and I overheard some of them as I was cleaning the table next to where they were sitting. I’ll add a few words to what I heard to make the speech more consistent, but I give you my word that the core of what was truly spoken remains intact. Here goes nothing:

“One of the High Priestesses is going to step down from her position in The Order.” said Denise, flippantly opening and closing the pink cell’s lid.

“That’s unexpected…” declared Kate. “Which one? And do you know why?”

“I sure do. My cousin Marsha who lives in Los Angeles confided me this on the phone the day before yesterday: High Priestess Vivian is sick – some rare form of cancer that the doctors have no way of treating… Rebecca is said to take her place which is something I think it should have occurred already. She’s currently the most dominant of us all. Marsha, who knows her well, says she already wears more than twenty ornaments…”

“Twenty? That’s impossible! No one has ever wielded that many!”

“If my cousin says that then it’s got to be true! It’s plain obvious she’s one of Hakat’s favourites, probably the one that truly understands and knows to make the best use of the talents bestowed upon her…”

That was something I had no doubt about! I remembered Rebecca’s projection of thoughts onto my head during The Exchange all too well… I was already small at the time but she reduced me to a microscopic existence without hesitation, placing commands in my synapses that were far too overwhelming to be ignored. I thought of the slime I had eaten for her and how I had enjoyed it so much just because she had placed the trigger of infinite pleasure inside my scalp. I thought of how wonderful it had been to cuddle next to her toes, and how my lips felt more alive than ever when I kissed her godly hand… all of these memories combined produced a king-size erection which I did by best to conceal without avail. Denise took notice of it when I turned to run back behind the counter and looked at me and at the cell-hone at the same time:

“Can I take a picture of that?” she said sultrily.

“Leave the horny jerk alone!” protested Kate. Apparently, I wasn’t her type of man and thank God for that!

“Do you think he overheard our conversation?” asked the other woman sitting at the table, a cute little redhead who bit her fingernails every time she was nervous about something.

“Even if he did, it’s not like he can understand it. You forget men only think below the waist?” giggled Denise looking at me once again with the eyes of a night huntress looking for its next meal. Instead of remaining hard, my penis contradicted her innuendo and shrunk underneath the pants.

She ignored me the moment I assumed my normal position at serving drinks and so I could appreciate the rest of what was being told by observing each woman’s lip movements. I heard the vicious rumour that High Priestess Vivian’s illness had been provoked by Hakat herself although no once could ascertain the reasons that could lead to that (or if that kind of interference was even possible…), the date of the enthronization of her daughter Rebecca and that the Chicago Cultural Center had already been reserved for the event.

“Rebecca was born in Chicago, you know” concluded Denise.

“Honestly, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Won’t that kind of spectacle draw too much attention to our society?” enquired Kate.

“We’ve doing alright over the years. And besides, we’ve had Gatherings in other public places before. With enough money any space can be bought and sealed to the conspicuous eye.”

“I suppose you’re right. Tell me about your new conquest, Denise…”

“I think I prefer to show you. Let’s go to my place. I’m sure you’ll be impressed. Tell Tom to meet us there and let’s make some explorations…”

“You’ve got yourself a deal.” Kate smiled. I could easily anticipate what kind of enjoyment they were planning to have.

After they left I thought about a lot of things, Rebecca and the so-called impending ceremony being one of them of course. It would take place in less than a month so it was best for me to take care of business and escape the city before that… Chicago is quite big as you all know, yet it felt like a very small rat cage to me at the moment and tons of kittens with sharp claws and golden jewels would start to wander around the streets in no time, transforming the whole place into an even deadlier trap… I really had to leave… unless…

As I prepared a colourful cocktail for a guy who had just sat in front of me sobbing because he had been fired, the craziest of all crazy ideas I ever had began forming, eventually springing to life like a giant jack-in-the-box. What if I got psychical evidence of the kind of group The Order of Hakat really was? What if I could sneak inside their little celebration and filmed it all? Afterwards, I could upload the file to the internet and warn a lot of men of the dangers all around them…

The idea convoluted and got bigger as I analysed its pros and cons in utmost silence. It was a very risky and difficult enterprise for sure but wasn’t about time I started acting like a man instead of a slave? Didn’t I, as the one that got away, have the quasi-imperial obligation to reveal what was going on? Of course I did! Fate was giving me an opportunity to actually fight back, to make them pay for they had done to me! So Diana was dead? Big deal! Kate, Denise and Rebecca (as well as many others…) were still pretty much alive and kicking helpless people into a life of servitude that wasn’t worth having at all… I had to seize the moment and then I could go underground again…

It’s amazing how I persuaded myself to do something so foolish but what’s done is done and there’s no point in complaining now. On the next morning, I visited the Chicago Cultural Center for the first time, not to see the exhibition of Contemporary Art that was being held that month but to study the place, to know its accesses and exits, the location of each staircase, the disposition of the security measures… I got to know one of the security guards that worked there – a guy just a year older than me named Stanley – and we talked about many things, from football and girls, to the importance of a good glass of bourbon. My lawyer rhetoric was of great use in convincing him to check out the place I worked in… two days later, he did show up there and we ended up becoming friends.

Like a lot of people who lose their inhibitions when they drink more than they can handle, Stanley talked a bit too much whilst under the influence. He was also more malleable in this condition and one day I used that to my benefit.

“I heard there’s going to be a private party at the Center three days from now…” I commented as I served him another drink.

“That’s right…” he retorted, holding his glass way up high for the sixth toast of the evening. “Some sort of Erotic Convention. I’ll be one of the guards outside that night. It’s all pretty hush-hush at the moment… But how did you know that?”

“I have my sources… I sure wouldn’t mind crashing in…”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible…” he paused a bit savouring the heavenly fluid in his lips. “Only those with invitation are allowed inside… do you have an invitation, Mark?”

“No, but I have this…” and I showed him a neat little pack of one hundred dollar bills, all the money I had been put aside from my salary and tips.

Despite being a little drunk, Stanley’s eyes immediately identified the nature of the game being played and he lowered his tone of voice to ask me:

“Are you trying to… bribe me to let you in?”

“What if I am?”

“That… can be quite dangerous… how much money do you have there?”

“1.500 dollars… I know it’s not a fortune, but I would really like to get inside…”

“Why? Are you… looking for a girlfriend or something?

“Something like that…”

“If you tell me some more, maybe we can come to an agreement…”

“Let’s just say my interest is audiovisual, if you know what I mean…” and I hid the bills from his sight, which he didn’t approve at all.

“I think I do… erotic stars are simply the best! So darn photogenic…”

“Exactly…!” Now we were getting somewhere…

“Would I be able to see the fruits of your labour afterwards…?” he asked, the alcohol in his blood-stream making him more devious than he really was.

“Every single one of them…”

“In that case, hold on to that money and I’ll talk to you again tomorrow, then!”

“Thanks, Stanley!”

“Don’t thank me yet… I still don’t know if I can pull this off…”

He did. We talked again two other times before the big day, and that’s when I heard of a secret backdoor entrance that was used to load art pieces without too much trouble. He would open it for me a few minutes before the party began and then I could use one of the main ventilation shafts to crawl into the room where everything was supposed to happen… In exchange, besides the money transaction, he asked me a copy of everything I saw inside… preferably “pictures with big boobs”. I agreed to it all even though I didn’t expect to see him again after that night.

After giving him the money, I had no choice but to steal some more from my cash-register to buy a miniature digital camera and recorder. It was wrong, but it was also for a good cause so I don’t feel the need to repent for that. Then, I walked all the way to the predetermined point of entry and at the given time I was shown the way into the viper’s nest.

The next thing I remember is being inside the small vent looking down at a very well-lit room where a lot of women were standing next to their kneeling pieces of property, fascinated men who were about to see Hakat’s power manifesting once again. There was a dark-wooden stand in the centre of the room with magnificent platinum engravings embedded into it forming an intricate mass of patterns and words. Half-dozen comfortable chairs were arranged in a semi-circle, all of them (except one that remained empty…) occupied by grey-haired women wearing ceremonial red and white gowns and beautiful trinkets where the essence of the demon imprisoned the core of so many lives. Under a glass dome in front of the incomplete shape formed by the chairs, was a book that looked very old. It also appeared to be hovering a few centimetres above its supposed resting place but it’s possible it was just a trick of the light…

I heard the sound of a phantasmagorical orchestra announcing that the time had come for the Order to meet its new High Priestess. Some words were spoken in behalf of High Priestess Vivian whose illness had progressed swiftly and severely, her death inevitable in a matter of days and then Rebecca made her grandiose apparition on the stage.

She looked even more ravishing than I remembered, with her shining black hair and cobalt blue eyes. I gasped as I saw her slide along the rest of the women, the dress glued to her firm breasts and the erect nipples almost opening a way out of the fabric. Her jewels were more radiant than any one else in the room. The transparencies heightened by the lights that shone upon her made me perceive she wasn’t wearing any underwear… instantly I unzipped my pants already preparing for the imminent swelling that came storming in, even bigger and more long-lasting. My attraction for Rebecca was bigger than the prospect of sex but there’s no denying that the carnal aspects of it all contributed a lot for the distraction of my task. Instead of filming the rituals, I was in agape, drooling and with a dire need to masturbate for her, unworried about the clanging noise that could derive from such reckless performance.

I succeeded in controlling myself and so I saw what transpired next through the camera’s eyes. One of the elder women – one I had served before at Diana’s command in her house… – got up and welcomed Rebecca with two warm kisses. Right after that, she removed the dome that protected the ancient book and started reading out some passages in the language of the dead I can’t possibly reproduce no matter how much I strive to do so… However, I can clearly summon up to mind the following words that were said in English. It was a prayer of recognition, one that the five women repeated out loud one after the other. It went like this:

“Oh Hakat, Supreme Force of Lust and Keeper of Pleasure in every plane of existence, accept this young devotee as Your Priestess, so that she can continue to spread Your quintessence in every corner of this dying world. The Day of Cleansing draws near, a day we all long to see. Grant her, your humble servant until the end of Time, the Power of Your Divine Attributes. Let the Mark of the Sky shine through!”

When all of the High Priestess concluded their formal plea, Rebecca closed the book and placed it under the dome once more. She moved her arms to the side as if she was being mailed to an invisible cross and that marked the beginning of an extraordinarily upsetting scene.

The stage started trembling, a localized earthquake that couldn’t be caused by anything mechanical since there wasn’t any apparatus in sight. Above everyone’s heads, all of the lights in the room flickered once and went out, its source of light drained away by whatever was about to show its presence in the surface of our planet. It should have been a moment of absolute and utter darkness if it weren’t for the abnormal gleaming of everyone’s golden charms, projecting threads of light that enveloped Rebecca like a cold cocoon. From the engravings on the wooden planks of the stand, I observed the emergence of a hazy translucid fog that was there without actually being, as it was more spiritual and metaphysical than an embodied three-dimensional reality. The fog danced around the chairs, squirming and wobbling, spinning and roving in and out of my field of sight until it slithered around the dazzling young woman’s clothes. A large pair of plated dragon’s wings spread wide across the stand and everyone saw that for a few seconds, Rebecca was in fact Hakat reincarnated. Her eyes travelled all the way to my hiding-place and then I heard a tuneful voice playing inside my head.

“Who are you?”

I daren’t answer that voice, that was Heaven and Hell altogether but I couldn’t block her from my line of thoughts either. I told you about this on another occasion. It was a method of telepathy, plain and simple.

“You seem familiar. I can feel the threads of power that have bound you once…” hummed Rebecca seductively. “Not only that, I can grab them as well and use them to manipulate your feelings. Do you want me to do that?”

No, I didn’t… I didn’t want to hear her addressing me from the very depths of my conscious and subconscious mind yet I could see the threads she had just mentioned, like ethereal strings attached to my skull and bones. All of them were moving towards her, her open left hand ready to grab them. I tried to move, to creep away from the crescent beckon of enticement. Turning my back on the whole scene, I wormed my way through the tight silver metallic conduits, the camera still picking up stray angles of shadows and protuberances in every corner…

“Not so fast!” sang Rebecca’s mental influence as one of the lines of Hakat’s lingering control over my life was pulled, causing my whole body to spasm. I froze in an awkward position, some of my muscles bent over in ways I never thought possible without shattering my bones as she placed an awe-inspiring decree within my spirit. “The only place you’re going is to the underground parking lot of this facility. My car is waiting down there. You’ll know which one it is when you see it… Go there and wait for me. I want to know exactly who you are and since I now have a piece of your consciousness wrapped around my fingers, you have no option other than abide my will! I’ll see you in a few minutes, my pet…”

The voice faded into silence but the pressing power remained with me. I started to move again, every cell of my body experiencing an intense arousal. At the same time, tears ran down my eyes, salted drops of bliss and frustration for I had been caught again and now had to walk the plank into an ocean infested with black magic and jewels of indescribable supremacy.

Twenty-five minutes after I reached the parking lot where her black car magnetized me, I glanced at a door that was opening and saw her walking my way, looking taller and a lot more dominant than the last time I had been in her presence, and this time the laws of The Exchange didn’t even apply. Little fragments of her figurative dragon wings fluttered as I contemplated her majestic movements. She stopped just a few inches of me and talked with her real voice for the first time:

“I know you… Who are you? Tell me!”

“My name is Mark Atkinson…” I mumbled.

“Where have I seen your face, Mark Atkinson? In a Gathering?”

“Yes… in Los Angeles more than a year ago, but the first time was…”

Her stare penetrated my psyche, extracting the information required.

“… At Diana’s house! You’re her first slave, the one that broke free from the call of the bracelet because she wasn’t aware of her limits in the wielding of Hakat’s essence…”

“Yes Rebecca. That’s me…”

“And you know my name…” she grimaced. “Diana died some time ago, Mark Atkinson! Why have you come here today? Did you miss me?”

I showed her the camera, the proof I longed to expose to the world, handing it over without question when she simply showed me the palm of her hand. For my instant act of obedience, she blew a kiss at me and I ejaculated without warning, everything between my legs transforming into a pool of disgusting creamy white stickiness. How could this be happening if the spell put on me had vanished when my former mistress was killed? It didn’t make any sense! Rebecca rubbed her breasts on my chest and I climaxed again, a supernatural record broken for sure!

“I don’t understand what’s happening…” I muttered. “How can you…?”

“I’ve grown a lot more powerful since the last time we were close to one another, Mark! I surpassed my mother and every single High Priestess in The Order of Hakat since it first came into existence. Although my mental strength was only acknowledged today by the other five women who form the highest circle, I’ve been a shadow element of it for quite some time… Hakat actually talks to me in my daily life… I was chosen by Her to receive the full extent of Her essence when the barrier between worlds is finally broken… I can do things no one else can, like sense even the tiniest particle of Her in anyone’s soul (if the person in question is at a reasonable distance…), which I use afterwards to create an entangling web as powerful as the obedience hex we use in our ornaments. I felt you hiding in that vent even before the rituals were complete and now it seems I’m going to have my way with you, my horny boy! Or do you think you can resist me?” she smirked.

Her lips came down upon mine, sapping all of the ideas and emotions that involved complex reactions on my part. I grew and came again… My eyes were open, capturing every little change in her expression. The feeling of rapture that took over me is beyond words, but since I enjoy metaphors so much I can say it was if my name was being written in all of her pieces of jewellery right before me, submission growing by the second. I had a thirst for her now, one that only could be quenched if I allowed myself to go deeper, if I melted like oozing gelatine…

“Do I really need to tell you what to do next?” she murmured, gliding away from my arms that yearned to touch her. A thought was projected inside me, the image of an indulgent duty that would change the very basis of humble adoration. I knelt with both hands behind my back as I licked the portion of her garment that signalled the place where her delicate shaved pussy awaited my masochistic surrender to her feminine compulsion.

I licked and I was hers. I licked and I lost myself once again. I was still licking when I followed her into the back to the car and had my legs restrained by a black velvety rope. During the time I was in this subservient genuflection, buried in the scents and fluids of her sexual treasure, – something between an hour and a hour and a half, the car not moving at all… –, hundreds of messages were channelled into my weak and docile intellect, words that were poetic orders I should know, understand and believe completely:

“You belong to me now Mark! It’s what I want and what you want too… I own you! My will is your world and nothing else exists beyond this connection that’s been created and will keep on strengthening every time you act in accordance to one of my wishes… it’s the connection between beloved mistress and willing slave, possible only by the never ending flow of Hakat’s power inside my veins… feel it passing from me to you, a web that is infinite, enveloping you more and more… you’ll do anything to be enwrapped in it, just as you’re enwrapped right now… you’ll do anything to please me just as you’re pleasing me right now… You didn’t come here to this place today to reveal the controlling sexual nature of our society like you thought you did but actually to become a part of it in its most fundamental form… Being a servant to a High Priestess means eternal bliss and lustful dreams every hour of every single day… there’s nothing that can compare to it! You know my sheer beauty and magnitude are beyond your capabilities to say ‘No’. ‘No’ is a forbidden word in this relationship of ours, because ‘No’ means disobedience and disobedience is not to be tolerated! Say ‘Yes’ to me with every atom that constitutes the nature of your being… I’m your Freedom, your Individuality, your Everything! I’m the Guardian of all things erotic and stimulating you can hope to comprehend and only by walking in my hallways you can find answers to guide you. Say ‘Yes’ to me, Mark! Am I the only woman you’ll ever adore from this day onward?”

“Yes.” I said using a distorted form of telepathy as well. This type of power over me was mellifluous and made me want to conform to it without guilt. With Diana, none of this would have ever happened, no matter how much she tried to grow stronger and more prevailing. All she knew for sure was the rule of torture and humiliation but Rebecca, a female being infinitely superior, looked beyond good and evil and had some affection to give back too. Those who have served another in any given point of life know, without a doubt, that’s best to obey a dictator that feels a little something for the subjects under its control, than to be a drone to another drone, someone so blind with power that it eventually backfires and ends up consumed by its own flames…

“Are you my slave, Mark?” my new deity continued.

“Yes.” I humbly conceded.

“When we reach my house, I’ll give you a lot of opportunities to prove it! Are you eager to continue servicing me?”


“Then sleep gently between my legs for the time being so that you can restore some of your energies. When you wake up, we’ll already be in Los Angeles…” she lulled.

“Yes Rebecca” I said in a faint moan as my eyes closed against the fabric of her ceremonial dress. “I love you…”

Her hand dug deep inside my hair, so cuddly and irresistible.

“I know you do… how could you not? Hakat is a part of me and She’s also Love for those who understand the words written in The Book of Desire… I’ll read some of its passages to you when we reach home… Now sleep my dear submissive… Sleep…”

I heard the engine of the vehicle start roaring but I was out cold before we left the parking lot, utterly and passionately absorbed by her, Rebecca or Hakat. It didn’t matter… it was only important to obey…

A couple of hours later I found myself standing in front of a large window, looking at the hazy outlines of familiar buildings, in the town where I had been exceedingly happy but also excruciatingly miserable. I was in a very big and opulent penthouse, totally deprived of clothes, a thin band of gold wrapped around my neck, inscription free. The wall behind me had some tinny chains dangling. Next to them was my stunning mistress in a black satin negligee, waving both sparkling arms at me. She held a miniature version of the ancient book I had seen in her enthronization ritual and was whispering some of its passages to me:

“… And there will come a time when all raw feelings of passion and desire will inflate the hearts of anyone who has accepted the will of Hakat and the concepts of love and enslavement will merge into one.” She said as she closed the book. “I truly believe this time draws near, Mark! It is no surprise I can play along with your spirit even without the connection created by the basic rituals… You already know what awaits you, don’t you? Come here… let’s have some fun!”

I walked to her in thrall to everything she represented. She wanted to see me in chains, unable to move and I longed to experience that as well. The metal enclosed my rosy flesh as her fingernails rubbed my scrotum. Her words continued to burn deep into my brain, rearranging its priorities so very easily.

“You were born to serve my magnificence, my dear slave. You know that now… Diana was just a mishap in your life but one that was absolutely necessary to make you find your way to me… I’m the present but also the future… Your future…”

As she talked, her practically exposed body insinuated itself against mine but oddly I didn’t orgasm violently. While I slept, she must have done something to me, perhaps slipped in a few suggestions of restraint. I was more aroused yet equally more aware of the muscles I needed to contract in order to prevent the gush of sperm, sculpted in marble from head to toe on the outside, completely liquid like fresh water within…

“I know you’ve said this before but I want to hear you say it again… Say you’re my little subservient pet!”

A suggestion of her tongue on my nipples flashed inside me and then the gift of foresight kicked in, revealing to me all the wonderful things she could do to my cock with just the tip of her salivating tongue. Each projection heightened my own sense of surrender. She impaled herself in me as I grew weaker and weaker, wanting to say all the things she thought were appropriate to come out of my lips.

“I’m your little subservient pet!”

Rebecca started riding me up and down, back and forth, side to side… the directions were always changing but the pleasure remained the same.

“Tell me you’ll be there kneeling beside me when Hakat claims my body and I become a goddess on Earth…”

She was already a goddess to me but I didn’t hesitate in build up my submissiveness. I told her I would kneel forever…

“Forever?!” she asked whilst continuing the relentless sexual journey that would end in complete entwinement.

“Forever, Rebecca!” I said as I savoured the pressure exerted by her pussy lips. “No more running… I’m yours to command!”

“I’m going to have to bind you with a jewel eventually so that the other High Priestesses don’t think ill of me… and I also don’t want too many people to know of my real attributes just yet… Hakat won’t be pleased if I become too vain…” She hummed. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course not… do whatever you have to do… I understand… I understand and obey…”

“That’s all I wanted to hear…” and she thrust herself forward, serpentine legs around my waist until her body was actually the most important part of me. Deep down in its uncanny confinement Hakat surely must have smiled…

It was only two weeks later that Rebecca officially added my name to her rank of beguiled followers, though she decided to use a slightly different kind of ornament to differentiate me from the other twenty-two men at her service. She took a ring, very similar to a common wedding ring actually, and made the prayers to Hakat always looking at me in the eyes. I was ecstatic when she placed the ring on her finger signalling that now I was truly hers. I still am today, and yet…

I love her, I know I do. I love her and I want to serve her all the time, but what I came to find out in her ways – real power associated with genuine feelings (I know that deep inside she loves me too!) – is something you don’t see much inside The Order and these sensations will most likely begin to dissipate in a few months, withering away completely when The Day of Cleansing descends upon the unaware souls I ended up betraying with my utmost devotion…

As Rebecca’s consort slave, I’ve been given the opportunity to read from The Book of Desire on more than one occasion. It’s filled with lots of descriptions of what Hakat’s reign will be like and Love only appears in one or two. The rest is flames and pain. That painting I mentioned before – “The Harvest” – doesn’t even come close to the real depiction of the ruin that will forever change the face of the world.

That’s why this tale is indeed a threnody. For me, because Rebecca will stop being Rebecca when the demon takes over her body… and for you, who won’t be able to do anything to stop it from happening… cry all you want, the flagrant truth will still hit you! Can you hear the first frightening chords playing in the background already? I do… Just close your eyes after my words eat their own tail and you’ll hear them too… calling your name!

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